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    Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

    Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

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    Saturday, 4 September 2021

    Nasdaq Bullish run Expected to Continue

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Nasdaq has been very bullish in the past weeks as price has been pushing up despite the negative continuous selling of the dollar index which on Friday was negatively hit by the drop in the Employment Rate.

    Technical Analysis

    Looking at The Nasdaq four hourly time frame Nasdaq has broke above the uptrend resistance trendline and currently price is above the trendline looking for a retest above the resistance before we see more continued up trending market on Nasdaq.

    Friday, 20 August 2021

    Fundamentals Of Life

    Nosipho Mthembu

    Basic principles of life.
    In general life is basically measures taken to survive. Life is tackled differently by of course different people with different mindset, well i must say that brings about the biodiversity because for instance if we were to adjust to a particular routine we would not be diverse as such hence opportunities would also be limited due to increasing population and high demand for survival.

    Basic facts about life.

    The first basic component we need to consider when we are talking about life is the question that "what is it that brings about life?". To be quite frank with regards to the question, the influencer of life is money because it delivers the basic necessities for survival given the fact we living in the 21st century so that reveals that the basic and most important fact about life is that one needs money. Now the following question should be "how to be financial stable?".

    How to tackle life.

    Now that we are aware of the fact that in order to keep the circle in round that has to be financial stability but financial stability requires a lot that includes setting goals prior, believe in them and most important trust yourself because in each an every step you take you must be mentally ready to concur any obstacles that are most probably going to challenge your journey towards financial stability hence you need to trust yourself because lack of trust within yourself will limit you from having alternatives should your first attempt be unsuccessful and you won't be able to do something you never did. There is no magic that will bring money to the table except setting your goals straight, focus followed by belief as well as trust.

    Tuesday, 17 August 2021

    The view of the concept success in life.

    Nosipho Mthembu

    What is to be successful in life?
    There are plenty of concepts with regards to what success is in life depending on individuals aspect. It is a significance major to discover your perspective towards success in life since huge numbers of people that urge to be successful are not quite aware of what they regard as success. 
    Classifications of success
      >Financial freedom
     > Education
     > Stable Family
     > Permanent Job 
     >luxurious life
     >Being a leader
     >Achieving desired body goals. 

     There are quiet plenty of phenomenon towards success depending on a persons passion about life, piratically success is deriving what your heart desires and what you see as a purpose in your life thus it can be concluded that success goes along with happiness because doing what you love is directly proportional to happiness it brings joy and satisfactions about you as a person as it implies what you desire. Regardless of what a persons perspective is towards happiness but the fact is numerous people in the world has something that they desire, they have goals they wish to achieve, the popping question towards such statement is how does one go about to achieve what they desire and there are plenty of ways to kill a cat although it depends on ones expert to take a route towards success firstly one needs to overlook if they are feasible enough to take that route. Feasibility looks at how possible it is to take a certain route. You need to acquire resources first. For example, you need to check if you have money to go to that University to acquire that education you desire as success in your life, look at what are other alternative ways to get to the University. Therefore you need a proactive plan to reach success in life.

     There's a huge hindrance that limits people from achieving success which are emotions that overpower mindset. Emotions makes a person wants to stop, emotions makes a persons feels like they are not worthy. Emotions are the main source of weakness for everyone that is why it is important to take decisions based on facts rather than feelings. Crying over spilt water wont replace water. Starting over is better than falling into depression, anxiety and bipolar but all is up to a person. Every human being has a choice in life. You choose who you wish to be. You attract who you want to become. Everything starts with a changed mindset.

    Saturday, 19 June 2021

    Forex Trading as a career, what things to avoid?

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    Forex seems to be one of the most complicating careers in the world, but going back to reality one will agree that Forex Trading has created a number of multimillionaires who have made some serious money in Trading the markets.

