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  • Friday 18 September 2015

    How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur with James Sun

    Well today we have our host James Sun who works in hand with with Donald Trump as a finalist in the Donald Trump Tv series, The Apprentice. James Sun has been one of the entrepreneurs that are making things happen out there as they have been very much involved in different forms of businesses which has secured him even millions making him a famous successful entrepreneur.
    Today is we will be sharing some of the best tips for business success, which will save you from being an Entrepreneur into being an Entrepreneur.  Below are some success tips Recommended for bloggers and entrepreneurs that are looking forward to mastering innovation.

    Be Unique
    In your market don't try to be somebody but be unique instead by bringing something very different from your business competitors or else your targeted customers will find it hard to buy any of the products you may be selling.

    Learn to Sell
    Selling needs to be Mastered because as an entrepreneur selling is the primary thing that one may have to master in business, whether you are a CEO or manager but it is vital that you know how to sell.

    James Sun believes that Selling a product should need different strategies to get the product sold as he mentioned that the strategy that you used to sell your product to your first 100 customers should not be the same as the strategy you use to sell to the next 100 customers. Having discounts for the first customers are very much motivated to reach the wanted product success as it will get customers into purchasing your product.

    Master Innovation
    Innovation has been the biggest factor behind Apple, the company which was founded by Steve Jobs who has been one of the greateast leaders that have ever walked in the world of Technology.
    In reality the world is changing and as an entrepreneur the thing you should work hard on is mastering the change that is happening.

    The success behind many big companies is innovation and I will recommend it for your business, ecommerce site and blog.

    Make Use of day trading
    As an entrepreneur, you must be able to take the ups and downs of your company. A business will eventually face those challenges which one may think of giving up up instead of losing it all, but James Sun advises entrepreneurs to make use of day trading irrespective of what is happening in the one hour chart and the other small time frames in the Stock markets.

    As an invester I work a lot with charts and Forex currencies as a way of making profits from the markets. In most of my tradings I use the trend of the day and week charts to do long trades when I see a good investment opportunity. As an entrepreneur I would recommend you to have the same business approach as mentioned by James Sun.

    Recommended: Best Forex Trading Stochastic and Channel Surfer

    If you have mastered the vision of your business then you will have to follow that positive success channel into making real profits.

    Humble Your Way to Success
    Well nothing beats a humble person, whether you are the SEO of that company you have launched but that does not make any difference between you and the employee that helps keep your business running. The people who work together with you are you team, humbling yourself among them will motivate them to impress you.

    Always target more experienced Employees
    Nobody is the jack of all trades, as an entrepreneur you have to get more experience employees to help you carry out some tasks that could only be executed by an industry professional.

    Money Must be an important Factor
    The main purpose you started your business was to make money. If you a blogger you are following your passion until you get to make an income out of it or maybe you blog for the fun of it.

    You are not in this world to Impress people
    If you are an entrepreneur willing to make an income You got to understand that you are not in this world to impress people as James states that he was taught rule from Donald Trump that states "Be Slow to hire and be quick to fire" which he claims to be the best winning strategy for his businesses.
    I personally agree with this statement but I do value other people as a professional.

    Focus more on your market
    Know your market better before you could be able to expand your business because in reality there are many businesses running out there doing the same service as you do which is the reason why some businesses are not making any money. Try to master your market and focus on it until you start making real profits and then you can enter into another market to boost you revenue. Wish you the best business month.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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