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    Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

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    Monday, 22 February 2021

    Forex Weekly Setups, 22nd February to 26th February 2021

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    Last week we have seen the market making a number of retracements which indicates that new price swings are in formation on the markets, these swings will give us new opportunities for entering the markets and possibly holding some trade positions.



    Sunday, 24 January 2021

    Forex Brokers That allow Tyme Bank

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Trading Forex is one of the most important careers to follow as its gives one the ability to make an extra income from the comfort of their home, choosing a broker that will go with your bank and make ease of transfer of funds possible. Tyme Bank is one of the banks in South Africa that makes banking easy for Forex Traders as they have an ease of banking services.

    What is Veracity Markets?

    Veracity is fast growing brokerage firm in South Africa that has rose very much into fame in 2020 as it has services that allows ease of withdrawals and Deposits. Veracity has markets has three types accounts one can choose from namely Standard, ECN and Fixed.

    Why Veracity Markets?                           
    • Fast Withdrawals and Deposits

      Veracity Markets has fast withdrawals which will take up to 24hrs to reflect within your bank account, The Broker is Based in South Africa and Funds appear in your account faster than other brokers.

    • Accepts All South African Banks and Other International Banks

      Veracity Markets has a platform that is designed for clients in different parts of the world to provide Forex Trading services, so its not only in South Africa and can be assessed by anybody around the world.

    • Direct Bank Deposit

      Clients can deposit funds directly from their Tyme bank account to their trading account.

    Open an Account and Start Trading Today

    Wednesday, 20 January 2021

    GbpZar finds support on Trendline

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    The GbpZar has been slightly bearish in the recent weeks which is much likely to see a continued bearish move continue as time goes. 

    Technical Setup

    The GbpZar pair is currently on a trend support zone and buy entry setups have formed on the chart below which is a double bottom setup and an inside bar trade setup which shows a possible buy on the market.

    Thursday, 26 November 2020

    Can a Beginner Really Make Money Trading?

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    Trading, whether stocks, forex, commodities, indices, or crypto, is a fantastic way to make anything from a little extra pocket money to a substantial income. Despite reading success stories and seeing how well people do with online trading from the comfort of their own homes, many people are scared to get started. Beginners often look at the risks and decide not to bother, not believing that they can make money and worried about what they could lose. 

    However, a beginner can make money, and even good money, trading. If it weren’t possible, most people would give up, and there’d be far fewer success stories. Here are some tips to help beginner traders make money and to minimize the risks.

    Find a Trading Platform

    If you think of trading and imagine a physical stock market where hundreds of men wave bits of paper about and shout at screens, chances are you are a little behind the times. While the stock market still exists in the form that you may have seen in the movies, things have moved on a little. 
    Using a trading platform like MT4 means that you’ve got all of the tools and information you need to start trading from home. As you learn, you’ll be able to set up customizable interfaces and alerts. But, in the early days, it’s the one-click trading, interaction with other traders, and fantastic advice that might offer you the most benefits. 

    Take the Right Advice

    If you tell your friends and family that you are going to start trading, they are bound to suddenly all become experts, happy to share their advice and stories. Even those of them that have never traded so much as a football card will suddenly be filled with pearls of wisdom they are keen to impart. 

    Often, the key to success as a beginner is knowing who to listen to and when to listen. It would be a mistake to think that you should go it alone or already know everything, but it would also be a mistake to listen to everyone and try to take all of their ideas on board. Find someone that you trust, and has plenty of experience with the markets that you are interested in, whether you know them in real life, or online, or don’t know them at all. And make the most of their knowledge. 

    Know Your Limits

    It’s all too easy to get carried away with trading, especially when things are going well. But, this can be a mistake. Know what you can afford to invest in trading, and don’t ever go over this limit. Use this information to manage your risks. Know what % you can afford to risk on every trade and within every day, and set firm rules for yourself. 

    Play the Long Game

    Being successful doesn’t mean making a fortune on day one. If this is what you are hoping for, you may need to adjust your expectations. Trading is a long game. You’ll need to research strategies and give each one a chance to work before trying the next. Take your time, learn from your mistakes, and continue to manage your risks. But remember, it will always be a long game, not a get rich quick scheme

    Tuesday, 27 October 2020

    How Experienced Traders Maintain Their Focus On 12-Hour-Plus Days

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    Trading is all about keeping your eye on the ball. The slightest moves in asset prices or currency can signal massive profit opportunities. 

    Maintaining your focus, though, is a challenge. The human body simply isn’t set up for the kind of lifestyles that traders lead. Focusing on charts and numbers for twelve hours a day or more isn’t something our ancestors ever had to do. In many ways, their lives were much better than ours. 

    So what can you do to maintain your focus for that length of time, aside from drinking cup after cup of coffee?

    Let’s take a look at some strategies open to you. After all, you can’t be a great trader unless your body can also go the distance. 

    Switch Off The Radio

    Sitting in front of a screen for hour after hour can get a little dull, especially on slow days. Sometimes the market isn’t convulsing in response to surging virus cases or presidential tweets. There are days where it is plain sailing. 

    In this situation, it’s tempting to whack on the radio or listen to your favorite CD. But remember, there are still profitable trades you can make, requiring no less focus on your part. 

    Where possible, work in silence. 

    Try Standing Up

    Sitting down in a chair in front of a computer screen all day long is terrible for your health, according to fstoppers.com. Therefore, many trendy traders are trying to hack their biochemistry to allow them to concentrate harder by standing up. Doing so, they believe, gives them the edge by keeping their minds sharp. 

    Wear The Right Glasses

    Straining to read numbers written on a screen is a big no-no, especially if you plan on spending the entire day in front of it. All traders, therefore, should be wearing the correct glasses.

    Thanks to sites like Eyeglasses.com, the process of getting the right specs is much easier today than it ever was in the past. Ordering is simpler. And there’s a broader selection of glasses available. 

    Even if you don’t have an eyesight diagnosis, you can still benefit from wearing glasses. So-called blue light spectacles filter out high-energy parts of the spectrum emitted by your monitor’s backlight - something that can make your eyes feel tired. 

    Talk To Yourself

    In most professions, talking to yourself is seen as a sign that you’ve finally lost it. But in trading, there’s evidence that it can actually help people. 

    Thinking out loud is often better than doing so in the silence of your mind. It enables you to concretize your thoughts and ensure that what you’re doing makes sense. 

    You don’t have to perform like Patrick Stewart doing Shakespeare on stage. Mumbling under your breath will suffice just so long as you’re activating your vocal cords. 

    Review Your Rules

    Every trader has a philosophy. And there’s a good reason for that. Following rules is essential. You need a scheme. 

    Unfortunately, things can happen that make you question your rules. But remember, the whole point of them is to ensure that you don’t do anything rash. So, it can help to review your rules daily. 

    Wednesday, 14 October 2020

    ChfJpy sells from Highs

    Sifiso Nkwanyana


    Last week we have noticed a selloff from the Swiss yen pair after it had been selling from its highs, we saw a 400pip move down during the first days of October and currently price is on it way to retrace back down.

    Below is our previous trade setup for the ChfJpy trade setup whereby price is seen moving towards our sell area after finding support at the fib 50.0 zone.

    Previous Trade Setup

    Currently price has respected our selling zone at OTE and we expecting to see a push down as shown on the trade setup below.

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