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  • Sunday 18 January 2015

    How to Make a Link using html

    I have decided to show you a simple way that you can use an  html code to create a link with the use of <a> tags and the closing </a> tag , A text is usually placed in between the tags in which the link will be on. This tutorial is very simple and I believe that many bloggers know how to use it but I have found out that some bloggers have been sharing some links in the comment box using the old linking style which is probably out of style.

    Old linking strategy~  The link is written in an informal way, which is is not SEO at all but it only
    appears to be a text to search engines.


    HTML linking system~ The html linking strategy is the best SEO linking strategy which appears as both link and word , this type of linking is available on blogger, Wordpress text boxes but they are not available on the comments text box and also in most text boxes which means that it is very crucial that every blogger knows this trick.


    The old linking strategy is probably a very bad part of SEO as it cannot be read by seach engines but instead it will appear as a text.
    The example below will show you how to create a link using the html <a> and </a> tags.
    Suppose you write a text :

    My best SEO blog with the best blogger tutorials, SEO tips and is  Ajaxsurf .

    To link any text with a webpage you will have to replace the text with The code as shown  below:

    My best SEO blog with the best blogger tutorials, SEO tips and is  <a href="http://www.fantasysurf.blogspot.com">Ajaxsurf</a>.

    The name Ajaxsurf has been replaced by the html code and then pasted in the html code between the tags which will create a SEO friendly link that will better rank you in search results. This method is currently the best formal way to create links and it can work also with embedding images, files, video and many other type of documents.

    The use of links have been the most important technique for Google page ranking which was founded by the Co-founder of Google Larry Page who later invented the importance of page rank, so the use of links in a site is very important whether it is an exernal, internal or inbound it will have an effect on your site page rank. 

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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