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  • Thursday 17 September 2015

    Facebook Working on a 'Dislike' button

    The long waited for 'Dislike' button which many Facebook users have been waiting for, has been confirmed by the CEO Mark Zuckerburg as one of their plans for development.

    In 2009  Facebook was tempted by some users who were suggesting the company to bring out a "Dislike"
    Button which will look like an inverted like button. Facebook did not accept the 'Dislike' button because it was believed that the button would not sound good to other users as many may feel bad or harassed when their posts were disliked, but due to many requests by the social network users Facebook has no choice but to make the 'Dislike' button to all of the app users.

    This button is believed to be a disaster by many media houses as they believe that this button will not go well as other social networks have used it before but did not work very well as planned, this button will eventually cause a reduce on the self esteem of some users causing them to not post often on their walls as they might fear of getting more dislikes than likes.

    Mark Zuckerburg believes that the Dislike should not be used to express discouragement but instead it should be used to impress sympathy, not to make others feel bad about their post. The 'dislike' button is designed to show compassion not to show hatred or any form of disrespect towards other users. As Zuckerburg confirmed that with the dislike button they are surely not intended to turn facebook into a forum where users will like or dislike, but to use the 'dislike' button to show compassion.

    With the Facebook 'Dislike' button rolling out in the next months, what do you have to say about this great move by Facebook. Please feel free to leave your views in the comment box below.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

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