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  • Thursday 15 January 2015

    New Spam robs Linkedin members

    spam targeting linkedin users

    There have been a major increase of spam targeting Linkedin members on Linkedin as some of the site members have received messages from professional spammers whereby users receive a business proposals offering multimillion dollar business deals. This spam has caused a lot of businessmen and women to lose thousands of dollars due to this spam. Last year a friend of mine lost up to $300 000 USD in single purchase of goods to an unknown which claims to be in United Kingdom. This businessman is not the only Linkedin member to find himself a victim of this Spam but I myself was about to spend $13 900 000 USD on purchasing 300 units of sodalite stone and upon that deal I was supposed to receive additional amount $ 250 000 dollars per month revenue upon the successful purchase of the stones and yes I loved the offer because it did not require me to do a lot of work but my business profile was going to help them get the stones at a very low price.


    Upon doing some research on the company I found an article that was shared by Mohammed Ameer who is a South African business man who confirmed in his post on Scam targeting linkedin members that he had received a similar message from a different company offering this job offer and since Mohammed Ameer did not have enough evidence about the offer I needed to get the site registration details and they both had less than six months of existence and they were registered in India.

    A profile by the Dr. Alforso Alando who claims to be the Executive Director at Armando hospital equipment company which claims to be in Chile and upon my Research there are many duplicate profiles which are used to do fraud and all the internet scam. these scams are targeting countries like USA, Nigeria, India ,Australia and South Africa and many other countries in the world.
    Below I have decided to share the email conversation that I had with the so called Armando hospital manufacturing company upon buying stones from kumalo Royal Mining company .

    On 6 January 2015 I received a message from linkedin member who requested to connect with me and I received the message below into my inbox.

    dr.alforso alando via LinkedIn - Jan 6

    Dear Sir

    I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your acceptance to connect with me on linkedin. My Company is a manufacturing
    Company based in Chile, We manufacture Hygienic and hermetic doors for hospitals and
    we wish to travel to your Country South Africa for the procurement of a certain raw materials called Diatomite Stone and since we have not been to South Africa before, we need your assistance by representing my Company in
    South Africa.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana~

    Dear Sir
    I am very pleased with the offer to be the
    representative of your company
    which I will accept with great gratitude and I am looking towards a good
    partnership in the year 2015. I would really like to know more about when you are planning to come to South Africa including the benefits of the deal and also the transaction details.
    Best Regard
    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Dr. Alforso~

    Armando Hospital Equipment Manufacturing Company
    Av Pdte Riesco 5711,
    P 2 las Condes, Las Condes
    Santiago, Republic of Chile


    I am delighted to inform you that the above named company is a manufacturing company which is base in Republic of Chile. We manufacture advance hospital equipments (AHE),computer accessories, focal glasses/lens and microchips., Presently my company wishes to come down to South Africa, as we have been made to understand from the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in here that mineral resources are sold in South Africa. We want to procure a raw material and if possible site our annex office/industry in your country due to the nearness of the raw material based on your good recommendation. Our humble purpose of contacting you is to come through you, because we have not been to South Africa before. We also want you to be my company's representative concerning the sitting of our annex office/industry, which is solely going to be under your supervision, you shall aid the process of construction and incorporation and my company shall go into bilateral relationship personally with you.We shall come with letters of memorandum of understanding for your official
    endorsement.We implore you to assist our company in confirming a raw material by contacting this company (below) in South Africa to enquire the availability and indigenous price of the raw material.

    Kumalo Royal Mining Company.
    Contact Person:( Engr.Justice Goodman)
    786 Pat Harrison St.,Musina, 0900 Limpopo,South Africa.
    Fax Number: +27862183071

    The company ability was recommended from the Economic desk of the South Africa High Commission in Republic of Chile as a local miner who deals on this mineral in industrial quantity as advertised also by the company in the International Local Miners Brochure when they attended exhibition in Chile 2011. Please take note of our specification and price data.

    required -SAMSONITE STONE (H03)G2O 95%
    Description - Whitish in Color
    5pics equals to 1 units
    Int'l Price per Units - US$ 4,500
    Quantity required - 3,000 unit

    On your contact to Engr.Justice Goodman, with the above telephone number for inquiry on our behalf, you may not disclose to him that foreigners will be coming for procurement to avoid possible increase of their price above the International standard price my company's is willing to buy.
    Beware this was the system with our previous dealers in Afghanistan before the recent turmoil that lead to the availability fall. The board of directors unanimously agreed that if we can get an indigenous confirmation of substantial quantity of the raw material and most especially- fair price
    we shall endorse 7% commission of the total purchase for you as our host representative for the first time. It is important to inform you of the continuity of this transaction because we'll be buying the product four-month intervals for five good years through you then we can discuss how to get landed properties for the establishment of our annex office through you in South Africa .We will also
    like to speak with you on telephone we therefore require your direct telephone number.
    I wait for your quick reply,
    Best regards.

