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  • Wednesday 16 September 2015

    How to Add Your Blog Sitelinks to Search Engines

    Having your the Sitelinks of your blogger blog or wordpress site listed on search engines can really increase the search traffic  of your blog by a high margin which will totally overcome your competition making your blog to appear the most in most keyword Related searches as your blog will appear like this on the Google home page with the links of your best blog posts appearing right under the meta-description of your site.
    On the Image represented below is the appearance of how your blog will appear with the sitelinks showing on the search engine.

    1 : The Normal Meta-description of your site in the normal way it appears on search engines.

    2 : The Links which will be under the meta-description, these links will help push the other sites down the search engine.

    Maybe you might have seen them in the sites you follow on search engines as they appear in a very beautiful way which definitely attract the user into clicking on the links provided on your site as it makes your site unique compared to the sites appearing on the search engines.
    Site links are probably internal links that are are chosen as the best to represent your site as they are the links that new visitors will click on to access your if it shows on the search results. The installation of these links will make it easier for the blog readers to quickly navigate to the sites most important posts on the blog.

    Reduces the Bounce rate of the Blog
    The bounce rate is greatly reduced by these links because sitelinks create a platform where readers get to trust yoursite simply because it is not every site that get links on the search results but only a few are given according to the amount of traffic they get.

    Higher visibility of Links
    There is a higher visibility of important links which will make it easier for your blog readers to easily buy products right from the search engine page, these links can be customized on the Google webmasters page.

    Definately make the competitors sites go down the results
    Sitelinks are very well known for making Sites appear more on the front page compared to competition pages on the first page of the search engine.

    Increases Alexa rank
    For you to have sitelinks on your site, the very first thing that you need to add is an xml sitemap which can be added on your blog through this tutorial and in some blogs it might have been automatically created by blogger for you, to see if your blog sitemap is setted up please copy this code below and paste it in your browser 


    Replace Example.com with your blog url and press enter to open the sitemap.
    If a sitemap with links is not showing then you will have to add it manually at .
    Once you have added the sitemap please try again on the webmaster tools and if it happens that your blog is not showing then you will have to check your blog search visibilty but as much as I am concerned every blogger blog created should have a sitemap.

    The Second most important thing that you must have is a Google Webmaster tools account  which you will use to create the sitelinks for your blog, setting up an account is easy as you will have to go to Google Webmaster tools  and submit your blog and an verify it from there but if you used the same email account as on blogger then automatically your site will be verified. Now click on the site and go to sitemaps and from there you will have to submit your sitemap which is like this ...
    If you have done the things mentioned above you will have to go to the tutorial below.

    How to Add blogger Sub-headings or Site links on Google Search Engine

    As mentioned in the above paragraph to get the sitelinks on your Blog is very easy as you as the blogger does not need to create any links but instead the Google search engine will automatically create the sitelinks for your site without you having to show any efforts.

    SiteLinks are not customized by humans but they are customized and Updated by Search Bots which means you will just have to add some inputs that will improve your blog Search Appearance. which will include things like:

    • Get a professional domain
    • Post Regularly
    • Increase your site content
    • Create Meta tags

    Once you have applied all the mentioned thing then you will have to wait for a week or two because it doesn't happen automatically but it will eventually take some time.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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