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  • Monday 29 June 2015

    All You Need to know about Online Identity theft

    Online Identity theft had became a big problem caused by scammers and fraudsters who want to achieve bad things from you.

    Is your blogger or wordpress password safe?
    this is a question that you should ask yourself as a blogger due to a huge widespread of internet fraud whereby scammers can easily steal your online passwords and banking details with ease.

    Identity theft is a common fraud as found by the FBI which anybody found guilty of will have to face the law enforcement, it is very crutual that you protect your online identity as we will be showing you some important things that one should consider in order to secure a much safer identity as the numbers of fraudsters and internet scams have been spreading at a very high rate, Just to share with you that my facebook account was once hacked in a painful way as I feared that I will lose all of my pages and groups that I was running which was a very painful thing that I faced but I was able to retain my account within 24 hours as I had a valid account recovery.

    Maybe it was because my password was simple because I used my second name which just made things a little more easier for the hacker. Today is an Infographic which I hope you will love which was shared by Katie who works for an ecogreen IT recycling company .

    Types of Identity Theft

    Identity theft victims are mostly internet users and people who have well known public profiles which makes it easy for internet scamers to access their information in a very simple way which you as a blogger, banker or a company manager will easily give your rights to any scammer online.

    • Social Networking
    Social Media is a big bait for many identity thievies as they can use it to get an opportunity to get your profile data because Facebook and Google+ displays your important data to anybody who is outside the network which will also include some scamers that may take chances with your profile.

    • Data Pharming

    Data pharming is actaully the worst part of identity theft, it is whereby a hacker will create a virus which will read the data of the user and at sometimes it happens that whenever you buy a product by pressing the link you will be redirected to a fake website which will save all your credit card data on a server which will in future be used by the scammer to make further payments online and buy products using your credit information.
    The best way to prevent this scam is by installing an anti virus software on your computer.

    • Phishing Schemes

    Phishing schemes are one of the most famous forms of identity theft as almost everybody have found themselves receiving spammy emails both on Facebook and on your email accounts with links that can be used to scam you.
    Phishing schemes uses site cookies to steal your online identity inwhich they will create fake websites which will be used to steal your passwords and banking details as you enter them on those sites. This type of Identity theft is very similar to  the one they use in social media except they use cookies.

    • Spyware

    Spyware is a very well known form of identity theft that any internet user has probably been a victim at certain times. A spyware is a type of malware that manages and reports the data of a computer which may include also passwords and sites visited by the victim. This type of malware can make your browser to automatically open fake websites and many other websites online.
    • Keyloggers
    This is also a spyware in the form of keyloggers which is also installed in the victims computer, this spyware will record all of the of the keystrokes which will be sent to the identity thief as a passwords, account numbers and credit. This type of software viruses are very dangerous because you can lose your blog or any kind of password managed company in very little time.
    • How to Protect your Identity
    your Identity will depend upon you as I have seen recently that on social networks you are know allowed to make your profile private instead of your public profile which means that your profile data will be hidden from other users which will help prevent spammers and identity thieves from accessing your online data.

    Infographic brought to you by katie from Ecogreen IT Recycling

    The other forms of protections can be done easily by installing a internet protection software which may come with an antivirus software as they help eliminate anykind of spyware that can be found in a computer.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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