watch the clock ; do what it does. keep going.

watch the clock ; do what it does. keep going.

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Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

The Best Leading Signals

Sifiso Nkwanyana

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Dollar Swiss(USDCHF) reaches Institutional Supply Zone

Sifiso Nkwanyana
We have awaited for price to reach the supply zone in the recent weeks as the pair has been bullish due to a gain in the Dollar index. we have taken UsdChf into great consideration as it is a pair which will greatly respond to the dollars expected weakness in the markets.

UsdChf Technicals

We have been patiently waiting for this pair to reach our long waited sell entry level 1.00870, we will be looking for possible sell signals on this pair. we will be expecting to see price action sell setups on the Sell Zone and please avoid buying at the Zone as it is an area off high supply, just focus on sell positions only. 

Looking on the daily chart price is currently sitting at a resistance zone which will cause a sell off this week looking to push price below 1.00000 in the upcoming trading week. we will have level 0.99050 as our first target and then price can further push as far as up to level 0.95680 which is our measured price target. 

We Believe this technical article will provide great assistance to your trading, please trade with care and don't forget to subscribe to our mail box for updates of our posts.

Forex Weekly Setups, 11th February to 15th February 2019

Sifiso Nkwanyana
we had a very successful trading last Friday closing the week with most setups doing extremely well, we are looking to a much productive trading week as the market is laying some great setups which we will be capitalizing on this week.

This week we will be looking more into the CAD gaining strength and having UsdChf reaching our 1.00800 long awaited sell entry target area which was discussed in our previous Technical Forex Weekly forecast, with the dollar to reach its last highs before a sell off takes place in the dollar index.

Recommended Article: Euro Dollar(EurUsd) Long Term Sells Ahead

AudUsd has been bearish recently after the Employment data was released last week, we will be looking pretty much for some bullish activity this week as price is currently sitting between the OTE and BAT zones which are our measured institutional entry levels. within this levels we have a bullish divergence which indicates the current buying pressure in the Currency pair.

NzdCad currently sits on the 50.0 fibzone after it was rejected on the OTE zone, we looking for price to push lower this week. another view on this trade setup is a head and shoulder pattern at which price currently sits above the Neckline.

We have been holding quite a number of sell positions in the GbpCad trade and we are currently looking for price to push further down to reach the Institutional level marked on the setup attached below.

We currently bearish on this pair, we are expecting more selling pressure which will be greatly affected by the UsdChf which currently sits at a very strong Supply Zone.

Traders should be careful of Gold as this metal is currently bullish creating a lot of pull backs on its way up, Gold target is currently at 1345 according to our analysis, once the target has been reached we will start looking for Long Term sell Setups
Previous Gold Setup

This pair currently sits on a supply and demand zone which we will be looking much to buy in this case due to bullish order blocks present in the area.

The Canadian Dollar had magnificent employment results last Friday which will indeed give the CAD some strength in this upcoming weeks, Technically the market has formed a rising wedge pattern formation in which we a looking for a break before we see further selling.

We Wish you the best Trading week and please use proper risk management in all your trading, all the best from the Ajaxsurf Team.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Euro Dollar(EurUsd) Long Term Sells Ahead

Sifiso Nkwanyana
The EurUsd has experienced a couple losses getting into the weeks of January as the pair has failed to push above the 1.14600 psychological resistance area which has made it impossible for price to push back above 1.15000 zone. based on the Bigger Time frames the Euro is bearish in which we are also looking to open most of our trades in conjunction with the order flow of the market.


The Euro Dollar has closed the week on a very bearish note last Friday as seen on the daily chart below which is not far from the 1.13050 minor support area which will push the market towards our sell entry zone as indicated by the arrow pointing low. the market is trading in a boxed range between 1.14600 and 1.13050 which are the current support and Resistance levels in EurUsd.

We will be Waiting for Price to reach up back to 1.14600 Resistance area before adding more positions on the EurUsd currency pair. 

The Weekly chart greatly displays the Institutional order behind the selling Euro Dollar pair as looking at the W1 chart is price a gap which the market going to fill up in the next coming months as it price heads towads 1.0700 zone

we believe that these views will assist you your trading, we wish you the best start to this new trading week.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Gold(XAUUSD) Prepares For Last Bullish Leg

Sifiso Nkwanyana
The precious metal which we have been buying since the end of 2018 is heading towards its final resistance zone at 1345 which will be the last highest level to be reached by price before heading back towards the 1220 long term support zone.

We have written this article due to a lot of questions on Golds direction due to the previous NFP results which shew a strong dollar making a lot of traders get into the idea of Selling Gold (XauUsd). we do respect fundamental analysis a lot but we have to take also a special note of Institutional Order Flow to fully understand the movement of the markets, I will still give you a clear understanding of institutional order flow in our upcoming articles, I will clearly explain why is it more important than Fundamental Analysis and Technical analysis and why you should know it.

Technical View on XauUsd

XauUsd has shown some pullbacks from the last Non Farm Payrolls which has caused price to push low towards the 1301 support zone and have shown some strong buys pushing it back to the 1310 critical level.

Looking into the 4 hour time frame you will notice that price has formed a bullish pin bar after the rally from 1302 to 1310 area which shows a great rejection of lower price levels. another thing that confirms our buy setup is the bullish flag (falling wedge) which formed from last Fridays Non Farm Payrolls.

We will be updating more on this post in our Whatsapp groups, to join please Whatsapp our Consultants Team at +27734341527  and will gladly assist you, we wish you the best in trading Gold.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Seven Sources of Income

Sifiso Nkwanyana

Making money comes in different ways which involves different forms of businesses and smart money investments, The term streams of income is not a common thing to most people in the public as everyone is made to believe and focus on a single stream of income which is either a Job or Profit income.

Income is generally defined as money made through work or Investments, I have wrote this article to help you have an Idea of the type of income sources that one should look forward to in order to grow in the entrepreneurship niche, Running a business in this competitive world involves a lot of risk especially if you have very less Idea about the type of business you run and also on how to generate income from your business, a lack of understanding the type of income source you trying to generate can become a negative factor to a business as the business owner might try to combine different income sources and negatively affect the business aims.

7 Income Sources

Earned Income 

This type of income comes from offering services to a client or from being employed by somebody to render as service, this income comes from work done by you as an employee. 

Interest Income

Interest income comes from investment interest, this income opportunity is mostly offered by Banks, Hedge funds and other investment companies who require you to invest money with promised interest.

Profit Income

this form income comes from the sales of goods, in order for one to make this income you will need to be very good in making sales and if possible hiring an advertising team and marketing team will definitely bring you clients.

Making of Sales

This is one of the most important factors in a business, the making of sales is very important to keep the business running, sales may drop due to high competition in the industry and lack of good service provided by the company.

Dividend Income

This income is mostly made by people who own shares on companies and trusts, dividend income comes annually during the financial year end of a company.

Royalty Income

Royalty incomes comes from royalties which are sales and paid video streams, this type of income is earned by Musicians and actors based on their performances. 

Rental Income

Property has been the best investment opportunity and will always be, This income is money paid by tenants to the landlord who is actually the person responsible for the property.

Capital Income

This similar to interest company but in this the investor puts money (capital) to an investment and then they control the the growth of the money, This income is mostly made in Financial Trading whereby a trader will put capital as an investment to earn from price changes in the markets.

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