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    watch the clock ; do what it does. keep going.

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    Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

    Success is solely based on your desire to achieve it

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    Sunday, 24 November 2019

    Dollar Swiss(USDCHF) to reach new Highs

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    The dollar has gained momentum during the beginning of the week as of this weeks weekly Forex article. Looking at our analysis on the dollar together and the USDCHF pair we have came to a conclusion of an continued upward move in the dollar base pairs.

    We have profited a lot on the dollar strength during the week and based on our analysis we have a very high probability of seeing further strength on the dollar index. below we have the dollar and the USDCHF technical setups.

    100% Bonus

    Dollar Index Analysis

    USDCHF Analysis

    Balancing Trading with work and Studies

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Trading the market can be difficult if one has not sorted their issues of balancing Forex Trading and the issues of work and family. Forex trading is one of the most important skills that one should master as it has a very high income probability in which one can use as an alternative to make extra money.

    Forex Trading Can be done  Part time, Trading the Forex Market does not necessarily mean one should quit a job to do it professionally.

    100% Bonus

    How to Balance Forex Trading with Work, Studies and Family?

    Trading the market requires a skill to buy time, not time for profit meaning its all about executions and targets which means as a trader you do not necessarily need to be glued to your screen but wait for perfect trading conditions.

    Trading is not supposed to affect your work or family life but it should be an income alternative for you and your family. trading will only become a very bad disturbance when you are doing it the wrong way.

    Keep Your Trading Simple

    Trading is a very simple way of making money, it is not as complicated as people make it to be as some of us trade for like six months and be able to profit in all transactions with zero percent loss in any of our managed accounts. the secret to our trading success is keeping it simple and opening positions at the right time and price levels.

    Entry is Important

    The market is all about institutional order and that has to get into the mind of every trader that looks forward to being successful in their trading journey, the market does not work in trends as most of you have learned. trading is all about finding the perfect trade entry level

    Sunday, 17 November 2019

    Forex Weekly Setups, 18th November to 22nd November 2019

    Sifiso Nkwanyana
    This has been a very profitable month for most of our students who have been trading with us in the previous months

    Fundamental OutLook
    This weeks we have two news event opportunities to trade which are as follows.

    1. CPI (CAD), On Wednesday we looking for a Bullish Impact on the Canadian Dollar as the given forecast is very far below the Estimate Average Range.

    2. Core Retail Sales (CAD), On Friday we looking for a Bullish Impact on the Canadian Dollar as the previous value and the given forecast is very much below the Estimate Average Range.

    Technical Setups
    Below is a couple of setups by our skilled team of traders, irrespective to our success rate please remember stick to a proper risk management in your trading.




    Usd Index

    Tuesday, 1 October 2019

    Non-Farm Payrolls Review

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    This week we having the Non-Farm Payrolls(NFP) which we will be getting the United States Employment data which will give us a much clear direction on the dollar this October. we have many speculations on the dollar based on the current position of the dollar index as it currents sits just above level 98 which is the highest level in 2019.

    The dollar has gained strength after the market has opened as opened on Monday and has dropped 80 pips on Tuesday and and we expecting another continued drop on the dollar index before to setup good buy opportunities ahead of the bullish NFP event.

    The Non Farm Payrolls Fundamental Overview

    On the image below is the non-farm payrolls historical data with the Estimate average range at around 170k, on the image below we have the previous in bold as 130k which is too low than the average range based on the historical charts data with forecast also very low below the Forecast based on our Strategy which means the dollar will get a lot of strength during the event.

    To Learn more about our Fundamental Strategy please visit :  Ajax Fundamental Direction Strategy

    Our View on the NFP is a bullish dollar which means dollar Base pairs USDXXX will be bullish and the dollar quote pairs  XXXUSD  will be bearish.

