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    Saturday, 19 June 2021

    Forex Trading as a career, what things to avoid?

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    Forex seems to be one of the most complicating careers in the world, but going back to reality one will agree that Forex Trading has created a number of multimillionaires who have made some serious money in Trading the markets.

    The industry is one of the most profitable in the world with a daily turnover of over $5 trillion per day which means there is a lot of potential in the market as money is made. Trading was once only restricted to a few in the past as it was extremely expensive to such that it cost a beginner a minimum of $100 000 to be able to trade the financial markets. at this time it was very easy to trade the markets as it was institutions and private equity firms that had excess to the markets.

    With such being restrictions, it was impossible for a normal trader to access the market and that changed as technology developed. Brokerage firms got involved in the markets giving normal traders access to trade the market with balances as low as $100 and some brokerage firms allow deposits of minimum $5.

    with the influx of new beginner traders, the markets changed and more volatility took place making the markets to be a bit complicated for a person who is not much educated about the financial markets.


    Tuesday, 11 May 2021

    GbpUsd Selling Potential at Trend Resistance

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    With the dollar index at the a bullish swing we are expecting to see selling pressure mounting on it rivals, last Friday we saw GbpUsd pushing up aggressively after the the Non-Farm payrolls came out negative for the dollar pushing the dollar index down towards its support levels.

    Technical Setup
    The Pound has pushed up aggressively last week Friday and has currently respected the resistance of the trendline which will create more selling opportunities for the GbpUsd currency pair.

    We believe that this trade setup will assist you trade profitably. for questions on this analysis please let us know in the comment box below. wish you the best trading this week

    Friday, 7 May 2021

    Crypto vs Forex: Which Is The Best Choice For You?

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Crypto trading and forex trading both involve trading currencies - but they’re two very different types of currency. Cryptocurrency trading involves trading digital currencies that are decentralised and largely unregulated. Forex trading meanwhile involves trading official currencies that are governed by countries. 

    Both crypto and forex can have their pros and cons. This guide delves into the advantages or drawbacks of each to help you decide which is the best investment option for you.

    How much risk are you willing to take?

    Cryptocurrencies are a lot more volatile. This means that they can rise dramatically in value (as has been the case with Bitcoin) or dramatically fall in value (as was the case with Ripple last year). You could make a lot of money investing in DOGE coin or another popular cryptocurrency, but you could lose a lot of money. On top of this, there are added risks such as having your cryptocurrency hacked or falling victim to a glitch. For this reason, you need to be careful as to what you invest.

    Forex trading has its risks too but tends to be a more stable form of investment. Real world currencies are less prone to huge fluctuations in value - any rises or falls tend to be more gradual and easier to predict. You’ve also got more laws in place to protect your investment.

    How much money do you have to invest?

    You should also consider how much funds you have to invest. Cryptocurrency exchanges tend to require very small deposits make it possible to invest your spare change if you don’t want to make a big investment. There are fees to consider when using a crypto exchange, but these tend to be fairly low. 
    Forex trading often requires much bigger minimum deposits (usually around $100). There can also be bigger fees while trading - although this depends on the broker you’re using. Consequently, forex is better suited to those wanting to invest larger amounts. However, you don’t have to be rich to invest (a common myth that puts many people off).

    How much leverage do you need?

    You can expect a very low amount of leverage when trading via cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that you can’t borrow as much to invest when you haven’t got the available funds. This could stop you losing as much, but could also prevent you making as large gains.

    When it comes to forex trading, the leverage offered by brokers is much higher. This can make it possible to take advantage of changes in price by using capital. This could mean greater wins (but also potentially greater losses). 

    What trading hours are best for you?

    Cryptocurrency can be traded at any time. This can offer more flexibility for people who want to buy and sell at the weekend, although it also means that you have to be on the ball 24/7 when it comes to changes in value.

    You can similarly trade forex 24 hours per day but only on weekdays. Some people may find this restrictive, although others may enjoy being able to take a break at the weekend. 

