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    watch the clock ; do what it does. keep going.

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    Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

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    Sunday, 16 February 2020

    Forex Weekly Setups, 17th February to 21st February 2020

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    The market has closed in a very positive state in which the dollar has been the major benefiting currency. This week we might get to see the more continuation on the dollar but might be the last unless the dollar index is able to break above 99.650 August 2019 high.

    Last week there was hardly any reliable fundamental activity on the markets which made us not to include Fundamental Analysis on our previous weekly article.

    Fundamental OutLook

    1. CPI (AUD), On Wednesday we looking for a Bearish Impact on the Australian Dollar as the given forecast and previous value is above the Estimate Average Range.

    Technical Setups

    USD Index



    The Fall of The EurUsd Explained

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    The Euro Dollar currency pair has shown some very strong bearish signals in the past weeks after its initially failed to break above the 1.12000 resistance zone causing it to experience a selling of almost 400 pips in a very short period of time.

    The Euro has been majorly affected by Brexit as in mid January the Great Britain decided to leave the European Union to stand on its own as a country which will have major impacts on European businesses as Britain was a major player in Europe. The Euro and the Pound sterling have been experiencing major heavy losses as the markets are unstable in which we are much likely to see record lows in these two major pairs.

    Technically The Euro Dollar has broken a number of strong levels including 1.09400 which most mentors thought was a key level, which was really not making sense as the level did not meet with the current price action on the pair.

    The Setup below consist of the Euro Dollar analysis based on the daily chart, on the setup the key level was at 1.08767 which price was able to break on Wednesday further exposing 1.07816 which will be the 1st support for this week based on our analysis. on the support level we will wait for the formation of bullish price candles before having to make an entry

    If the markets breaks below this support we will look for a further 200pip drop on the Euro Dollar which will lead to our lowest support possible on the EurUsd which is at 1.05988, this will result on a firm break of the first support.

    We believe these setups will help you trade better and more profitably on the EurUsd this week and please use proper risk management in all your trade entries.

    Monday, 10 February 2020

    Forex Weekly Setups, 10th February to 14th February 2020

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    The Previous week had closed with the dollar experiencing some bullish momentum after the US employment change came as positive closing the week in a bullish momentum. this week we will be looking for continued bullish movement on the dollar this week.

    The New Zealand Dollar closed just below the 61.8 zone which is more room to reach the the OTE zone shaded green on the analysis below. currently the pair remains bearish until OTE zone is reached.

    The UsdCad has broke a long time trend last week and had looking on the bullish move we have a small number of order blocks compiled which gives the sellers not much room to move around due to shortage of orders.

    dollar swiss pair looking bullish as has aced through the 0.97250 resistance level and will be looking for a continued bullish movement up to 0.99350 resistance zone and further to the 1.00140 major resistance level. currently we are looking for further buy signals at current levels.

    With the pound sterling being bearish after Brexit was finalized this January we will be expecting to see further selling on the Pound base pairs until the pound finds stability on the markets. on the setup below we have a beautiful head and shoulder pattern in which the market is currently below 61.8 fib level confirming the completion on the pattern.

    Saturday, 8 February 2020

    Dollar Index maintains bullish Strength

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    The US dollar has experienced some buying momentum this January and February after losing a lot of strength in December which took a very strong drop after there was an interest rate decrease in early December and low Employment Change.

    NFP Influence
    The Nonfarm Employment change has influenced the dollar last Friday which caused a significant increase in the value of the dollar index, the employment change improved from 147k  to  225k which means that more employment opportunities were created in January compared to December giving a thumbs up to the American Economy.

    Dollar Index Technical

    The dollar index has been showing a lot of strength previously as the american dollar index has moved more than 250pips upwards showing a strong recovery. on the chart below the dollar index has just broke and retested the fib level 61.8 giving it a clear go ahead to the upper OTE zone in which we looking at the dollar reaching the price of 99.300 late in February.

    An increase on the dollar index will affect a number of currency pairs assosiated with the dollar index in the upcomming weeks, we should expect pairs like the EurUsd and XuaUsd to continue dropping and UsdCad to continue moving up. 

    Tuesday, 28 January 2020

    Forex Weekly Setups, 27th January to 31st January 2020

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    We believe you have had a great start to 2020 another amazing start of a new decade, a decade for you to start venturing into more productive opportunities. This currently the end of January in which last week we noticed certain trend breakouts on a number of currency pairs giving traders a good time for entries

    Fundamental OutLook

    This weeks we have four news event opportunities to trade which are as follows.

    1. CPI (AUD), On Wednesday we looking for a Bearish Impact on the Australian Dollar as the given forecast and previous value is above the Estimate Average Range.

    2. Interest Rates (USD), On Wednesday we looking for a bearish impact on the US Dollar as there is expected to be no change in the interest rates.

    3. Interest Rates (GBP), On Thursday we looking for a bearish impact on the US Dollar as there is expected to be no change in the interest rates.

    4. GDP (CAD), On Friday we looking for a Bullish Impact on the Canadian Dollar as the given forecast and previous value is below the Estimate Average Range.

    Technical Setups

    Usd Index

    Sunday, 5 January 2020

    Rand Expected to Weaken This January

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    The South African rand has gained a lot of momentum this December as we have seen the dollar losing strength through out the Christmas Holidays and into new years eve closing the year with the dollar index breaking some of 2019s lows.

    a number of pairs were affected by the move of the dollar with the UsdZar chart getting to reach the 6 month lows at level 13.92 which is a level where we are much likely to see more buying activity in the markets.

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