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    Wednesday, 12 August 2020

    Dollar Strengthens as Trump signs executive orders

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    The dollar had been losing a lot of strength since the last two months as Europe has proven stronger against its competitor making the dollar lose more strength as investors were very much focused on investing their money on the Euro and on Gold.

    With the flow of investors leaving the dollar as a safe heaven, the Trump Administration has signed executive orders to save the US economy from the impact of the covid-19 pandemic by offering financial benefits for american citizens and lowering taxes on small income citizens including businesses. the executive orders are as follows:

    • Delay Payroll Tax Collection for those making less than $105 000
    • Unemployment aid is extended to $400 a week
    • Halt Evictions for Tenants 
    • All student loan payments has to halted till 31 December 2020 

    The executive orders has positively affected the dollar index and other currencies traded with the dollar index, the markets has formed great technical setups after the orders were released by the White House.

    Technical Analysis

    Dollar Index
    The Dollar index has been dropping recently as shown on the setup below and the currency has shown hopes for a bullish move as the dollar index has formed a double bottom pattern formation which sets the market for a bullish markets.

    The Kiwi Dollar pair has shown a very good Head and shoulder pattern setup, the pair is currently forming the right shoulder before it further drops more down.

    The Euro Dollar is below a critical resistance zone at level 1.18200, below this level we are currently looking for potential sell opportunities, the current sell target for the EurUsd we are looking at price reaching 1.14470 as a primary target.

    Monday, 3 August 2020

    Forex Weekly Setups, 3rd August to 7th August 2020

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    Its August, the women's month we wish all the ladies the best this Month as we celebrate this Month of great trading opportunities as we expect a dollar pullback after a very sad month for the currency.

    Fundamental Analysis
    This week we have a lot of Fundamental activities as we are the starts of new trading month whereby we will have most of the employment data being released.

    Technical Setups
    Below is a number of potential Trade setups for this week.

    The dollar yen pair has closed on a bullish note last Friday which left a bullish outside bar formation indicating a bullish run on the pair for the upcoming week and the best part is that it is also confirmed by our harmonic pattern scanner tool.

    Dollar Index
    The dollar index has taken a magnificent slide as it has been greatly sold in the past four weeks, we are currently looking forward to see more selling in the dollar index this week as the dollar index has broken our 61.8 Fibonacci level and will eventually drop towards the green marked zone before swinging back up.

    Euro Dollar has been aggressively bullish as it heads towards the OTE fibonacci level, currently level 1.18200 stands as a minor resistance and if broken we much likely to see price pushing up.

    AudNzd is currently on a bullish trend in which we currently going to see price pushing up on a bullish trend. until price reaches the green marked zone.

    We believe that this article will help simplify you your trading week, please leave questions on the comments section below and we will be very happy assist where possible.

    Sunday, 12 July 2020

    End of the Bullish Run for The Pound and Euro

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    The markets have been bullish for the Euro as we have seen positive results from European countries of dealing with the current pandemic while the Dollar struggled to find ground as cases rose rapidly when they attempted to re open the economy.

    Europe Has been a struggling recently where Croatia and Bulgaria have ran to the Euro zone as a safe haven to save themselves from the current global economic crisis. this move should further cause selling on most European currency pairs and causing certain support levels to be broken on the EurUsd and on the GbpUsd.

    100% Bonus

    Below we have a brief low time frame based charts on the GBPUSD and The EURUSD currency pairs.

    The Pound sterling has been bearish since last year when Brexit was made official in the United Kingdom. 


    Tuesday, 30 June 2020

    Forex Weekly Setups, 29th June to 3rd July 2020

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    Last week we had a very good trading week where we pocketed some very easy pips on Dollar gaining strength. this week we expected some continued gain in strength on the dollar index as based on our recent article on the dollar.

    Recommended article: Dollar Shows Strength in the Midst of Struggling Markets

    This week we have good trade setups in formation for a wide range of pairs, below we have shared a number of potential trade setups that we are looking to trade this week.

    The Pound Yen pair is expected to be bullish this week as price broke the bearish trend last week and we will be looking for bullish entry above the red marked level 132.575 as shown on the Trade Setup attached below.

    The dollar CAD pair has shown a strong resistance on the area marked green which gives a more potential to the downside on the pair during the cause of the week.

    Dollar yen is yet above our main entry zone marked green, we are looking for a potential pullback to the marked zone.