    Why not both?

    A lot of long-time forex investors have been giving crypto trading a try. Similarly, many crypto traders are now starting to branch out into forex trading. With access to both markets, you may be able to reap the benefits of both of them, while also reducing the risks by diversifying your portfolio. 

    Sunday, 2 May 2021

    Forex Weekly Setups, 3rd May To 7th May 2021

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    We are in the Month of May, bringing us to a bullish dollar according to the Forex seasonal data on Barchart DXY Data. this prepares us to study closer for buy signals on the dollar index  and benefit from the bullish dollar.

    Fundamental Analysis
    Looking into this week we are expecting a lot of Fundamental activities as most nations will be giving their fundamental data based on last months financial activities and performance. our fundamental outlook for this week is as follows

    Want Me To Help You Become A Better Forex Trader?

    Get a Premium Membership Today and receive exclusive member-only content including one to two new videos every day. 

    Employment Change q/q (NZD) - We are expecting a bullish NZD based on the countrys economic recovery from the Covid 19 virus. 

    Employment Change (CAD) - Awaiting Market Forecast....

    Unemployment Rate (CAD) - We expecting a bullish CAD based on the country's economic recovery from from the Covid 19 virus.

    Nonfarm Payroll (USD) - We are expecting a bullish USD as the given forecast is very low compared to the average range. we expect a value above 1000k, if below it will cause a strong sell on the dollar.

    Unemployment Rate (USD) - We expecting a minor impact as the forecast is too close to the average value.

    Technical Analysis
    Last week we saw the market closing with the dollar index closing in a bearish note which saw a strong selling pressure of more than 100pips on EurUsd and GbpUsd pairs respectively.

    The Dollar Yen pair managed to close on a bullish run last week which has given the pair an upper hand and currently heading towards the trendline support, we will be looking forward to an reversal move to the downwards before making more buy entries.

    The Euro has been having an upper hand above its competitors before its had a quiet negative GDP growth for the past month which saw a very strong selling on the Euro and The Pound. we are currenty waiting for price to continue going down this week.

    Gold has been in a bullish Trend the past weeks after it has found a support on the trendline confluence, we are currently bullish on Gold.

    The Pound Dollar pair will experience a lot of votality this week as this week will be impacted by a number of fundamental releases on the pound and on the dollar, we currently on a bullish run on the pound unless price breaks below the trendline.

    We believe that these weekly setups will help you improve in your trading, we highly recommend that you use proper risk management in all your trading.

    Friday, 30 April 2021

    EurGbp Potential Bullish Trade Setup

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    The Euro and The Great Britain Pound pair has been in a bullish trending market in which we have seen prices continue pushing up in the past weeks. 

    Recommended Page:  Forex Retail Sentiment

    Technical Analysis
    We are expecting the continuation to the upside as price has formed a Bullish Engulfing candle on the support of the Trendline which gives the market a strong support for for the bulls.

    We have been holding buys from yesterday 29 April and we are planning on adding more position on this trade setup. Please use proper risk management in all your trading 

    Tuesday, 13 April 2021

    Remembering That People Are Still The Heartbeat Of Modern Business

    Sandile Nkwanyana

    At a time when online business is growing and human interactions are at an all-time low, it is easy to overlook the power of people. However, when you manage a business, it’s important to remember that people are still the nucleus of your operation.

    Computers and automation can handle many aspects of the business. Nonetheless, without people, productivity and profitability simply cannot materialize. Remember to focus on the following people within your organization, and you won’t go far wrong.

    The Entrepreneur (YOU)

    First and foremost, you should not overlook yourself. You are the brand’s biggest USP and will be the captain that steers the ship to either success or failure. Maintaining a positive mindset will be vital, which is why knowing how to deal with stress should be at the top of your agenda. Not least thanks to the new challenges posed by the post-pandemic era.

