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  • Tuesday 10 February 2015

    How to Attract Quality Backlinks

    It is the dream of every blogger to recieve quality backlinks from authority blog and websites based on your field, I believe that you are quite familiar with internal linking  and know I believe that you should also learn the importance of external linking and backlinks.

    What Are Backlinks?

    Backlinks are quality link backs that come from an external site back to your site. Any type of links recieved from advertising are not backlinks for they have no impact on the rank of your site but they only influence your traffic or sales.

    Link building has been the backbone of search engines since the early days of Google and even today linking has been the most ranking factor of search engines.

    How to Attract Quality Backlinks

    Types of possible backlinks

    Backlinks are not always good but there are also bad backlinks that will result to your site being ranked very low in search engines, lets us go through this type of links so that you may understand them better

    • Good Backlinks

    Good links are links that come from authority sites in your field, recieving links from these sites can really improve your alexa rank and also get you some active readers.

    • Bad Backlinks

    Badlinks are links that are comming from niche unrelated sites linking back to your site and they too can increase your alexa rank or just have no effect at all but  to be honest it is not easy to get loyal readers from these sites.

    • Ugly Backlinks

    Ugly backlinks are link backs that come from spammy sites, link farms and all link buying sites and getting links from these sites can give your site a very bad reputation.

    How to get Good Backlinks

    1. Write quality posts
    The quality of your posts is what keeps your readers glued to your blog/Website , content is the most regarded thing on the internet as it happens that many many blogs might produce the same content as you do and that will means that they are competitors and the only way to beat them is to use great content which will give you a good rank compared to your competitors.

    2. Have a neat attractive blog
    It is very important that your blog is neat and attractive because it will make readers to trust your blog and they will compare to other blogs. Your Blog should have a descent design and it should not contain too many Advertisements and links, having too many Advertisements can reduce the loading time of your blog which will cause your blog to slowly.
    I have found the neatness and the beauty of a blog as one of the most common things that are capable of increasing the neatness of your blog.

    3. Have a professional domain
    I have noted that most blogger blogs with a .blogspot.com sub-domains are not taken seriously as websites with professional domains, Bloggers should use professional domains if they really want total trust from their readers . It happens that some of the blog readers have a greater alexa rank compared to your site and once they link back to you, you will see great improvement in the Alexa rank of your site. If have found that using blog with a professional domain can increase the trust of your readers such that they will not want to advertise only but they will subscibe to the services of your blog

    4. Promote your content in social
    Social media has always been the best traffic source for many blogs and websites, social media promotion is the best marketing strategy that has helped us to reach potential readers and customers to your site. This blog gets most of it traffic from Google but at most times facebook seems to be the best in getting blog traffic as it has shown great results.

    5. Create videos, ebooks, podcasts etc.
    Creating niche related videos is simply the best way to get your readers interest, we have done a research on the effect of media on a blog and we have seen great results, in one of our blog we started by writing posts that had no media but text and surprising they had a very small number of pageviews, we started including media which surpported our content and the pageviews also increased at a very great rate. This research showed that

    6. Link to niche experts
    It is very important that you also link to online experts because it will help increase the value of your site because search engines will start to consider your site legitimate which will help you to rank more better in search engines. you have to becareful when linking to a site because some sites are are seen as spam or link farms which are not wanted by search engines and linking to them may give your site a negative impression .


    Backlinks play a vital role on a blog and it is very important that you back to authority sites which might increase your chances of having a good rank in search engines. Many rely on getting links from link scams which is probably a very dangerous act which could blacklist your blog.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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