    We believe that this will help you trade the event more profitably as this strategy yields over 90% success rate in all fundamental events we have traded. we will further add a technical overview to this post on Thursday

    Recommended ways to become a Profitable Forex Trader

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    winning in the markets is a current struggle that majority of traders are facing worldwide, with so many new strategies being developed and thousands of robots being added to the market has made a most profitable career a much difficult career. I am sharing with you important things and routines that you should follow to help you become a more productive trader in this flooded market place.

    Winning is not much based on a certain strategy but it is based on how you trade, On September I have achieved a 100% success rate in more than 20 positions I opened using my strategy but at the other hand you may find a trader losing with the same strategy, and that is a reality that you cannot ignore. In this article I have shared ways that traders can follow to improve their trading.

    Keep it Simple

    you should not complicate your trading, trading is very simple and complicating it can really cause you problems as a trader, having charts and a 

    Plan Your Trades

    Stick to a trading plan and always prepare on weekends for setups that you can trade when the markets open

    Choose your Mentor Carefully

    Choosing a trader to follow is very difficult, the traders on the spotlight mostly are mostly not good traders at all, these guys are dream sellers who promise people success in trading while themselves cannot trade, they mostly in instagram and they make money on Classes and they hardly posts trade setups on their channels.

    Recommended Article- The Reasons Why A Majority Of Traders Fail

    Master Trade Entry and Exit

    Knowing when to enter a trade position and not when to enter a position requires a high level of discipline and understanding of institutional order of the market. as a trader it is your duty to know the right time for making trade entries, opening the charts does not necessarily mean you must open or close a trade position, as a trade you must have a technical or a fundamental reason for everything you do in your trading account.

    Trade entry is done on a valid reason, you do not enter a trade because you think the market will go up or down which is one of the biggest reason why most traders dont make money in the markets. the market is very tricky as a lot of false moves get to happen in the markets causing a lot of traders to get trapped into losing trades.

    Use Proper Risk Management

    Risk Management is important in any business as it is in trading, no matter how good is your strategy, you will definitely lose money if you dont have a good risk management, learning how to control risks is a must for any trader out there despite their skills.

    Risk Management is clearly an issue as there have been traders who have been promoting the use of high risks in trading which is a very bad thing to promote in trading the markets.

    Cue Banks takes over USA Through WSA

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Successful Forex Trader Quillan Roberto Black well known as Que Banks is the founder of Wall Street Academy(WSA) based in the United States of America which has played a significant role in the trading lives of many american citizens involved in Forex Trading.

    He started trading out of his passion for Forex as he saw it as the best way of getting to reach his goals as he never believed in the 9 - 5 employment system, he started his account with $1000 USD which he was able to accumulate a profit of $800 in his first week of trading which motivated him to further invest in his trading passion by leaving his job to become a full time Forex Trader.

    Who is Cue Banks?

    He was born in Mandeville, Jamaica where he did his schooling, in 2011 at age he was able to get a work permit to the United States of America where he got his first job at which he was paid $8.50 USD per hour which helped him startup his trading career.

    He started trading as stock trader until in 2013 he was introduced to Forex Trading which was a big turnaround in his trading career as he found the market as in 2015 he started getting involved in trading the markets where in he worked in partnership with his friend and trading partner Ryan Gilpin.

    Cue Banks and Ryan Gilpin

    Wallstreet Academy Mentorship

    Cue Banks worked with his partner Ryan Gilpin who worked out a Forex Trading institution in 2016 which they named Forever in Profit(FIP) which has taught over 3000 students from 2016 which has helped a lot of traders from USA and Canada.

    Wall Street Academy Class

    In 2016 Cue Banks was involved with Astro Fx a London based Forex Company owned which is owned by Shaun Lee and Aman Natt where he worked with this pair as a mentor in the trading company where taught students and contributed heavily on on the Astro Fx website by sharing setups on pairs like UsdJpy.

    Cue Banks worked with Astro Fx till 2017 where he left the company and started his own company Wallstreet Academy which was able to teach over 750 students in his first year, and the number has increased drastically these past years making him one of the most successful traders in the united states.

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