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  • Friday 18 September 2015

    Pinterest Hits 100 million Users

    Pinterest has hit a very huge growth recently after its marketing campaign in March 2015, which has made them to break the 100 million daily users milestone.

    The addiction to the pinterest network has increased as it had on imstagram as the app has reached over 100 million active monthly users which has increased it market value to over $11 Billion USD which has it to

    It is confirmed that about 70% of the 100 million monthly active users on Pinterest are not there for pins and other related things but usaully visit the social network for saving links or clicking on to learn more. The number of Pinterest searches has grown to 70% last year as confirmed by the company.

    With this increase of monthly active users, the number of daily pins have increased to 24 million pins shared by the users.

    Pinterest has become more of a place where users want to share the products they want to buy online and sharing online for reviews on what they want to purchase online while at the other hand advertisers have been finding Pinterest useful when it comes to promoting products on the internet. Pinterest has introduced sponsored pins which appear on the users news feed, the sponsored pins are usaully used by businesses to share their products on the app.

    Pinterest has shown a big growth but it probably far from the rivals Twitter and Instagram which are above three times as Pinterest. Follow us on Pinterest @ajaxsurf, wish you the best user experience on the App.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

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