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  • Wednesday 24 June 2015

    The Future of Twitter Reviewed

    Is Twitter doomed? This is a question asked by many users online as the social network has not been performing very well which has resulted in a huge share price drop in the recent months years.

    Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey when he just sketched out an idea of a mobile SMS service that would be easily be used by mobile users which with the help of investors grew into being twitter which is now the worlds most active social network after facebook with over 200 million active users. The speculation about the loss of Twitter has been spreading around as many people wanted to to know what is happening on twitter which caused the quarter revenue details of Twitter to get leaked in April 2015 which has slamed the share price by over 18% which had made many websites around the world to had to think that Twitter is doomed !

    Yes probably I may agree with some of their points because twitter has been having slow growth related problems which made market watch to confirmed that twitter is the next giant social media company to follow blackberry smartphones fall, a leak of their net earnings have really cause a huge damage by revealing the slow growth and revenue which has caused a huge share fall making a lot of traders in the New York Stork Exchange.

    The Twitter stork drop has made many of the network fans to think that it is over with the social network as it has failed to show it ability of being the next facebook because of the rate of decrease in the number of new users signing up on the service. It is confirmed by Mashable that twitter has a very less number of active users which is about 255 million after it had a growth of 15 million users in the January-April 2015 period which has disapproved many people who thought the network was getting doomed, this move by twitter has shocked many as the company continued to grow irrespective to the problems they were having in the stock markets.

    Twitter is believed to make a revenue of over $1 billion in this year which is believed to grow over a few years to come as the social network is undergoing some improvements which includes Advertising, Twitter business and Ecommerce which is believed to incease twitter revenue to over 100% , Twitter is still fresh and has the potential of increasing from it current $25 billion market value back to $45 billion value it hard before the revenue leak.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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