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    watch the clock ; do what it does. keep going.

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    Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

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    Monday, 30 March 2020

    Forex Weekly Setups, 30th March to 3rd April 2020

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    The month of March has been a very successful month with us getting a 100 percent result in all our trade setups and results, we are looking forward to get also not less than 90 percent trade success this month and we pray that you guys will be there to support the vision of our company Ajaxsurf.

    With USA to release employment data this week we will be looking for a big drop in the value of the dollar as the cases of Coronavirus are increasing leading to more cities being shut down.

    The Cad Yen pair is expected to continue moving up after it had retraced towards the end of last week, we will be looking for buy opportunities at green highlighted zone at level 76.050 

    SP500 INDEX
    The SP500 index is expected to continue its bullish movement up after its to completing  its retracement at level 2433.40 and we will open buy position on any buy signal at the level.

    Gold has made us good on its move up as we exited our trades last week, we will continue to see the metal pushing its price higher this week until 1688, please note that trade is to be discussed further on Wednesday.

    Silver is bearish until its reaches 13.185 whereby we will be looking forward to adding buy entries for long term bullish move.

    The Euro Yen pair had sold very well last week after a sell setup was given last week in which the pair was able to cover 120pips profit and retraced back towards entry, this week the pair is expected to continue its way down to complete its 300 pip move.

    We believe that these trade analysis will help boost your trading results and also help improve your trading, please use proper risk management in all your trades. wish you all the best

    Saturday, 28 March 2020

    Dollar soars as number of infected increases

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    The dollar has found itself selling off this week as the number of affected american citizens raises beyond expectations causing investors to sell the United States Dollar. the number of affected american citizens has rose over 50 000 this month alone and the number of deaths has reached 800, and the number of cases is continually increasing at an uncontrollable manner which has affected the US dollar significantly.

    Recommended Article: Coronavirus Continues To Affect Markets

    With china having reduced the number of new cases to almost zero, the united states dollar has been experiencing a lot of selling in the the markets. Below we have attached a picture of the dollar index and how it has dropped significantly in the past two weeks as the number of confirmed cases increase in USA.

    Friday, 27 March 2020

    Sandile Shezi Continues to motivate Traders

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    Multimillionaire Forex Trader Sandile Innocent Shezi well known as South Africa's youngest millionaire in 2015 when he started trading with his long partner George van der Riet who he co founded his company global Forex Institute which contributed a lot to the Forex Trading Industry in South Africa and him a household name in South Africa.

    Sandile Shezi and his partner George van der Riet hosted a number of Forex Seminars under Global Forex Institute and introducing tens of thousands of Forex traders to the financial markets by offering courses valued at R8000 and R15000 based on the course type their students sign up for.

    who is sandile shezi?

    Sandile Innocent Shezi grew up at Umlazi under his parents, he started his entrepreneurial journey at an age of 12 years whereby he used to sell muffins and later sold clothes in his neighborhood where he was able to collect money for his trading and tried a number of times but found it very hard to make it through the industry as he lacked a lot of education, at his age he lost all his savings trying to pursue his career as a Forex trader until he finished high school.

    After high school he was admitted to the Durban University of Technology where he studied Public Relations and applied communications in which he later dropped out on his second year as he was much focused on Forex Trading, he met with George Van der Riet who together with founded the Global Forex Institute.

    George and Sandile did a number of seminars in Durban Umhlanga Rocks at the Protea Hotel opposite the the gateway mall where he held a majority of seminars that were attended by a number of people on every Saturday morning whereby they would sign up new students every week as everybody was fascinated by his success.

    sandile shezi seminar
    Sandile Shezi Seminar

    Things later sparked up between the pair in which George Van der Riet was able to buy out Sandile Shezi according to our interview with an active Global Institute member, Sandile Shezi started his new company in 2019 which he named Revoltare after being silence for very long and he started afresh promoting his company to the public through his social media accounts and the branding of cars.

    After many thought he had actually quite or retired from trading the Forex markets after his former company was accused of taking free basic Forex courses from the internet and selling them to the public, he made a strong comeback with his company Revoltare and he he has partnered with influencers like DJ Sbu and Kenneth John.

    Sandile Shezi House

    Sandile Shezi owns a penthouse in Durban which has never shown much on his social media as he wanted to keep his life very private from the public, he has shared a number of interior pictures of him in his house.

    sandile shezi house

    Sandile Shezi wife and family
    Sandile Shezi has is a father to as son and he is happily married to his lovely girlfriend, he has posted a number of pics on his social media account and has kept his family life very private from the public.

    sandile shezi girlfriend
    Sandile Shezi and His Girlfriend

    Sandile Shezi Cars
    Sandile Shezi has a great taste for luxury as he has a number of luxury cars to his bag which include a Rolls Royce, BMW 7 series, Range Rover Velar, Maserati, Ferrari Calif. T handling specialé and a Mercedes Benz AMG.

    Sandile Shezi Interview with CCTV

    Sandile Shezi made a name for himself after he became a popular household name and made him become the most followed trader in South Africa as he was labelled as South Africa's youngest millionaire at age 23 as he was able to make his millions at an early age for an average South African.

