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  • Friday 5 December 2014

    Nelson Mandela first anniversary 5 December 2014

    Nelson Mandela anniversary

    Nelson Mandela first anniversary

    The day 5 December 2013, 20:45 when the first democratic president of South Africa Nelson Mandela passed on as a result of a lung infection , the news was a shock to the whole world as world leaders from around the world headed to south Africa including famous celebrities to pay their last respect to Nelson Mandela even though the funeral service happened at a rainy day but that could not stop them from comming to show their respects. South Africa had a week of mourning for the president Nelson Mandela  .

    The South African government is planning a memorial service that is scheduled to take place this 5 December 2014 Which is believed to have great impact , Schools around South Africa will required to ring their sierens at 9:59 and  from 10:00 GMT the whole of South Africa is supposed to have a moment of silence for 3 minutes.  There is some speculation around the country about president Jacob Zuma of not involving himself in the Nelson Mandela memorial service as he was not present at the memorial service that took place earlier this year in the United Kingdom.
    It is dupity president cyril Ramaphosa who will be directing the service, Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to give a speech in freedom park, Pretoria South Africa

    An interview with a great friend of Nelson Mandela General Holomisa  done by eNews .
    Bantu Hlomisa visited Nelson Mandela on his Sandton home with Gracia Machael and Winnie Mandela shortly before he died in 5 , Hlomisa was the man responsible for arranging mandela funeral at Qhunu, even though Bantu Hlomisa was expelled from the ANC  and started a political party United Democratic Movements (UDM) but he chose not to end his friendship with Nelson Mandela . Hlomisa met Nelson Mandela in 1990  as he stated to the interviewer.

    Nelson Mandela anniversary

    An ex-prisoner akmhed Khatrada who was imprisoner who was imprisoned with Nelson Mandela has stated the humbled Mandela as a person who he had learnt a lot from as he explained the importance of the equity of persons as he did his duties to respect the other fellow prisoners.
    Tourism has been great at Qhunu where by tourists from Australia , Europe and USA have been to Nelson Mandela village, Qhunu. more people from around the world have been flooding to South Africa to have a walk of Peace to be done from the Nelson Mandela home to his birth place Mvezo and to the Nelson Mandela museum in Qhunu, Eastern Cape.

    Goege Bizos who was the lawyer of Nelson Mandela have encouraged that people around the world that they should follow the footsteps of Nelson Mandela as he worked hard to make the world a better place and to break the racial gap between the people.

    Some Members of the Nelson Mandela family have arrived at Pretoria to wreath-laying ceremony , the wife of Nelson Mandela Gracia Mandela and His Grandson Mandla Mandela. It is greatly believed that some of his family will be travelling to Eastern Cape.
    The hashtag #RememberMandela is being used around the world by many of the Nelson Mandela fans on twitter, instagram, facebook and pinterest where people are motivated to share their their condelences.

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