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  • Saturday 12 September 2015

    Google and Twitter team up to Bring Instant Articles

    Google and Twitter team up to bring instant articles, which will be displayed only for mobile users.

    Recently Facebook, Apple and Snapshot have introduced an “instant article” feature which is designed to give instant articles to the site mobile users. This move by Google and Twitter will allow mobile users to get instant content delivered to their mobile smartphones without having visit the publishers sites.

    This move by Google will favour many bloggers and publishers online as the instant articles will be snapshots which will be taken from different online sources, this move has not found favour with some sites from around the world as it is believed that it will cause many sites to lose traffic as readers will not have visit the internet for articles but will have to read articles from snapshots.

    There are critics by many publishers as it will cost them a lot of revenue as readers might not be able to to visit the home pages of these sites, which will cause high drops of traffic.

    Publishers also had to criticize this move as Facebook introduced instant articles which caused many publishers to complain about this move by tech companies as they use Facebook and Twitter to get traffic, and with the introduction of instant articles many sites are to be affected.

    This automatic articles will not be branded or have any attributes on them but will rarely be snapshots that could be easily read by the mobile users.

    The plans of Google and Twitter are far more different than those by Facebook and Apple as they are have not stated about the revenue that can be given to the publishers as they will be using snapshots. The Good news about the Facebook instant articles is that publishers will get 100% of the Ad revenue generated by their content.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

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