    He has had a number of interviews when he got into fame as almost every radio station and television station wanted to have Sandile Shezi interviewed on their stations as he was the most trending person during that year.

    Sandile Shezi shezi currently runs his new company Revoltare and currently works in partnership with itradefxlive which operates entirely online and also as a Forex Signal provider.

    Wednesday, 25 March 2020

    Forex Weekly Setups, 24th March to 28th March 2020

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    Last week was a very successful week for our clients in our groups as the markets followed all our trades according to our analysis, we looking for another productive trading week this week as we have a number of highly tradable trade setups that go in hand with our trading strategies.

    In this time where the world is going through a corona virus crisis we will be looking forward to a more volatile market conditions which will increase the risk of losing more money and also improve the opportunity of making more money, please ensure that you use proper risk management in all your trading.

    The EurUsd have suffered a heavy loss in the previous two weeks due to a very high outbreak of the corona virus, we will be looking for a bullish movement on the pair this week only if the pair closes above 1.08150

    On the Pound Yen pair we have a very good inverse head and shoulder pattern which goes which respects the trade conditions for our strategy.  the pair is expected to remain bullish throughout the whole week

    The Pound Dollar pair expected to see some bullish movement on the pair with more buyers expected to enter the markets at 1.18500 which we will expect it as the recovery for the pound after its recent selling spree due to Brexit confirmed and the Corona outbreak to the United Kingdom. Below is the 4 Hourly analysis of our bullish view on the Pound Dollar

    100% Bonus

    On the Dollar Yen we have a beautiful bearish divergence in which we will be likely to see a strong sell on the UsdJpy during this week.

    The Pound Canadian dollar pair has an inverse head and shoulder pattern setup.

    We believe these analysis will help improve your trading and your profitability, please use proper risk management in your trading.

    Thursday, 19 March 2020

    Coronavirus Continues to Affect Markets

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    The Spread of the Conavirus causes the world to come to a stand as countries impose travel restrictions to infected countries. 

    The COVID-19 Virus known as the coronavirus is a flue virus which started in Wuhan, China.The Virus is believed to be a virus found in wild animals sold as meat at the market places in Wuhan. the virus has killed thousands of people in China, Europe and USA with Italy being the Most affected European country which has suffered 2000 deaths already due to the virus and China leading on the global list of global deaths to the virus.

    Today the number of people infected with the virus has rose up to over 200 000 with just over 6000 recorded deaths globally which has brought fears in many governments affecting a lot of businesses as some have been forced to shut down to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

    100% Bonus

    A lot of Manufacturers in china and trade ports globally have shut their operations leading a major blow in the global markets which has caused a lot of instability in the markets which has costed world billionaires a lot of money, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos losing over $8 Billion and Microsoft former CEO Bill Gates losing over $5 billion due to a drop in sales. the worlds top 500 richest people have suffered a loss of over $238 Billion in the last two weeks as the spread of the corona virus has become more uncontrollable with Europe being the second continent to be the most affected after Asia.

    The united Kingdom has also been a major affected country with over 2626 confirmed cases and totaling to 104 deaths in the past two weeks which has affected the Pound causing it to drop 17000 points against the US dollar.

    British Pound Drop 

    The dollar dollar has shown some great strength in the midst of this outbreak and a lot is expected to happen as Donald Trump has put some cities on a shutdown to prevent a major spread of the virus.

    Sunday, 16 February 2020

    Forex Weekly Setups, 17th February to 21st February 2020

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    The market has closed in a very positive state in which the dollar has been the major benefiting currency. This week we might get to see the more continuation on the dollar but might be the last unless the dollar index is able to break above 99.650 August 2019 high.

    Last week there was hardly any reliable fundamental activity on the markets which made us not to include Fundamental Analysis on our previous weekly article.

    Fundamental OutLook
    This weeks we have four news event opportunities to trade which are as follows.

    1. CPI (CAD), On Wednesday we looking for a Bearish Impact on the Canadian Dollar as the given forecast and previous value is above the Estimate Average Range.

    2.  Retail Sales (CAD), On Friday we looking for a Bearish Impact on the Canadian dollar.

    Technical Setups

    USD Index
    The dollar Index has broke above above the OTE zone and we will be looking for price to push further to the August 2019 high at 99.650.

    The Euro Yen pair has broken the bullish trend line which exposes the pair to a bearish market in which we are much likely see price dropping much further during the week. the current target based on our strategy is 150pips from current prices.

    The Euro dollar has been selling strongly last week causing the pair to break the 2019 lows by moving below 1.0899 and we are expecting a further drop as due to the dollar strengthening and brexit.

    Recommended Article: The Fall Of The EurUsd Explained

    The Dollar Chf has faced a lot of bullish movement in the previous weeks as the dollar has experienced a lot of bullish momentum causing the pair to move over 200pips last week.
    Previous Setup

    The New Zealand dollar has just experienced a rejection at Fib level 50.0 and we will be looking for a continuation to the Optimal Trade Entry zone before we can expect to see any bullish activity on the pair.

    We believe these setups will help you produce excellent results in your trading, please use proper risk management in all your trading to ensure profitability.

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