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  • Thursday 12 February 2015

    How Long Does It Take For a New Site to Appear in Google Search

    Long Does It Take For a New Site to Appear in Google Search

    Many Bloggers and web designers prefer their blog posts to appear as soon as possible in the Google search engine, but really how long will it take for a site content to appear on the search engines more especially Google, Bing and Yahoo . The time of which it takes for Google to index new content will probably be affected by the following important points.

    Long Does It TakeFor a New Site to Appear in GoogleSearch

    There are special factors that can make your blog pages to get indexed on Search Engines which includes Content and probably SEO which has the ability of making your blog rank much

    •  Popularity

    The popularity of a site speaks a lot because it creates an interest to search engines and advertisers to want to participate on your site, the popularity of a site will depend upon how well known it is . Site popularity is measured by the number of new direct visitors that enter a site per given time period.
    It is very important to use a domain that is similar to the type of content you are producing, suppose you are running a technology blog then you can give it a name as  technotips , techbuzz , techtix etc. Normally these names are easy to remember and they are a part of many related keywords . These
    type of keywords can really improve the popularity of a site at an unbelievable rate .

    Inbound links to a site

    Inbound links are quality backlinks that link back to a website, quality backlinks are very important as they are capable of increasing the Page rank of a Blog. though getting inbound links is not easy but it is only possible to qualify only if you produce high quality content that anybody will want to link to.

    Getting quality backlinks will help increase your site alexa rank and also your google page rank , the manual way to get backlinks is through writing guest posts on other blogs which rank better than your blog. You can find a great variety of sites to write guest posts like Bloggerlinkup where you will have to find a great number of quality websites that are looking for guest posts.

    The website Structure

    This incudes a series of internal linking that a site consist. Your website should not have any broken links and try to reduce the amount of duplicate  to atmost 20% which is acceptable by many search engines, You can use SEO tools like the siteliner which will help you remove broken links in your webpages and will help you also with reducing the amount of duplicate content on your site together with many other problems that could be hiding on your site.

    • Verify your site on Google webmasters

    Claiming a site is not done only on alexa but you can also claim a site on Google which will help increase the potential of your to appear in the web search results, which will help increase the popularity of a website and also the organic traffic a site gets to a great potential because it makes search engines to be aware of your site.
    The Google webmasters tools have have been the best part of getting a targeted site traffic. You should also sign up for a free account with them .

    Use quality SEO tools

    I greatly motivate bloggers to use quality SEO tools for their websites because they can help you know your position in the Google webmaster tools . I have seen a major impact on my blog since having to know about the weaknesses of my blog.
    The use of free SEO tools will benefit your blog in a very interesting manner such that your traffic will increase to more than 200% which is probably the best thing to ever happen to any blogger blog.

    Submit your site to directories

    Submitting a site to blog directories is very much more productive than buying links because most of these links are not accepted by Google which can result to a Google Penalty.

    Must Read: How to Avoid Google Penalties

    Have real content

    When talking about real content we refer to text not images or javascript , search engines are designed to read the text on a blog post not the images and javascript. The presence of images is only detected by search engines
    The methods shared should help your site to appear more faster on the search results.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


    1. yeah blogging seems lame at the beginning but as time goes on the results are impressive

    2. at the first but as you go on you will see good results


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