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  • Friday 26 June 2015

    how to Add your Blogspot/Wordpress Blog to Google News

    Having your site listed on Google news is probably the best achievement that a site can get as it improves your blog traffic . Google News is one of the best traffic sources that a site can acquire on the internet because google doesn't just allow any site to to appear on Google news but they have a very few set of websites.

    Google News has been under looked by some companies as they don't think it brings then enough traffic , which I would say it is a bit crazy because Google has 25000+ sites which it serves with over 1 billion weekly visitor meaning that you stand a probability of receive a possible 40,000 weekly visitors from Google News which is probably a good amount of traffic which a site can get. If you looking for a way to rank better on search engines then Google News is the best source that one can use to get quality search traffic because most search engines tend to display the Google News posts above the search results which is an absolute guarantee for high quality search traffic.

    Sites that are featured on Google are most likely to rank much higher as they are very well indexed to rank better, therefore if your site has a bad rank on search Engines then you have to add it to the search engine drives which will make them recognize your site better compared to sites not linked to the search engine.

    Many professional SEO experts claim that sites that are included on Google are trusted by Google  and have a greater ranking potential compared to any other sites on the internet, being included in Google news will probably improve you site traffic and pagerank.

    How To Get Your Blog In Google News

    Getting a site included in Google news is not easy as they have a policy which guides the type of sites that they can accept into Google news.

    • Write unique posts with strict timely news publishing.

    Try to post regularly to at least three articles a day, which will keep the trend of your site moving because Google news is looking for professionalism. They only accept sites with activity and any site that lack activity and posts will not get indexed for Google news

    • Your Blog must be professional as possible.

    Google news will not just allow any website or blog for inclusion on it news service but they only allow high quality sites to rank on the Google news server, If you are still struggling in putting your site together then I will motivate you not to submit it until your site is professional enough for inclusion on Google news.

    If google news have about 25000 out of millions of news sites on the internet then that will mean that getting approval is not that easy but it will require your site to show some professionalism by having an info page that will display to the user all the information they might need from a site which will include pages like the About us Page, Disclaimer Page, Site Author info (mostly included on the About us Page), Privacy Policy, Advertising Page and most importantly the Contact Page which will allow you site readers to interact with your site through email and though other contact alternatives.

    •  Include a full info page about the blog authors.

    It is very important that you include a page which includes data about The authors of your blog, this very important to help the readers get an idea about who posts on the blog. Google news will also look at the posts that were posted by the blog author and if it happens that any of them is found to be violating the Google policy then the whole site will have face the consequence. Don't just make anybody a blog author but choose authors by their experience and reputation .

    • Your titles must be descriptive and at least contain a keyword about the article.

    Titles must be SEO optimized with keywords for better ranking, Google wants your site to rank on Google news therefore try by all means to optimize you site with title tags and keywords. As of Google your post title must be unique and also be in the same order as the article and Always try to use unique blog titles because Google news is more likely to filter articles with similar articles.
    The second most important thing you should consider when applying for Google news are the fonts of your post titles,sub-titles and post content.Your post titles must have a larger font than the post content and most important they must be above the article.Your news posts should have a reasonable amount of content and at least have 200 words per article.

    Have a News or Magazine Template on your Blog

    Your News Blog should have a Template that is very similar to other professional Google news sites as the search engine is definately looking for quality. Your Blog must be simple reader friendly, You Can buy News Templates for your News Blog on our Theme store at value of $ 10 which will Save 50% off the Normal prize, Get that template your blog and get Google to approve your site.


    These are The minimum requirements that you must meet in order to get approved for Google news, If it happens that your site meets the requirements for Google news please feel free to submit it to the Google news team for review and we be glad if you share with us the progress of your site.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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