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  • Friday 5 December 2014

    How to Get Google Adsense Approval on blogger

    Adsense Approval

    Blogger has been the greatest blogging platform by Google as it had been bringing great websites such as the Seomoz and MBT . These sites are well known for their content and the amount of money that they make from Google Adsense and it is very true that any blogger would like to make about $10 000+ from just blog traffic. but the the problem that most blogspot readers get with is Adsense approval which is not easy to get unless you know what they expect from your blog. I have my google account working on my youtube channel and on my blogspot blog I use infolinks and chitika for revenue and they have been great to my site.

    Getting Google Adsense approval should not be much a problem to you but it is very important that as an applicant you know what they expect from your blog.
    It is very true that google has restricted many bloggers from getting an Adsense Approval and this had made many blogger to find google being very strict with them which is not true because google only improved Adsense to a better advertising service and the major thing that got many approved Adsense accounts to be disapproved is the violation of the Google Adsense terms of use.
    Some have asked if it is possible to log back or use Google Adsense after failing and well I do agree to make it to Adsense and I would simply say YES , when Google Adsense detects violation of service in your blog they will tell you the reason on how to fix them and from there you will be able to get, if you happen  to get confused I will help you get your account up and running again.

    How to Get Google Adsense Approval on blogger

    • Content

    As I have always said, content is key to the success of any blogger because every blogger should produce high content posts as possible , your blog posts should not be any less than 60 words because that is the minimum number of words a high content post should have but I would recommend that your blog posts should have atleast 500 words each which is the margin loved most professional bloggers .

    Google works with content and to motivate them into approving you account you really have to show that you are serious with your blog before they can start trust your blog for monetization. Content must be unique and original which means that your blog content should be written by you or any other authors on your blog , copy and paste of content from other blogs will not help your blog to recieve targeted traffic and revenue but it will not be considered by search engines because it is a fraud to redistribute content.

    Have enough blog posts

    Startup websites with less than 20 posts are very less likely to get Adsense approval because you really have to understand that google is a business and they really want to have something to show to its users and really they wont bother about a blog with less than ten posts. When Adsense launched it was stated that your blog should have atleast 10 posts to get approval but today that has changed as google has been having a large number of people applying for Adsense and that have caused google to be very selective of Websites that they can accept and I will recommend that you should have 20+ blog posts on your blog.

    Your blog posts should have a certain arrangement that you may use on your blog which includes labels ,tags and many more ways to make your blog content to be navigated easily and please no posts should be left empty but make sure that your blog posts reach atleast 60 words  but I will always recommend my readers that they should target target atleast 500 words per post and I guarantee that such a post will rank first page on search engines.

    Make your website professional

    Making your website professional is key to bringing you trusted readers , your blog should have a Disclaimer, Privacy policy, contact page and About us Page. Any professional site is required to have those pages and Googe will also take such pages into consideration , so if you dont have them on your site the you really should add them to your blog.
    Feel free to use our pages on footer as a reference

    Have a professional domain name

    Having a .com domain name is best for getting an Adsense approval and any  site that is struggling to get website traffic shoud have a registered domain  without a blogspot.com extension . You can get approved with a blogspot.com extension but you can be approved only when the website domain is atleast 6 months old and then Adsense can approve your application.

    Approval chances will only depend on the on the country that you in , USA, Canada, United kingdom are countries that are very likely to get approval and if you are from the countries mentioned above than your chances of getting approved are great. The other countries such as India, Iran, Pakistan and China are very less likely to get approval due to the the the wars and any other things that have limited Google from working with them.

    I dont mean that they cannot be accepted but they can get approved by Adsense and by any other Advertising services .

    • Your blog should have a clear structure

    The structure or the template of your blog must be clear and easy to understand. Google can be influenced by the type of template that you use on your blog.


    By Following the tips given un this post you will get approved by Adsense and you will be able to run Ads on your site. If you have any tips or questions please submit them in the comments box

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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