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  • Sunday 30 November 2014

    How to blog successfully in the year 2015

    By looking at the way things are on blogger and wordpress, it is yet promising that 2015 will be a great year for online entrepreneurs and with investigations done by Ajax surf we are really motivated to help our loved readers be able to work successfully in 2015 and we have equiped ourselves to take the world by storm and we as Ajaxsurf.com greatly welcome you to join our team of publishers and note that we are planning to sign atleast 10 new blog authors to participate on this blog by end of this month so please make it that you send us your email address so we can be able to send you an invite  to participate in this awesome blog , please note that guest author who will fail to co-operate with us will have their authorship terminated by the blog administrator, so please sending me your requests.
    Looking at this time period it is very hard to start a blog without any blogging experience and serously it is hard due to an ever growing competition in the blogging industry as many marketers have found blogging as one of the strategies to make money online and for many other reasons so starting a blog is hard but as a professional blogger being able to build this professional top blog within a year, I will give you the best tactics that will help you to progress in the year 2015.

    •Blog about what you know best, what you love and please do not try to start a blog when you arent sure. Dont just copy somebodies blog but you can refer to the styles of other bloggers but please try to use your writing style but using somebodies post format is not bad only if it will make your blog look the way you like.

    •If you have started your blog earlier please focus on your blog and update it regularly by posting 3-7 times a week.
    Getting your blog updated regularly has a very good impact to your blog and it can improve the performance of the blog to the search engines. A blog the is not active is taken as an abondened blog and trust me , such blogs do not have a good rank at all .

    • Always try to include photos in you blog posts because google, yahoo and bing have updated their systems to rank the posts according to the content and the number of images that they have to support the content.

    • Participate as guest author in any of the blogs in your niche as they are key to getting followers as a blogger. We also accept guest authors but you can try other blogs like bloggeryard , MBT and helplogger which are owned by my blog mates and I believe that they may consider your applications.
    You can also try bloggerlinkup.com which is a blog  to help developing bloggers to get to opportunities with other blogs but please becareful not to just accept anybody who wants to post in your blog because some people just want to promote spam, product and any unrelated sources.

    • Submit your blog sitemap to search engines. Submitting a blog is another SEO tip that many bloggers have ignored but it worked for me and it has got me a lot of traffic in such that I dont need to struggle getting readers to my blog but I get traffic from search engines instead in an amazing way .

    • Automatically set your your blog by optimizing it to the best. I will recommend one of my posts that I shared earlier this year about the optimisation of blogger blogs  and if you are using one, then you really should apply these settings to your blog.

    • Join and participate in stumbleupon
    Stumbleupon has been very influencial in promoting site content , it displays webpages of your site to it users and it can have a great method you can use to bring web traffic to your blog.

    Having a blog can be hard but with the tips I have shared with you 2016 will be a startover year to a successful blogging year.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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