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  • Wednesday 24 June 2015

    Blogging Advise from Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington

    Techcruch is a multi-millionaire Technology Blog with more than 9 million monthly visitors, which started as a one man blog ran by Michael Arrington into being a leading blog in it niche.

    Today we I will be sharing with you Michael Arrington success secrets into successful blogging which had made made Techcruch a leader in Tech news.

    Make a follow up on Niche Related Rumours - following up on rumours will really help you to create a solid background for your blog and mostly upon that you have to respect your blog sources. The best way to get a hold of the common rumours is by getting involved with famous people on your niche will improve your blog as they will consider sharing stories with your blog and most importantly respect what they may require you in exchange.

    Have a Proper Sleep as a Blogger - Most Bloggers tend to sleep a very short time which is not healthy for their bodies as improper sleep will really cause a lack of concentration which will negatively affect the way a blogger works causing him not to post some posts at the best potential. Michael Arrington believes that bloggers should sleep for atleast 8 hours because he was once Admitted by his doctor due to a lack of sleep whereby the doctor recommended that he should start his day at 9am as he slept very late getting his blog running. But most importantly try to keep a healthy 8 hour sleep and don't "Die" because of blogging.

    Post on your Blog regularly - Posting on your blog is simply the best way to get your blog running and active as it will boost the reader activity of your blog. This will not boost only the reader activity but will ensure a good alexa rank for your blog or website which will help boost the public authority of your blog making it a huge success.

    Michael Arrington says the reward of posting regularly is to get the blog readers into commenting on your site which will boost the way in which your blog readers will be working on your site. This skill was also used by Pete Cashmore the founder of Mashable to make his site a masterpeace as it is valued at $300 million.

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    You will have Enemies online - In business there is always a potential for having enemies that would try to bring you down, Michael Arrington  has been having public enemies who would probably try to bring down your blog as they may fear that you are taking their blog readers but that should not stop you because you don't really need them and with or without them you can become a successful blogger.

    Upon receiving his threats he mentioned that at a certain public conference somebody spat on his face which made him not to blog for about a month until he evantually went back into blogging. So you got to know that enemies are always there.

    It hard to be a player and a coach - The greatest difficulty that  Michael Arrington has struggled with is playing two roles which is both blogging and coaching, I will highly agree with him because it comes out naturally, and learning to master both skills will require a skill.

    Develop good relationships with bloggers you like - Blogger and wordpress are currently the biggest platforms that are used by many professional bloggers which shows that there are many potential bloggers and bad bloggers. Choosing a blogger that fully understand the operation of your blog will really help improve your blog, because spamers are not just on spam websites but also on blogger there is a great number of spamers. Michael Arrington has made it clearly that he does not want to have any relationships with spamers.

    Having an interview with Michael Arrington has been very great for us as Ajaxsurf, please feel free to ask us some questions in the comment box below.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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