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  • Monday 16 February 2015

    The Google HTTPS Ranking Factor and SSL Certificates

    HTTPS Ranking Factor and SSL Certificates

    Late in 2014 Google has introduced a ranking factor which was to favour more HTTPS and SSL sites more than the standard HTTP sites . This was probably nothing more than a speculation to many bloggers and webmasters until Google confirmed it to the public whereby they confirmed that sites with HTTPS and having an SSL security will have their pages boosted in search engines.

    This Has caused many big internet companies to lose millions of dollars most probably Mashable which had a huge loss but have recovered as they have converted to the use of the https in the their giant blog. This type of algorithm has been seen as one of the fastest algorithms which are probably real time algorithms and they will use real time info to rank a site. Many bloggers have thought about changing from http to https which is quite not very easy to do on blogger but we are working on a way to help introduce HTTPS in blogger and most importantly introduce SSL certificates to help the readers rank better. But if you are using a good hosting service like bluehost you will probably see great results because your hosted site will be automatically be converted from HTTP to HTTPS and the good thing about them is their quality improvements to support you with a free SSL certificate for your site.

    What are SSL certificates and what effect they have

    SSL certificates are used to prevent hackers from hacking it your site. A site that does not have an SSL certificate can be hacked easily either by the source code or by it cookies .
    A webpage without a SSL certificate can expose a lot of private info to your blog competition which they can use to copy your blog which will cause its value to decrease. So as for know SSL certificates cost any price from $11 to $1000 depending on the level or the value of the site.

    The Differance between an HTTP and HTTPS

     HTTPS Ranking Factor and SSL Certificates
    It is quite true that many people are probably confused about the differance between HTTP and the HTTPS ranking factor which be clearly be stated in this post.
    HTTP simply stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol which is used to communicate different services and computers, probably the http is not secured as it makes your site to be hacked easily by hackers.

    HTTPS is simply an upgraded level of the HTTP which has a Secure Sockets Layer which is the best web tool that is used to secure website info from possible hackers.
    How to get SSL for Blogger and Wordpress .

    SSL Certificates
    Getting an SSL certificate is easy for Wordpress users as they will only have to upgrade their to Wordpress premium or you can use this tutorial from wpbeginner to help you get an SSL certificate for your blog and for Bloggers I will recommend that they get it from domain registars but they may charge extra bucks but I have good news because from May 2015 free SSL certificates will be available in blogger and also in all websites that are not secured.

    Free SSL certificates 2015

    In 18 November 2014 a company known as  Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced its project that is designed to bring free SSL certificates for bloggers and also for other websites. So Bloggers should not rush for SSL certificates because they will be free very soon, because there is also a non profit organisation that is know as Lets encrypt which will make SSL certificates free for all websites on the web.

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