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  • Friday 16 January 2015

    The 7 P's used by Beattie Mcguiness Bungay and how it affects your subtitling company

    Beattie Mcguiness Bungay promotional campaign

    In the beginning of April 2011 Microsoft Corp appointed Beattie McGuiness Bungay to work towards the promotion of the Internet explorer 9 in the UK which was launched as the 'full on' which was lead and supported by many outdoor executions in Europe. Upon some research which was carried out by our blog author Jessica Wight and has found it good to share with you the 7 P's  used by Beattie McGuiness  Bungay to promote the  Internet Explorer Browser .

    Originally posted by: Jessica Wight

    The 7 P’s that Beattie Mcguiness Bungay used for their promotional campaign and how it can affect your subtitling company:

    • Product:

    The product for the ‘Full on’ campaign that Beattie Mcguniess Bungay is promoting is Internet explorer 9. 

    Internet Explorer 9 is an internet browser developed by Microsoft. The changes that Mcguiness Bungay highlight within their ‘full on’ campaign to the new internet explorer 9 as opposed to their previous product is that speed of usage is faster, navigation is simpler,  and the user interface is more inviting.

    This is more appealing to customers and gives them a reason to download the product because; it is an upgraded and improved version of the previous product. With new features that may intrigue customers.

    • Place:

    The place in which the ‘Full-on’ campaign is promoted is not physical;   the product that Beattie Mcguiness is promoting is available for download through the Microsoft website which is accessible through the use of an internet browser. This is convenient for customers due to the fact that the product is downloadable at the click of a mouse.

    • People:

    The ‘Full-on’ Campaign is aimed at all users of the internet, this can range from 10 year olds all the way up until 60 year olds. As well as the following from the audience in which they gathered using the music producer Alex Claire.

    • Promotion:

    Beatie Mcguiness focuses heavily on promotion for The ‘Full-on’ Campaign. The firm uses TV, Online and billboards as their main sources to attract their intended audience to download IE9.

    P’s that were not used by Beattie Mcguniess Bungay

    Price, place and processes as the firm did not use any services to sell their products. The full-on campaign was free as customers did not have to pay for anything, as it is free to download the internet browser.

    AIDA (Attract, interest, desire and action):

    • Attract:

    The way the firm has gone about attracting customers is through the use of a music producer Alex Claire. What this does is attract customers because they may like the producer so they will be intrigued in the product and why they are promoting it. As well as that, they have given the commercial a powerful feel and used a range of colours and visual effects to make the advertisements attractive.

    • Interest:

    The way the firm caught the firm’s interest through how they advertised the product, through use of the editing, music and empowering feel they gave the advertisements of this products. As well as on their websites using phrases that intrigue customers such as, ‘full on power’ and ‘the web has just gone full on’

    • Desire:

    The firm created a desire for the product through the features they introduced and the upgrade. As well as their constant usage of the phrase ‘full on’, this intrigued and interested customers. Because they may have wanted to see how the product worked and to which extend this ‘full on’ phrase was visible within the product.

    • Action:

    This is done through the customers and potential customers going online and downloading the product through the interest and desire the promotional campaign sparked through the advertising they did for the product.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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