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  • Monday 23 February 2015

    White hat SEO and Black hat SEO

    what is White hat SEO and Black hat SEO

    Knowing the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO can help you make the right decisions about your blog which will enhance your search traffic in an interesting way. Search Engine Optimization( SEO )has been the most important part of getting targeted blog traffic from search engines, In my recent posts I have given a lot of SEO tips which are to help readers with some of the most important guides on SEO which will help improve your knowledge.
    Before getting yourselves involved in too much SEO you have to be extra careful because any wrong moves you make can cause your site to rank very low in search engines which may result your site to having a very low amount of traffic.

    White hat SEO and Black hat SEO
    Black Hat SEO

    Black hat SEO has to do with the Search Engine Optimization techniques that can have a negative impact on the site rank in search engines. This optimization technique can invite search Engines to your site to see if you did not try to trick them by keyword stuffing and buying links from link farms.
    Bloggers that do the black hat SEO are mostly affected by the Google Algorithms because they violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines resulting in their sites being removed from the search engines. The good thing about this technique is that the results are  very fast and effective but it will always create a suspection from the search engines and your site will be listed in their database for special crawling to see how responsible is the site .

    White Hat SEO

    The White Hat SEO is a positive optimization technique that will defintely improve the ranking of a site in search engines. The White hat is the approved SEO technique and yet the slowest as it takes a lot of time for change to effect, the white hat SEO is a search engine friendly way of getting a good page rank whereby the search engine is not tricked by the site.
    This technique is hated by many bloggers as it takes too much time to effect changes in the search engine but it is yet the quickest way to blog optimization.

    How to avoid black hat SEO ?

    Avoiding black hat SEO is easy as it can be done by simply avoiding the common SEO mistakes that are done by bloggers and some of the webmasters these Type of SEO can be used in a smart way for fast approved ways to increase your search visibility and get traffic.

    Avoid Buying links

    Buying links is considered as an internet fraud by Google and they have been introducing different ways to avoid this fraud.

    Post only original content

    Original content is best because it will help increase the visibility of your posts in search engines , Google is looking for unique original content to be on their index but any content that is not original might get indexed but will not get involved in the search results.

    SEO White hat

    Do not link to spam sites

    Spammy sites are hated by search engines and any activity that may link you with them will bring down your reputation.

    Must read : Common SEO Mistakes

    How to safely use black hat SEO ?

    Black hat SEO can also be used safely as there are good sites that can safely help improve your rank in search Engines and make your blog to rank without the search engine suspecting anything.

    The use of trusted SEO tools
    I have found SEO tools to be the most effective way that one can use to boost a website , these tools can help improve the rank of any site within a very short period of time. I will recommend bloggers to use SEO tools like small SEO tools , Copyscape , Scrubtheweb and Siteliner which are safe to use and they have around 5% probability of being noticed by search engines, it is found that search engines hate Search Engine Optimization as it tends to trick their bots into ranking a post higher .

    Create do follow links social networks
    I have found an awesome way to get do follow links from social networks like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc. I have found this trick as a great way to increase your site page rank, this trick works very well

    Motivate readers to link to your posts

    As a Blogger I have noticed that some readers have sites with a much better page rank compared to mine which had also motivated me to impress them in a way that they will end up linking back to my Site.

    Submit your site to Dmoz and Alltop

    Dmoz has been used by many professional bloggers to get quality links from the Dmoz directory and I have to really motivate bloggers to also add their sites to Dmoz.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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      Today i will talk over with you concerning this some necessary words that are used on search engine improvement . Once knowing this, you will have enough plan concerning Black Hat SEO. From our previews post we learned about White hat Seo. these days we learn about black hat seo and the way to avoid it,

      Black hat SEO: It’s opposition of white hat that’s mean it doesn’t optimize the foundations given by search engine.


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