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  • Sunday 15 September 2019

    Shaun Lee Powell the London Forex Trader

    London based Forex trader Shaun Powell who has magnificently changed Forex trading industry in the United Kingdom and other European countries through his company Astro FX in which he partners with Aman Natt the Co founder of the company in providing high end quality Forex education to his students.

    Shaun started his trading journey in a difficult way as he had difficulty making profits from his trading accounts which made him to work harder in chasing his Forex trading goals until he was able to find a trading partner Aman Natt who he has been working with in his trading journey and since their partnership has yielded positive trading results.

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    in 2016 he opened a small office in Birmingham, United Kingdom where he worked in partnership with his close friend and trading partner Aman Natt where they were able to create a name for themselves as their office was flocking with a huge number of clients that would travel weekly from around the world to learn from the duo.

    Shaun lee and Aman Natt
    Aman Natt & Shaun Lee

    His company Astro FX was able to get global recognition as their work was impressive to many Forex traders around in which their online YouTube program Technical Tuesdays was able to get over 600 000 views weekly which made them a household name to many traders around the world.

    Shaun Lee and the Astro Fx team traveled around the world to do Forex workshops in top following countries which include United States of America, Malaysia, Turkey, Canada and South Africa  in which they visited the following cities Cape Town, Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, Toronto and Istanbul for workshops in which students were charged a £1000 fee which is 60% off from their £2500 original training course.

    Shaun Lee doing a workshop in USA

    Shaun Lee has faced a lot of critics from a number of traders online who claim that he makes majority of his income from the expensive Forex classes he does, but he was able to withstand the critics as he challenged the traders by taking a trading account from $4700 to $1 Million USD in a challenge where he broadcasted the progress of the account on the MyFxBook website.

    Shaun Lee remains one of the few traders who would not mind showing his profits online as he had shared a number of profitable trades in his YouTube and Instagram videos. his following has increased magnificently in which he had to upgrade to a much bigger office in Mayhem, London which is one of the most expensive real estate in Britain.

    Shaun Lee Trading Style

    Shaun lee is very much of a technical trader as he had been heavily involved in technical trading and had played a major role in making traders aware of the power of trading using technical analysis and clean charts, he has founded everythingfx with his partner which is a website where they share their technical analysis.

    Shaun Lee Using Technical Analysis

    Shaun Lee Cars

    The trader owns a variety of vehicles which includes a Mclaren and a Range Rover Sport.

    Shaun Lee is one of the most followed Forex Traders as he has a huge following on Instagram and Facebook where he uses the name King Shaun Lee, he posts regularly on his social accounts he shows off his cars, expensive jewelry, travel vocations and his trading lifestyle. Shaun Lee is one of the successful traders around the world with his networth not estimated to be around $30 million.

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