    We have a potential breakout opportunity at 0.99250, a break above that level trigger more selling on the pair and if price fails to break we might see price pushing back at the green marked trade entry zone.

    We believe that these setups will help simplify your trading this week, please apply proper risk management in all your trades.

    Monday, 29 June 2020

    Samir Tahir the FxLifestlye Millionaire Forex Trader

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    samir forex lifestyle

    Samir Tahir is a London based Currency trader who is the founder of the FxLifestyle, he is known much for the money that he makes from his Forex trading career as he came from a very poor family background. his is well known by his company name Fxlifestyle as most traders call him by it instead of his his real name Samir Tahir.

    Samir spent his early childhood life moving from one house to another as his family was struggling with rent which forced the family to move around London trying to find a place to stay as rent was too hard for his poor family, at age 17 he started working on saving his income which he later discovered Forex trading.

    Seeing his parents struggle in his teenage years he decided to himself that he had to be successful in life and started a career into the Forex trading industry where he started trading with the $60 dollar trade account which he was able to compound into into the millions that he has today making him one of the traders in The United Kingdom with a very good sizable networth at an age of 21 where he started his Forex company fxlifestyle which has grown rapidly since then.

    Who is fxlifestyle?

    FxLifestyle is a Forex Trading company based in London, UK which focuses on Forex trading signals, courses and Forex Trading Software. The company was founded by Samir Tahir when he started attracting attention from people who saw his success and from that he became a very popular trader at an earlier age and managed to help his parents to a better life.

    100% Bonus

    The FxLifestyle has attracted a lot of interest from around the world as the company boasts about over 55000 active subscribers who have participated in the company's trading programs and a social media following of over 300 000 followers.

    FxLifestyle Cars
    Samir has a number of car collections that he has posted on on his social media pages, the list of cars include the a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, Mercedes G Wagon, Maserati, and a Bugatti on his name. he has shared a number of pictures on his Instagram where he shared a few of his car collection to his followers.

    • Rolls Royce

    • Audi R8

    He has shared most of his cars on his Facebook and instagram page where he reaches a massive following of traders where he shares his Forex Lifestyle to help motivate Forex traders into working very hard to reach their intended trading goals.

    FxLifestyle House
    The trader travels a lot in which he has been seen on various travel destinations which always carry a lot of money with him, he owns a Penthouse worth millions of dollars in which a he had posted on his his social media.

    fxlifestyle house

    Samir spends most of his time travelling around the globe and doing shopping as he is very much a fan of expensive clothing brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Rolex and a lot more fashion brands.

    Samir Tahir Clothing collection

    FxLifestyle Strategy
    Samir Tahir is a day trader in which he trades on a daily bases and he makes money everyday through his strategy making more than $500 000 monthly from trading the markets.

    Samir Tahir is one of the young Forex traders doing out great in the Forex Trading markets as he is 25 years old makes over $500,000 per month from Forex trading, and with the work of his company fxlifestyle he has earned his name in the Forex Trading industry by offering Forex signal services on his Telegram and Offering trading lessons to over 55k students worldwide through his website fxlifestyle.com .

    Thursday, 25 June 2020

    The dollar Shows Strength in the midst of Struggling Markets

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    The markets have been bad with a number of huge entities filing for bankruptcy in the past months as the world has suffered a huge lose due to the coronavirus pandemic, the stock markets have taken another huge hit since the 2008 market crash and the dollar has not performed well recently and caused a decline in the currency valuation.

    The past two weeks the dollar currency index has shown some remarkable recovery as the currency has shown buying momentum on its support levels which showed investor confidence on the US dollar as most of the global markets has resumed across the whole world as the lockdown restrictions have eased allowing more businesses to continue with their services.

    Recommended Article: Dollar Soars As Number Of Infected Increases

    Below we have a technical setup of the dollar index in which we show the previous analysis of the dollar index and the current view on the currency.

    Previous Setup
    Previously we anticipated a bullish move on the dollar index when the currency approached its support zone which is highlighted by the green rectangle and we expected bullish momentum to build on that zone.
    Previous Setup on Dollar Index

    Current Setup
    These upcoming weeks we expect bullish pressure to continue building on the dollar as the economy of the united states faces recovery, the markets have shown strong bullish signals on the support area and we will be looking forward to trading the dollar on its bullish run.

    We believe that this article will help improve your trading results for the upcoming weeks, please apply proper risk management in all your trading.

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