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  • Monday 29 June 2015

    How to Increase Blog Traffic Through Blogger Outreach

    Blogger outreach is the best way to promote your blog online to as many people as possible because a Blog without constant traffic is not a blog until you find an audience that will read the posts that you post otherwise you will be writing posts that will be only read by only. Blogging is simply the best as it connects you to an audience and getting a larger audience to your blog is done easily with an aid of doing an outreach to the public and also to your friends on Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, work or at school. If you want people to support you you have to make them know about what you are doing, you will be amazed about their respond into helping boost your blogs traffic as they might passover the message to more people.

    Blogging is not easy when you do it alone, unless you are fine with your little traffic then it fine, but if you really want to improve your blog, you got to let people know about what you are offering to them. Let them know about your services, let them know about what you have to offer them because I have noticed that everybody in this world needs a blog to follow, whether the person is a business man, doctor, engineer, scientist or anything you will find them reading blogs or just having some blogs that they follow which is evidence to us as webmasters that people need blogs to follow and we have to reach out to them.

    Create a good relationship with influential Bloggers.

    Having a good relationship with influencial bloggers on your niche will boost your blogging experience giving you access to many blogging possibilities. A good relationship will not give you a good recognition towards other bloggers but will ensure that you get a recognition in search engines.

    Always try your best to get recognition in the industry that you participate in, because good recognition will expose you to special clients and readers who will play a great role in boosting your site traffic and revenue.  Having a good group of blogs around your blog can help improve your traffic an more importantly your blog , this trick does not come from Ajaxsurf but it is a golden rule for running any business as once a business man said "Your Network determines your Networth" which is the same with blogger.

    If you are blogging just for the fun of blogging then you just playing games because really nobody will take an un-professional blog seriously, you got to make it professional and respect your readers by all means. Being professional is not about being formal but it is about the quality of service delivery which includes all the template, posts, images and comments.

    Template Type

    The type of template used a blog plays a great role to both the blog readers and the clients as it defines the quality of your services, as a Blogger it is very important that that you choose the template that fully suites your blog rather then using a blogger default template which is strictly not profession and would really degrade your blog.

    The type of template used plays a great role to your blog so try to be serious with your readers at all times.

    Guest post on niche related blogs

    Guest posting is amazing as it creates you quick backlinks allowing to your blog great link juice which will improve the rank of your blog in search engines. Submission on web directories has a great influence on boosting a blog but that cannot stand at a level of doing guest posting because backlinks from other websites are much more effective than the regular high ranking directories because on Google they are considered to be "submission sites" backlinks but they can probably boost your Alexa rank.

    Guest posting will not only improve your rank on search engines but will also make you famous on the blogging niche winning you some more visitors into your blog who may later become the blog's loyal readers.

    Create a Facebook Page

    Facebook pages have grown at a very high rate as they have a high potential of increasing the visitor amount comming directly from Facebook. A page is a must have for a blog as it acts as a community behind the blog as it has a number of subscribers together with the other forms of other pages from other subscription services  which help will bolster the site user activity.

    Participation in Niche Related Forums

    Forums are the key parts of receiving potential loyal blog readers since most of the readers that come from the forums are mostly familiar with the blogging niche and if they happen to fing your blog as successful then they can end up subscribing to your blog.

    Promote Posts on Content services

    I have seen some blogs do marketing by simply advertising on content advertising services which will promote their content online on big sites like Mashable, CNN, Ajaxsurf, Techcrunch and all the other sites on the internet. The best service I would recomend for you as a blogger is non other than content.ad which is very affordable for any blogger that interested in successful Advertising.

    Doing outreach online is not as  expensive as it happens offline because online everything is done at very little costs, which can cost you less than $10 dollars as there are services that can offer up to 1000 clicks for $5 which is cheaps as it will get your blog moving, I have seen some bloggers buying links from link parties which is very dangerous for you as a blogger because it will ruin the reputation of your blog as Google the major search engine is strictly against these actions.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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