watch the clock ; do what it does. keep going.

watch the clock ; do what it does. keep going.

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Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

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Monday, 21 January 2019

Forex Weekly Setups, 21st January till 25th January 2019

Sifiso Nkwanyana
This is the very first of our weekly trade idea article to be published on our website in 2019 which is a year which we looking to create more successful traders through our world class forex education.

This pair is currently doing a small retracement to 0.71110 before it reaches our sell entry zone up at 0.72990 before we take on sell positions.

We have been calling a long term buy on this per from the first day of the month and we have seen some good activity as the market has completed a 100 pip plus movement and currently the markets are retracing back to the second buy entries order block zone at 109.150, please look for possible buy opportunities towards that level.

NzdJpy has been having difficulty recently with breaking out of the 73.580 and 74.180 zone in the previous weeks and we will await a Daily close above 74.200 before adding any buy position, kindly note that we have a strong buy on the pair which we expect to reach as far as 81.350 which is 800 pips away from current levels.

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One of the pairs that we looking to buy this week is EurJpy with the market being able to close and retest above the resistance which gives a good indication of a possible buy opportunity to happen this week.


Gold Spot has show some bearish movement on the Friday Closing daily candle which we see much likely to be a false sell off in the market to capture most of the retail traders in the market place, Please note that Gold is heading up towards 1344, we will confirm a buy entry soon in our Premium Signals Group.

We wish you a great trading week and most of all please stick to proper risk management at all times.for any questions and views on these setups please contact us on the comments box below.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

NzdJpy Up Target Remains 81.320

Sifiso Nkwanyana

What a good way to end the week with most of our Trade positions running in good profits excluding AudChf which is expected to get back to profit as it stands at -10 pips as it slipped from profit zone.

Most of the Japanese Yen Quote Cross pair are expected to reach new highs with UsdJpy reaching as far as 114.450 which is the trade we will be announcing soon in our Forex Groups.

NzdJpy is heading up towards 81.320 as the market has made a false break into the previous trendline as it retested in during the last days of December leaving a very strong pin bar, the Pin Bar that formed on the pair shows the rejection of lower price levels as the market failed to stay at these lower levels and pushing back above the trendline which gives us more reasons to continue buying the pair.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Forex Weekly Setups, 24th December To 28th December 2018

Sifiso Nkwanyana
This week will be one of the less volatile week as we having Christmas tomorrow despite the volatility we have seen this morning on the USD paired currency pairs, lets take a look into this weeks forecast.


EurAud has been pushing high in the previous weeks since the AudUsd failed to break above 0.74000 major resistance area causing other AUD paired currency pairs to face some huge volatility. on the pair last Friday the markets created a bearish engulfing candle which was a false sell setup at the optimal trade entry level, we are looking for sell opportunity at the BAT level. 


The Canadian Japanese Yen pair has been widely affected by a number of Fundamental Factors affecting both Canada and Japan, The yen has gained magnificent strength while the CAD has shown losses with USDCAD breaking this years highs.

XauUsd (Gold)

Its just a few days before Gold Spot gets above our 1297 which we have marked as our first buy target in our previous weekly setups article, we looking for price to further reach 1345 as of our current setup as last week price shown a long buy opportunity on the pair buy failing to break back below the fib 50.0 region.


We having a bullish run on the EurNzd, we looking at 1.76000 as our current target which is 600 pips from the current price levels.


Price has pushed back down to back towards 0.70500 which acted as a very strong support level in the previous weeks, we will be looking to buy at any reversal trade setup pattern formation. ouur target upside is 0.76750

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, wish you the best this Holdiadys. Ensure that you are a part of the Ajaxsurf Premium Signals groups as we have 6 days left to join our Premium Group Life Time membership at R500 . Join now and allow us to help you become a better trader.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Forex Weekly Setups, 17th December To 21st December 2018

Sifiso Nkwanyana
We believe that you all benefited from our last week trading forecast as we looking more into this week forecast as the market will be affected by a number of fundamental factors which we will be looking to invest a lot in. ensure that you in the premium group to get all entries in time.


This setup as a bit difficult but we will be looking for a possible break towards upwards on the trendline, we still have 0.75750 as our upside target. 


It has been our most profitable trade last week as we had to use this setup on trading the US retail sales, we looking to close our sell positions on 112.620 which is our first exit on this trade, we will confirm on certain retracements for further sell opportunities.

Previous Setup

Gold has been on an upward move since we gave our Gold buy setup three weeks back, we looking for price to reach 1297 after a break above the 1250 resistance level.

Previous Setup

US Dollar Index
The Dollar has been failing to find its ways above 97.75 recently as it has found a very great resistance towards this region, we have seen it break above this years highs on November and selling at a great rate which shows the institutional selling ability at that level.

We wish you the best Trading this week.We thank you for going through our weekly forecast, please note that we running a special on our Life Time Forex Signal Service. we have dropped life time signals offer from R1500 to R500 please visit our signals page to join.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Forex Weekly Setups, 10th December To 14th December 2018

Sifiso Nkwanyana
We had a beautiful week close as we banked huge profits on the Nonfarm Payroll and the Canadian employment data, this week we may look to see possible completion of the previous news movements or retracements in certain pairs.

The Dollar Yen pair has been trading in a range area in the previous weeks, we currently looking for the pair to reach the bullish order blocks at level 111.600 before having to continue with the bullish price trend. currently  we looking to sell UsdJpy at 113.620

On this pair we currently holding long term buy positions as we entered earlier at 73.000 which plus 500 pips away from the current market price, we are looking for further move to the upside. this is well analysed and we will continue until our measured target is reached


The South African Rand retrace significantly from last week despite the weaker US Dollar news release, we will be looking for price to continue with retracements until it reaches our next selling zone

This is a good selling opportunity for AudChf, please use proper risk management.


Th GbpCad has allowed us to bank some good money and we are looking to bank more on this bullish setup as we have an inside bar at the support which is indeed a good buying opportunity on the pair.


We have been holding from last week, we hold until we reach 0.97800
Previous Setup

We thank you for going through our weekly forecast, please note that we running a special on our Life Time Forex Signal Service. we have dropped life time signals offer from R1500 to R500 please visit our signals page to join.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Midweek Forex Setups and The NFP

Sifiso Nkwanyana
The market has shown a lot of reversals this week as we are having some very strong fundamental releases, big moves have been seen in pairs like the AudUsd and UsdChf and the other related Forex pairs. we have taken a closer look at this price action to work out the possible outcome of the today's Non Farm Payroll  and the Canadian Employment change data.

We are highly expecting a very weak US Dollar this December based on the seasonal Tendency data and also based on the previous months outcome which gave us a huge number of people on the US Employment data, we are expecting a drop towards 170k which will give an upward boost to pairs like EurUsd and AudUsd.

Trading the Cad will be a little difficult as our fundamental strategy does not give a clear indication but its shows a very huge move coming in the Canadian pair but most importantly the UsdCad will likely to move the most today. 

A beautiful Head and Shoulder pattern builds

The EurUsd has been ranging 1.1300 and 1.14450 in the previous days and we looking to buy the pair as price currently broke above and retested the trendline.

On the XauUsd price broke up towards the upside and we looking for the upward move to continue during this news event. we will be holding our positions on this pair as we are trading the dollar weakness this Nfp.

Previous Setup

Please trade with care and always apply proper risk management in all your trades. to open a trading account please click on the link below and start trading with us.

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For questions please contact us on the comment box below and we will assist you where possible.

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