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''Don't watch the clock ; do what it does. keep going.''-Sam levenson

''Don't  watch the clock ; do what it does. keep going.''-Sam levenson

5 AM the hour when legends are either waking up or going to sleep

5 AM the hour when legends are either waking up or going to sleep

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Forex Weekly Setups, July 16th to July 20th

Sifiso Nkwanyana
I believe you had a good trading journey in the previous week, great moves and retracements have been noticed especially for the Japanese Yen which make a quick move of +200pips. Lets go through this weeks setups and Trading opportunities.

XauUSd (Gold)

Gold has been experiencing a rapid drop in price as we having experienced a drop from level 1300 last month, we currently sitting on a good Support level and have a good bullish setup which will likely cause price to move up towards the 1288 level.


We have a bearish long term sell setup in which we made a lot of money last week in the signal that was shared in the signal group, we looking to add more sell positions this week as price failed to push above our MA resistance last week.


We remain Bullish on AudUsd as we saw price closing above the 0.74000  Support level, we still looking at level 0.75750 as our next resistance level.


We highly looking for a good week for EurUsd buys as we have a good rejection at minor support, we will be looking to buy EurUsd this week with stops placed below the 1.16000 level.


Thank you for your great participation in our whatsapp groups, we highly recommend that you open an account with trusted brokers and please use brokers registered with FSP.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Weekly Forex Setups, July 9th July 13th 2018

Sifiso Nkwanyana
I believe that most of you had a very good NFP last week, this week we do not have much fundamentals but The CAD Interest Rate Decision in which the market is expecting a Rise in Interest Rates.


We have been having a lot of traders and mentors calling a EurAud sell in which we strongly agree with, our analysis indeed show a good sell setup but the market has not reached a proper level for sell orders. we looking for a 150 pip move up before the market begins a long term sell which most traders have been waiting for.

We looking to sell EurAud at 1.59650


A lot of our subscribers made a lot of money trading the NzdUsd in the previous week following or recent weekly forecast as the pair pushed upside the whole week, we are currently on a good buying position and waiting for a break above 1.68400 to add more buys on NzdUsd.

Buy Stop Pending Order: Buy @ 0.68420  SL- 0.68050  TP- 0.70200


AudUsd is above the 0.74000 weekly support area after it broke lower recently to test the 0.73550 Strong Support which caused price to push up a high rate last week and further price movement is expected up until 0.75750  resistance area.

This Weeks Signal: Buy AudUsd @ 0.74320   SL- 0.73900  TP- 0.75750


XauUsd is in its buying ground we have a nice triangle breakout which formed on Friday indicating a potential breakout, our measured target is 1301


This is a must Buy pair as we have a strong buy setup on the NZD and fundamentally CAD is getting weaker, we have a beautiful buy setup on NzdCad from last week as it was stated during the last week NFP and we looking for a pullback to level 89.200 or a break above level 89700 to add more buy positions.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Conflict Between Crypocurrency And Forex

Sifiso Nkwanyana
There has been a lot of confusion among traders when it comes to Crypto Trading and Forex Trading as we have a global debate between Crypo Currency Traders and Foreign Currency Traders, this debate has introduced a lot of platforms for people to make money using the name "BITCOIN''  resulting in a lot of traders getting scammed.

Bitcoin is a crypocurrency [ Digital Currency/ Virtual currency ] which its value is traded as any currency pair that exist in the market, this Digital currency is not controlled by any government and no big organisation has it controlled and it transactions cannot be traced as users can make anonymous transactions.

The Demand for bitcoin has surged and many investors have made fortunes from Bitcoin making the demand of the currency very high.

Rapid Rise Pyramid Schemes 

There are true Bitcoin Investors and at the other hand we have a huge number of false bitcoin investors, this false investors use the Idea of the ever growing bitcoin value to run a number of pyramid schemes which has left a lot of people as victims.

Bitcoin Mining has been the word used to scam a lot of people into investing in pyramid schemes

Crypto Trading And Forex Trading Explained...

Crypto Trading and Forex Trading is mostly a similar type of trading as the Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), and other Crypo Currencies are trading in similar platforms and have the same technical structures as foreign currencies. The only difference is the Trading costs.

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is only a Currency and can be trading in terms of ownership and also using a FSP registered bank or brokerage firm. Bitcon is Traded as a currency pair and returns will depend on the growth of the bitcoin value not through the schemes that are promoted online.

People have an idea of Bitcoin as a forever increasing currency as the value has surged at a very high rate in the previous years, this has caused most traders to lose money trying to buy a currency which has been growing in value, Trading a currency as Bitcoin and Ethereum will definitely require you to have some huge trading funds in the account as the currency is indeed growing at huge rate but expensive to trade.

Bitcoin is Difficult to Trade for traders with small accounts due to very high spreads caused by the the currency volatility which makes it difficult for traders with small accounts to make profit, and also making it difficult to hold positions.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading is the exchange of global currencies done in form of investments based on the currency exchange rate.

Forex has been as the fast way to get richer and yes a lot of people around the world have made fortunes trading the markets due to the low trading costs offered by Forex Brokerage Firms.

Trading is not very easy and we highly recommend that you get as much knowledge as possible to help you master the markets. trading without proper trading knowledge is risk on its own, Crypto or Forex will not be the reason why 90 percent of traders don't make it but it will be the knowledge. Digital currencies are real and fortunes are being made by a lot of investors.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Mid-Week Technical Setups and NFP

Sifiso Nkwanyana
The Non-Farm Employment Payroll are hitting tomorrow which will indeed complete the current forming market swings.

