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  • Sunday 13 September 2015

    People now spend most time using apps than watching TV

    Mobile users have taken over the internet recently which introduced mobilegeddon in April 2015 and now smartphones have taken another step into being very much more used than TVs in the past three years.

    It seems as the world is getting to a new technology phase as more people from around the world spend most their time on Apps rather than watching TV.

    In a recent report by furry they have confirmed that more US consumers spend much time using mobile apps rather than watching TV, as in the survey that was done in the beginning of 2013 till this time has shown a very huge improvement in the number of smartphone users. Please note that the time findings used on this article does not include the time used on mobile browsers but the time spend on mobile Apps. In the year 2013 the average time spent on mobile was 126 minutes , in 2014 the avarage time increase to 139 minutes and right now the average is sitting to 198 minutes on mobile Apps over 168 minutes spent watching TV.

    Flurry also notes that the it is very difficult to measure the exact figures as some people use Apps while watching Tv, making it hard for them to measure accurate results. But it is confirmed that TV usage is not decreasing but might increase as time goes as large tech companies like Apple are looking forward to creating internet and gaming TVs which are believed to boost usage in the upcomming years.

    The most used things on mobile apps is games as more mobile users have spent most of their time in buying more and more online games in such that the most ranked apps are games.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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