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How to get blog traffic with

Boost Your Audience
People are making blogs on different niches in order to monetize them and also to provide something special to the world. One can easily make his blog but driving sufficient traffic on it can be big matter. There are many tips that we use usually to increase blog traffic such as Social Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Guest Posting etc but what about using Blogging Communities to increase blog traffic? Blogging communities are also a great source to increase blog traffic and get quality readers. There are many blogging communities which we can use to drive traffic but seems perfect like all other blogging communities. Below, we’re going to discuss deeply about boosting blog audience with Get Blog Traffic.

Introduction To Blogging Communities

You might be hearing about blogging communities first time so let you know about them first. In simple words, Blogging Communities are places where bloggers from all across the world are gathered to get connected with fellow bloggers. By the help of blogging communities we can share creative ideas, get engaged, make conversations, share our blog posts, join groups, vote others posts and also learning new things from others.

What is and How To Get Traffic From it?

Get Blog Traffic is a blogging community where you can easily drive traffic to your blog and can also make quality dofollow backlinks from it. Named as “Blogging Community for bloggers – Get Blog Traffic”. It is specially made to share your quality content with world, Oh I didn't mean that there you'll need copy paste the whole content but you've just to share the link of your content/post. After sharing, people from all over the world will have a look on it and can make discussion about your content by giving comments, upvoting etc. This community also helps you to learn things from others.

If you're worrying about the content categories or niche then just through your tension away because this community supports every niche which means you can share your blog posts of any type. There is another interesting thing that you might like. When the posts are published by getting more upvotes in this community, then your post will go viral there because it will be listed on homepage where it will be in everyone's reach. So, always try to submit the special and unique content in order to gain more quality traffic and backlinks.

In order to start using this blogging community we should have an account there. Don't worry, the account can be created in seconds only. Just go there in the register page and open your account right now. Are you worried to fill up form? No not this time. You can easily signup up with your twitter or facebook.

Setting Up Profile

In order to get great result in using this blogging community we must setup our profile there. Below, I'll help you to prepare your profile and also let you know about functions there.
  • Profile Picture : Sign in to your account there and click on your username at top right corner. Some options will come so choose "Settings". First of all, There you'll see upload avatar options so upload your profile picture from there easily.
  • Modify Profile : On the same page, secondly you'll see modify profile section. There you can give more information about yourself such as Public Email, Homepage, Location, Real Name etc. This will make people realize that this is real profile not fake.
  • Social Accounts : Scroll down a bit, right after social accounts section will come up. You can link your social profile to this community just by pasting profile URL in the boxes. It will make people connected with you.
  • Display Settings : In the display settings, you can choose the language and also categories. Some categories might be irrelevant to you so can uncheck them to avoid getting them.
  • Change Password : So, here you can change password if you feel its necessary.

How To Submit Posts?

Once you've properly setup your profile there then it's time to submit posts and getting traffic and backlinks from there. Here is how you can submit posts effectively.
  • Go To GetBlogTraffic >> Login >> Submit
  • Now "Submit New Story" page will appear with asking for the URL. Here just put the URL in the box and click Continue. Try to submit quality content only.
  • Story Title : In this box, write the topic of story that you're submitting. Try to make it unique and also search community for this topic that it shouldn't be existing already.
  • Tags : Here you've to write tags that must be relevant to the topic and also separate every tag with comma.
  • Category : This drop down sections contains many categories. Choose the most relevant category.
  • Description : Here you've to describe the story that you're submitting. Try to write understandable, perfect and lengthy description (max 450 words) to get high traffic, backlinks and upvotes. It's important.
  • Captcha : At last, it's mathematical captcha just to verify that you're real human.
Once you've done all the things then hit the submit button. It may go for review but if you submit most quality content then there is no chance that it will be denied.

Upvotes Tips

In order to get more traffic from this blogging community, you need to make your post go viral, mean to bring to homepage. So directly you need upvotes for your post. I highly recommend below mentioned tips to get more votes.
  • Invite your friends to join this community and ask for help by upvoting your posts.
  • Make sure your friends are bloggers. Because bloggers have websites and they too need traffic. Right?
  • Also ask them to fill their profile settings with image, social media links, website and the rest of details to make account pure genuine. Fake accounts will be deleted by their automatic system.
  • Visit this community daily twice or trice for more engagement.
  • Regular commenting, upvoting , sharing will give more karma score. That will definitely help you to publish your posts. Because the good karma mean good authorship/trust.

Final Touches

So folks, that was our blogging community – Get Blog Traffic that we've reviewed today and I recommend everyone to join this community and participate in it as I'm also using this these days and helped in improving traffic. Don’t get panic if you don’t get traffic. Keep visiting and once your post gets viral you will see the changes. Another thing I want to tell you that try to read their terms and condition page for the best usage of this community. Have a problem? Feel free to leave your inquiry in comments and also share your views. Have a nice day!

Sifiso Nkwanyana

Author & Editor

I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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