    The industry is one of the most profitable in the world with a daily turnover of over $5 trillion per day which means there is a lot of potential in the market as money is made. Trading was once only restricted to a few in the past as it was extremely expensive to such that it cost a beginner a minimum of $100 000 to be able to trade the financial markets. at this time it was very easy to trade the markets as it was institutions and private equity firms that had excess to the markets.

    With such being restrictions, it was impossible for a normal trader to access the market and that changed as technology developed. Brokerage firms got involved in the markets giving normal traders access to trade the market with balances as low as $100 and some brokerage firms allow deposits of minimum $5.

    with the influx of new beginner traders, the markets changed and more volatility took place making the markets to be a bit complicated for a person who is not much educated about the financial markets.


    Tuesday, 11 May 2021

    GbpUsd Selling Potential at Trend Resistance

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    With the dollar index at the a bullish swing we are expecting to see selling pressure mounting on it rivals, last Friday we saw GbpUsd pushing up aggressively after the the Non-Farm payrolls came out negative for the dollar pushing the dollar index down towards its support levels.

    Technical Setup
    The Pound has pushed up aggressively last week Friday and has currently respected the resistance of the trendline which will create more selling opportunities for the GbpUsd currency pair.

    We believe that this trade setup will assist you trade profitably. for questions on this analysis please let us know in the comment box below. wish you the best trading this week

    Friday, 7 May 2021

    Crypto vs Forex: Which Is The Best Choice For You?

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Crypto trading and forex trading both involve trading currencies - but they’re two very different types of currency. Cryptocurrency trading involves trading digital currencies that are decentralised and largely unregulated. Forex trading meanwhile involves trading official currencies that are governed by countries. 

    Both crypto and forex can have their pros and cons. This guide delves into the advantages or drawbacks of each to help you decide which is the best investment option for you.

    How much risk are you willing to take?

    Cryptocurrencies are a lot more volatile. This means that they can rise dramatically in value (as has been the case with Bitcoin) or dramatically fall in value (as was the case with Ripple last year). You could make a lot of money investing in DOGE coin or another popular cryptocurrency, but you could lose a lot of money. On top of this, there are added risks such as having your cryptocurrency hacked or falling victim to a glitch. For this reason, you need to be careful as to what you invest.

    Forex trading has its risks too but tends to be a more stable form of investment. Real world currencies are less prone to huge fluctuations in value - any rises or falls tend to be more gradual and easier to predict. You’ve also got more laws in place to protect your investment.

    How much money do you have to invest?

    You should also consider how much funds you have to invest. Cryptocurrency exchanges tend to require very small deposits make it possible to invest your spare change if you don’t want to make a big investment. There are fees to consider when using a crypto exchange, but these tend to be fairly low. 
    Forex trading often requires much bigger minimum deposits (usually around $100). There can also be bigger fees while trading - although this depends on the broker you’re using. Consequently, forex is better suited to those wanting to invest larger amounts. However, you don’t have to be rich to invest (a common myth that puts many people off).

    How much leverage do you need?

    You can expect a very low amount of leverage when trading via cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that you can’t borrow as much to invest when you haven’t got the available funds. This could stop you losing as much, but could also prevent you making as large gains.

    When it comes to forex trading, the leverage offered by brokers is much higher. This can make it possible to take advantage of changes in price by using capital. This could mean greater wins (but also potentially greater losses). 

    What trading hours are best for you?

    Cryptocurrency can be traded at any time. This can offer more flexibility for people who want to buy and sell at the weekend, although it also means that you have to be on the ball 24/7 when it comes to changes in value.

    You can similarly trade forex 24 hours per day but only on weekdays. Some people may find this restrictive, although others may enjoy being able to take a break at the weekend. 

    Why not both?

    A lot of long-time forex investors have been giving crypto trading a try. Similarly, many crypto traders are now starting to branch out into forex trading. With access to both markets, you may be able to reap the benefits of both of them, while also reducing the risks by diversifying your portfolio. 

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