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  • Saturday 12 September 2015

    Facebook will be turning Pages into an Online Mall

    The social media giant Facebook has made things easier for marketers and companies as they have made headlines as by turning the app into an estore.

    At first it was shopify which allowed users to promote product through facebook which was not a success, now Facebook pages will now have services and shopping section which will allow companies to easily sell both their products and services without leaving the social network.

    Facebook which is a home to over 50 million pages will now make things easier for page administrators by allowing them to sell on Facebook, this was tested by Facebook two months ago and the implementation has been confirmed by the company COO, Sheryl Sandburg. The company is believed to change the way ecommerce works as it will cause many clients to abondone many ecommerce sites into joining Facebook and using it to sell their services and prices.

    This will allow retailers to sell their products on Facebook and many other services such as plumbing, garden services and many other things will be easily done on Facebook. The new features are currently being tested by a group of retail businesses and some of the features will be released to Facebook in the next comming weeks.

    Facebook will surely takeover some blogs with this move as they will be adding some special estore features such as the "add to cart" , "Buy now" and the "donate button" which will allow non profit organisations to recieving funds directly from Facebook.

    Facebook is looking forward to improve the seller and customer relationship by including contact buttons which will appear on the page, Facebook as a social network will allow customers to contact, call or send messages direct to the retailers. This imptovements by Facebook are believed to improve the user rate of facebook as many bloggers and online retailers will be turning into Facebook due to its wide upcomming ecommerce services.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

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