Dollar Strength Expectation

The United States Dollar has been very strong recently as we have seen a second interest rate increase happening in the last 6 month period, these fundamentals have given too much strength on the dollar Index. We expecting a weaker result for the dollar.

Canadian Dollar Expectation

The Cad event is what most traders are looking up to as it has most volatility and high return potential. we looking for a bullish CAD result.


We are Bullish on AudUsd as we on above the 0.73500  Support level. we will be looking for the market to push up to the 0.75100 zone after the release of the US employment data.

Current Signal : Buy AudUsd @ 0.73680     SL- 0.73350   TP- 0.75700


The NzdUsd has experienced some heavy losses last month as we have seen price reaching June 2016 lows, we are currently on a long term Buy towards target 0.74300.

Current Short Term Signal: Buy NzdUsd @ 0.67750 SL- 0.67440  TP- 0.70250

CAD Employment News
We are highly expecting an improvement in the CAD as the May and June result has been negative, an improvement in the Canadian Dollar is highly expected by our Trading team.  The May 11 result came as -1.1k  and the June 8 result was -7.5k which will definately cause a strong move on the CAD if the value was positive.


Our Trade for the Canadian Employment will be The CadJpy Buy Position, We will recommend Traders to Use proper Risk Management on all Trades.

Buy CadJpy @ 84.170   SL- 83.750    TP- 85.710

We wish you the Best trading for the NFP, We hope that this article will help you trade successfully.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

An Effective Way To Deal With Trading EMOTIONS

Sifiso Nkwanyana
Getting to the Forex market has been the dream of most people who want to get big in life, but it has not been easy as it seems to most traders in this industry. Success in Forex and Stock trading is of very high possibility as we have seen huge number of millionaires booming through the industry.

Why do most Traders don't make it?
Success in trading Forex and Stocks does not happen by luck, Yes for some it may happen by luck and trust me that money made by luck will also be lost because of bad luck. you cannot guess the market as it can been very tricky to most traders.

Traders don't get a chance to learn about controlling their emotions, they don't get a chance to learn about the Discipline that has to applied in trading the markets, Below is a list of ways to deal with trading emotions.

7 Effective Ways To Deal With Trading EMOTIONS

1. Use The Correct Risk Management
Proper Risk management is key when it comes to trading the financial markets, traders tend to trade with very high risks as they want to reach millions very fast which is the biggest mistake that most traders make as they start trading. trading with wrong risk management can cause high levels of stress to most traders as they encounter a losing trade which can bring you emotions that will cause you to trade under emotions and panic.

2. Avoid over trading 
Over trading is the biggest mistake as it leads to account over leveraging, this can lead to a huge decrease in margin for an account, stick to a certain margin requirement for your account size.

3. Reduce the number of Pairs Traded
Confusion is the last thing that you would want to have when managing funds in a trading account, having a lot of positions in a number of pairs in an account can bring a lot of confusion to both new and professional traders as it can be very difficult to master every move that is being made by every pair you have opened.

We Recommend that you stick to a certain number of pairs and master their movements.

4. Open Trades Based The Trend
Your Best friend in the markets is the trend not yourself, stick to the market trend to improve your rate of winning, trends often last for 3 months and trading against it means you are taking a position again a three month possible move.

5. Have a Trading Plan
Have a plan, every weekend you need to have a plan on how you will trade each trading week and stick to that plan and stick to the weekly target.

6. Avoid Trading with very small Funds
Trading with very small accounts is nothing more than giving away money in the markets, small accounts often don't survive certain price reversals, and it may create a lack of comfort for the trader as their accounts gets wiped. we highly recommend traders to save funds and start with efficient funds.

7. Close Losing Trades 
We traders are quick to close winning trades and tend to leave losing trades with the hope that they will come back to profit, such trades are very less likely to come into profit before they blow your trading account.

Handling Emotions Professionally is a must to win as Forex Trader, always stick to a disciplined trading and avoid emotions that can harm your trading career. 

Monday, 25 June 2018

Weekly Forex Setups, June 25th to June 29th 2018

Sifiso Nkwanyana


We currently have a beautiful sell setup on UsdJpy H4 as price has broken through the trendline and a nice retest has been seen which shows a confirmation of our sell expectation. we have our current target on UsdJpy as 108.400


We have had a very strong sell move of over 200pips from the latest interest rate increase which has resulted in a huge amount of bulls on the USD Index. AudUsd is Currently sitting on the 0.74100  which acts as very strong support on the pair. we will be looking to buy long term with having stops @ 0.73400  and Targets @ 0.77100


I have seen people calling for a bearish move on the pair, according to our study on the EurAud we are currently very far from selling as price has broke and retested the 50% retracement level which opens for further buys to 78% retracement level in which will be looking to open sell positions.

Buy @ 1.56800  SL-1.56300   TP- 1.59200                           Sell Limit @ 1.59250


NzdUsd is on strong buy levels as we await for an opportunity to buy long term up to 0.74200  level  which is +500pips from the current levels. we have a Bullish Divergence at the strong Bullish Order Block. get ready to buy guys!!!

XauUsd ( Gold )

Gold has a High Possibility of reaching back to level 1300  as shown on the Setup Below. we will recommend the pair to be trading using the recommended pending order.

Buy Stop @ 1271   SL @ 1264            Buy Limit @ 1263.35  SL- 1259

Thank you for taking your time with our Technical weekly setups, remember to join our Private Group for more setups and trade assistance.

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We wish you the best Trading Week, Please Share

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