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  • Thursday 27 November 2014

    Lil wayne diagnosed with cancer

    Lil wayne diagnosed with cancer

    Lil wayne diagnosed with cancer
    The news are never ending about the health of Lil wayne as there has been a speculation saying that he has cancer , many find it it hard to believe if the speculation is true as he has announced that his latest album will be his last release in his music career . It is infact a very hard time such that a successful rapper as lil wayne can drop the mic out of nothing which has caused many of his fans to have thoughts about his health condition.

    The sadiest news has came out as  the Hip hop industry as the New Orleans rapper and hip hop legend Lil Wayne had made a very shocking announcement in a press conference that he has called yesterday about the his health condition.
    Lil Wayne who seemed to have lost a lot of weight had reciently told his fans that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer and his docters has said that his cancer  had reached stage 4 and he had only five weeks to live .

    his docter confirmed that in the beginning of the month the rapper  has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer meaning that there is nothing that they can possibly do to save him at that stage because the cancer has spread all over his body.
    The reason that made the discovery to be late is that the scanners used to scan his body were not able to to detect the cancer as his body contained 80% of tatoos , the scanners were only  able to detect the cancer at stage 4  which was too late said Lil Wayne's docter.
    The rapper has expressed his love for his fans, wanting them to know the truth about his private life and he wishes to spend his last moments with his music crew and friends.

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