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  • Friday 20 February 2015

    How to increase Page Rank in 2015

    How to increase Page Rank

    The pagerank (PR) of a site is one of the most important elements that will determine the position of your site in Search Engines, we have given a lot of SEO tips that will help you get an increase in your organic search traffic. We have fully discussed the importance of on page SEO and off page SEO which has become one of the most important parts that every writer should consider before publishing a post because if the rules are not followed properly then possible side effects may give a little damage to your blog. In a recent update by Google it is now proven that backlinks are the most important part in getting a good pagerank on Google.

    How to increase a Google Page Rank

    Content has become one of the most important parts in blogging because most readers are simply looking for quality content, A site that lacks quality content is certainly not ready for progress in the search engines, Google has recently introduced an algorithm known as the Panda which was designed to make high content sites to rank more effectively than low content sites , this algorithm has affected a lot of low content sites in that their pagerank has decreased .

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    I also never knew the importance of quality content as I used to blog just for the fun of until I read an article about the New Google Panda Algorithm that was introduced to low rank sites that had low content, non original content or spammy content  and that made me to delete a lot of low content posts and my blog started to improve in a very pleasing way such that my traffic increased to more than 500% and I would motivate the same for you if you want a good pagerank for your site.

    NB: An original post of 500+ words have been approved for a quality pagerank as it is read as of best quality by many search engines .

    Make use of your other sites

    Pagerank is mostly effected by high pagerank sites linking back to yoursite. if it happens that you are a contributor to a site like Moz then you should use it as an advantage to get an increase to the pagerank of  your blog. In huge blogging communities bloggers have found it a big opportunity in which they can use to get some link juice back to their sites.
    There are many online communities and forums that can be used to promote a site which will in return cause a huge increase in the pagerank of your site.

    Do Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging is taken very slightly by many bloggers who dont want to share their posts or have any relationship with any other Blog. Finding blogs which you can follow is not easy and I will recommend that you will use bloggerlinkup Which is a network site to help professional bloggers meet the other experts that are willing to write guest posts and expect blogs that are willing to allow you to guest  post.

    Most of the guest authors we have on this blog are probably from the Bloggerlinkup network and they have been good to this blog and we are also looking for more writers to share their SEO posts.

    Directory Submission

    Submitting a site to blog directories was not that much important until the Google Pengiun was introduced which made sites with backlinks from higher pagerank sites to rank nuch more better on search engines, this made backlinking to be a very important part of search engine optimization .
    This has made pagerank to be one of the most influencial part of my blog . Atracting quality backlinks can be very hard but it will definately improve your blog if you will do it the smart way. Blog directories such as DMoz and Yahoo Directory which are probably the best web directories which are able to give you the best link juice for your site, in actual there are many other web directories that you can possibly use to increase the pagerank of your site but I would advise that you submit on directories that you trust and avoid spammy directories as they may give a bad impression about your site.

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    Avoid Google penalties

    Google penalties are probably a bad long term impression that any website can have as they may decrease your page rank resulting into a huge loss of traffic. Websites suffering from these updates are usaully spam sites, sites associated with spam sites, possible online scams and link buying activities , suffering from these is probably a long term issue as you might need to wait for the next algorithm update which can take a year or two to happen and that is a long time of having low traffic.
    Duplicate content may result to your blog being hit by a Google Panda which is to reduce the propabilty of sites having too much duplicate content from appearing on the search results.

    Have good domain and a server

    A good domain contributes a lot to SEO as it is one of the most common factors that a site can have in order to rank well on the search Engines. A good domain must have search keywords that can make people to easily remember your site . For example if you blog is about SEO tips then your in your domain you will have use names like seotips , blogseo , seosiren , bloggerseotips etc.
    Your domain must match you content, keywords and site name.
    The hosting service you are using can be one of the factors that can affect the page rank of your site , I would recommend that you host your site on trusted hosting services like Blogger (free) , Wordpress (free ) , Hostgator , Go daddy , Bluehost and 1on1 which are currently the leading hosting companies in the world. A good trusted  hosting service is good for your blog as it will make it more professional in search engines which may result to good page rank.

    Manage your Do-follow links and No-follow links

    Linking must be done carefully in order to prevent any bad impressions from the search engines. Linking is also regarded as an important part of content and that is why we we have Do-follow and No-follow links that will help you control the visibity of external and internal links on your site , creating a network of internal links within a blog can make your blog to rank well so please always try to interlink your blog posts. Whenever you interlink your blog posts you must always allow the do-follow attribute which will make the search engine to be aware of the interlinking between blog posts on a site.

    When linking to external sites always use high quality sites like wikipedia, Mashable or forbes sites that are trusted by Google to bring you high quality content to your site. These sites are mostly key elements to blog success whether you link to them or they link back you will always get something good out of them.

    Reduce the number of links on a page

    The number of links a page has can affect your pagerank and in that case I will highly motivate bloggers to reduce their homepage links to less than 100 because a recent study had confirmed that most search engines usaully encounter problems with crawling a sites with more than 100 page links.

    how to increase pagerank
    Final Words
    Increasing a site pagerank can take anywhere from two to six months which will definately need your patience because that does not mean you wont be getting any traffic from Google but you will be getting a limited traffic depending on the number of posts that are indexed by the search engines. So try to have enough original posts in order to see the results.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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