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  • Friday 2 December 2022

    The Big Lessons We Can All Learn After Causing a Car Accident

    Driving is one of those essential tasks that are invaluable, whether you are moving house, you’re running your business, or making a day trip, and most of us cannot get by without a vehicle in our lives. But we take it for granted, and that sense of responsibility behind the wheel can feel somewhat diminished, that is until we end up in an accident. Everybody has been involved in some form of accident, whether a minor scrape or a massive crash, but this is why, as drivers, we can all benefit from the big lessons that arise. 

    Know Your Rights 

    There are a number of different things that can occur after an accident, and we can be in a great degree of shock, but it's important to remember that we have specific rights. For example, a police officer needs to have a warrant before they can search your telephone.

    When it comes to the legalities of any car crash, no win no fee lawyers can provide you with invaluable support, and in addition to this, you also have the right to deny any medical care. When you understand your rights, it puts you in a better position to ensure that if it's something you have caused, everybody can potentially gain a satisfactory outcome. 

    It’s OK To Not Get Back in the Car Until You’re Ready

    Some people are of the opinion that you should “just get back on the horse,” but to do this requires you to go through a lot of internal processing. If you caused an accident, it is natural that you will think twice in terms of every little decision. You will replay that moment in your head thousands of times, and you will greatly regret what you've caused, which is why you don't need to get back into the driver's seat until you are ready. 

    Recovery takes time and this is why it's important for you to understand ways to function without a car in the meantime. Some people may tell you that what you are doing is not going to help you get behind the driver's seat anytime soon, but if you are the person who caused the accident, it's your prerogative to allow yourself the luxury of time. It allows you to process what has happened, and make peace with what has occurred. If we've ever caused an accident, the reality is that we may not be able to get out of the necessity of driving, but we shouldn't beat ourselves up if we feel more anxiety if we start driving after an accident. 

    Car accidents could have a wide-ranging impact if we ignore them, which is why counseling can benefit you. But the reality is that in terms of the things that we can learn from car accidents, for example, understanding that you will be shocked, that you should never be afraid to ask for help, and texting behind the wheel is stupid, the reality is that if you escaped a car accident, you've got the gift of life and this is something to be treasured.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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