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  • Friday 28 November 2014

    Best Ways to Make Money Online

    Best ways to make money online

    Making money online schemes have are all over the internet whereby we have seen true stories of some people that had made it through but many have lost a lot of money in such schemes and I will tell you that does are scams and the safest way to make money online is through blogger and wordpress . It is very true that it is not everybody that will make money online because it requires a lot of hardwork  and time. An understanding of search engine optimization can have a good influence to monetise your blog.
    I have worked out some of the best ways that I would motivate any blogger to follow in order to be able to monetise any blog.

    Make money online

    Money making tips for bloggers

    Advertising services

    Advertising services have been the best way to monetise a site, these services are very great for using your blog traffic to make money which means you only need to relax and your blog will do the rest . Google Adsense has been one of the greatest advertising networks that has been the best paying advertising service where publishers can earn anywhere up to $5 per click as they pay you per click, but getting approval is can be hard or you can use our approved plan to getting approval in which you can get approved within 3 hours .

    Adsense is not the only service that you can rely on but thanks to Bing and yahoo who joined to create a massive advertising gaint media.net which is a contextual advertising network. Getting approval is not very hard , your blog should at least have 1000 impressions per day and your site should have atleast 40% traffic from search engines. Then probably you should recieve an invutation .Intext Advertising services as Infolinks are one of the most paying services that you can use to monetise your blogger blog.

    Private Advertising

    You can make a lot of money on your blog by selling your advertising space to your readers, depending on your site traffic you can sell Advertising space at prices from $10-$1000 Per month , but that will depend on the agreement you made with your client . Selling Ad space is not very easy unless you promote or use advertising services such as Buysellads which is the highest paying network depending on the impressions that you got. Note that for you to get approval is  very important that your site can  reach up to 10 000 impressions per day.

    Affiliate programs

    Affiliate program are very great for monetisation, being an affiliate is simply selling products for other websites, it is more like promoting products or services.

    Making money online was easy but today it has become one of the hardest strategies to monetization but the smart are the most likely to survive in this game.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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