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  • Saturday 27 June 2015

    Google plans to bring Free WiFI to the World

    The most interesting news ever as Google wants to bring free wifi to the cities around the World through its new Sidewalk company.

    Google has been trailing free ultra high speed wifi  to the New York city as an experiment to their plans to bring Free Wifi to the world through it branch, The Sidewalk labs with the hope to provide free public wifi to as many cities they can reach around the world. The company has founded the sidewalk labs as a part of this project as they will be dedicated to the success of this project.

    The main purpose of this project is not a mere sponsership to the world but it is just business as usaul to help boost the revenue that is made by Google Adwords as the wifi will be Ad supported which means when accessing the network you will see a skippable Advertisement before accessing the wifi network.

    These are the greatest moves made by Google as they will turn 10,000  big Apple Inc booths into Ad supported ultra high speed free WIFI to which will serve Ads to Billions of people around the world. This move by Google has the potential of making it the richest company in the world due to the amount of revenue that they will make from this project which will also help it retain it position as the the company with the highest market value after it overcame Microsoft in 2012.

    The booths that will be provided by The Google Sidewalk it is expected that they will have smarthphone recharging facilities, a touch screen information hub and also Free domestic call alowing people to intereact without paying any mobile charges.

    As confirmed by the Google CEO Dan Doctoroff that the vision of the project is to make cities  connected places whereby anybody on any city can be able to walk anywhere being connected to the internet. Which shows that the vision of the Sidewalk has a great potential than the Facebook operated internet.org website which provides free internt access allowing it users to browse selected websites without having to pay any data charges.

    Ajaxsurf is still looking forward into getting more about the project the Google Sidewalk project  and suppose you got info to share please let us know and we will really love to publish from you.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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