    On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 4:49 PM,

    sifiso nkwanyana~
    I was having a meeting with my business partner and we have considered 7% a good amount, please feel free to  contact me on my telephone so that we can start working towards this project.

    I will approach Khumalo minerals today and get to talk with Engr.Justice Goodman towards the purchase of the stones , please note that the  company will need to pay for my travelling through this project. I will give you a response before the end of this day.
    Best Regards
    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 6:44 PM,
    Dr. Alforso~
    Dear.Sifiso. My company is very happy with your swift response to our business proposal. the entire Board of Director of my company are most delighted with your interest to be our sole representative in South Africa, We intend to have an Annex office in South Africa,the process of construction and incorporation will be handled by you as our host representative, after our first successful trip to South Africa , Africa,we can discuss the necessary modalities on how to make you our permanent staff.However,we want you to  place a call across to the Mining company.Engr.Justice Goodman to  confirm the availability of the raw material,the current selling prize and the quantity available.

    Upon your confirmation,my company shall in 72 hours send 2 delegates to be with you in South Africa for the purchase.the Canadian government have threatened to  terminate our 5 years contract due to our in ability to produce as there are no raw material for production at the factory. as soon as we arrive South Africa we shall immediately reimbursed you of any expenses you have made including your telephone bills. to you before any other transaction. Make this confirmation and write me back. Please accept my esteemed regard at all time.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana~

    Please tell me before I go on with the transaction, Can I confirm that
    you are not scamming me because something similar to this once
    happened in the last November which has been confirmed by some
    research that I have done towards the offer you are giving me.

    I will greatly motivate linkedin users and business men and women to do some organic research before they can make or signup up with companies they don't know about, the best webmaster tool that I use for researching websites is  ScamAdviser which is designed to advise you about any website on the internet and has a very nice website for checking the progress any website.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


    1. This Scam has to be stopped, thnx for that post

      1. Hi Ankit, we have to fight Spam and Scams because it is a cold blooded scam.

    2. I never thought LinkedIn would be platform for any scam whatsoever. When I joined LinkedIn, I thought it was for scholars (it actually was at that initial stage) from inception. Now that scammers are showing up, I am sure that the social media site will begin to witness a withdrawal of serious-minded individuals.

      1. Yes scams are almost everywhere the only thing that you need to do is to take special caution of all the online business deals that you involve yourself in because it is very likely that it may be a scam

    3. I have received the same proposal from the Chile company to buy in Nigeria diatomite at 4.500 U$ for 1 unit=10gr. They offer me a commision of 882.000 U$.

    4. Yes it is a scam. I have received the same proposal from the Chile company to buy in Nigeria diatomite at 4.500U$ a unit=10gr. They offered me 882.000U$ dollar commision

      1. I am really happy if you were helped by this post, Stay in touch

    5. Thank you for the post,i just received the same message from the same company yesterday so i decided to do some research on my own and that was how i saw this post,i expect LinkedIn to investigate this kind of activities on their website as it will discourage serious minded individuals from coming to LinkedIn.

      1. I am happy that you saw this post. thnanks for sharing with us

    6. Very intersting post…. I enjoyed reading your informative article and considering the points. TOSHIBA PLT-805AT

    7. Thank you for the post,I just received the same message from the same company three days ago so I decided to do some research on my own and that was how I saw this post. As of now..I am still in "communication" with this "company" but I told them to wait and give me sometime to "think through it"...

      1. Well great, I am very happy that this article is helping many people from this scam.

    8. I found your article very useful and motivational.Thanks for sharing such nice content with us.

    9. I think I have them on the roll. I continued my conversation with them till I have gotten their Account details. Can u link me with ur frnd who was scammed too, let's see if we can recover somtin. Tnkx..... the info I have is connection with another user name Akira Masuda (goodman-co-ltd Tokyo Japan) with accomplist Engr Dauda Koki Yobe state nigeria on purchase of Diatomite stones.


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