    Creating a comfortable workplace surrounding is pivotal while hiring the best employees can put your mind at ease too. Technology can certainly aid the situation too. Aside from using automation, you may want to use emails and team project software. This can remove the need for distracting team meetings. Instead, you can focus solely on your work.

    The world of business evolves at a rapid rate. So, you must also invest heavily in your personal development. From courses in leadership to staying up to date with the latest industry news, your continued growth will lead to sustained success. If nothing else, your capacity to achieve greatness sets the tone and filters down throughout the business. 

    The Workers

    As a business owner, you learn that it’s impossible to do everything with one pair of hands at a very early stage. When recruiting employees, it’s important to analyze their personality traits as well as their skills and experience. Aside from impacting the motivation levels, their characteristics will influence client experiences. Remote workers can be used too.

    Assembling a great team sets a winning platform to build upon. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep employees at the forefront of your thinking at all times. Encouraging positive working relationships with all colleagues is vital. It is a process that should extend to stamping out workplace bullying. A strong employer-employee bond and tutorship should be enjoyed too.

    Embracing the human element is key. A small drop in hydration levels can impact attention levels, but a water cooler and coffee machine will solve this. Investing in staff growth and creating a clear path to promotion will also boost individual motivation. You should also let them work with autonomy. After all, you hired them for their expertise. Use it.

    The Financial Backers

    The harsh reality of modern business is that you cannot achieve anything without capital. Even in an era where some company models can work on a shoestring budget, some money will be needed. While backing your business with personal savings is an option, it’s not a viable solution for everyone. Knowing how to raise funds elsewhere is vital.

    This guide to building a watertight business plan may open the door to business bank loans. However, they are notoriously harder to gain than in previous generations. Therefore, you may want to look at private backing or the prospect of crowd funding. The second of those options involves getting lots of small investments, often as a form of pre-ordering products.

    Whether looking for a private investor or crowd funding, human emotions are vital. If people are invested in your personal story, it can influence their decisions. Likewise, if the business can play on empathy or focus on something they care about, positive impacts will follow. With capital, you can actually afford the tech features needed in the daily running of the firm.

    The Customers

    Bag, Buying, Carry, Customer, Cute, Female, Girl, Happy

    A successful  business will rely on a wide range of factors, sadly, none of the other

    components will matter if you do not build a strong client base. It is the customers who ultimately have the casting vote on whether the company sinks or swims. Crucially you must accept that you cant please everyone. Adapting products and ads to suit your niche is key.

    It takes seven interactions to gain a sale, which is why building valuable relationships is vital. These GDPR consent form examples will help you focus on data capturing. You can subsequently use automated marketing streams such as targeted emails. Personalized engagement keeps your brand fresh in their minds, and can encourage future purchases

    Customers need to trust the brand. Adding good customer care facilities, whether automated or through outsourced support will help. Asking for their opinions can also be telling as the data allows you to make calculated choices. You can add value through content creation too. Brand awareness can lead to increased conversions and total spending.

    The Advocates 

    Keeping customers happy with smarter marketing and customer care often brings long-term loyalty. However, the majority of consumers will look for vindication from outside sources. This is where your existing clients can become your greatest asset in the war to win new fans. The power of recommendation is truly telling.

    If people love your brand, they will be happy to tell others about it. You can allow them to do this by having a Google My Business page or using testimonial platforms. Running a competition or offering a discount to people that provide a positive review can bump up the number you gain too. Your brand’s reputation will soar as a direct response.

    Another top trick is to introduce an affiliate scheme. Aside from getting people to tell their friends about your company, many of them will create content for social media too. This helps bring your brand to life without any extra effort on your behalf. Better still, you only pay the marketers on a commission-based model, which removes any financial risks.


    Technology, products, and a host of features will contribute to your success. Nonetheless, without strong human connections, none of those issues will matter. Learn to refocus on the human touch, and your business should enjoy a new lease of life in no time.


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