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  • Friday 28 November 2014

    10 Ways to Increase Traffic FromGoogle Without Building Links

    Building backlinks has been one of the best ways that one can use to get traffic from search engines , whether your blog is a low profile blog but building links can make your blogger blog to achieve great.

    Backlinks have the ability to give your site good rankings as it will use the other sites that you have linked to your post . Please dont try to depend on backlinks because they are never as good as the site content and that is why I have shared this with you so that you could benefit from your content. Content is the engine of the internet as it is also motivated that your site should have enough content for you to get adsense approval as stated in their policy and their violated content policy.
    This tells us that content means a lot to a website or blog. I  will recomend that you backlink with top sites because these sites are very likely to bring you a lot of traffic but make it that your content is sufficient for good search engines . A good ranking will depend on the performance of your site .

    10 Ways to Increase Traffic From Google Without Building Links

    • Write unique content posts

    As explained above content is key when it comes to good engine ranks and note that you are not the only blogger that is trying to produce a content post but you are among thousands of bloggers that have written about the the topic but the best content topics will  likely to rank more than any other post on google.
    Writing unique content posts is not as easy as most think but ways can be made to write possible writing posts. In my recent article I have shared ways in which bloggers can write high content post.

    • Write deep in depth posts

    The qaulity of the content matters the most when it comes to blogging , your content must be deep enough to produce your blog good results and a blog with such content is recommended top results always . In one of my posts I have shared that the richness,of the content will only depend on the quality of the post . One of the professional bloggers shared with me  that spelling errors are very bad that they can degrade your post and it is better to write correct blog post that has no meaning that to write a high content post with spelling errors. So guys please becareful

    • Improve reader satisfaction

    Google is a search engine that has a driving force of competition and their purpose is to satisfy their readers by giving them quality service and once a writer had revealed about how does google works to satisfy it users he simply said  'Google could see how satisfied users were.… The best sign of their happiness was the
    "long click" – this occurred when someone went to a search result, ideally the top one, and did not return.' And that will make google know that your site has the best content.

    •Reduce page load time

    As I have shared on the above post that user satisfaction is how search engines work and note that the amount of load time can have a bad impact to your site and that is why I will motivate that you try to make it as small as possible because nobody will enjoy browsing a slow website because really it is irritating. Google search engines are very less likely to put long loading sites to the top of search results irrespective of the site content . Google has also confirmed on their blog that load time can have a bad effect in your blog .

    • Use good graphs and images

    Images and graphs were not considered as a source of good content but google has later updated it servers such that they can they now consider graphs and images as good sources of content which means that your blog posts must have atleast an image or two which will support your content.

    • Smartphone SEO

    More than 30% of users on google use smartphones and with android , IOS and the other top browsers as Mac have made mobile SEO as the best practise that any blogger should take note and not ignore. Many websites have lost their faithful readers due to their lack of smartphone SEO because of the use of mobile unfriendly pop up ads which cannot be cosed , the type of template used is not working on smartphones, Buttons are too small for the mobile phone and The embedding of a video or gadget that does not show on mobile phones .

    • Improve user activity

    User activity is key to any blog, the  more the people participate on your blog the the greater will be the inerest from search engines , that is why you should try to make your blog readers participate in your blog as possible, using the Ajax surf blog template as an example we have used a lot of social buttons and subscription widgets to get as many readers as possible , the use of social buttons to mativate their participation.

    • International SEO

    I have discovered that most of my blog readers are not from the same country as I am , I believe the same is for your blog, which means your blog must be able to welcome any guest comfortable with your blog.

    • Set your blog to share post automatically to google+

    Google plus is the best social network that will show first in search engines since it is developed by google .

    • Link to sources to great sources as wiki .etc

    Linking to content in these sites can be the best method to boost your alexa rank . Alexa is one of the refering sites trusted by google
    Blogging is becomming  hard as new blogs are created daily and this has caused many developed blogs to loose readers but with the tips shared on this post, I guarantee great blogger success.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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