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  • Tuesday 9 December 2014

    How to get more email subscribers on Blogger

    how to increase email subscribers

    Getting subscribers to your blog is the best way that will grow your blog into being an active community, creating a mailing list has the ability to increase your blog traffic as more readers will always be notified whenever a new post is created which will return  your old blog visitors which means that your blog will not be easily forgotten by your readers .

    increase subscribers

    Having a mailing list can work a lot to monetise a blog as you share products on your blog , the very first people to see them will be your blog subscribers and they are more likely to know your blog better than any other blog visitor on your blog which I could also a tip for blogger monetisation. When I started my blog earlier in 2014 I had incredibly very low traffic to my blog in way that I  would be happy to get 10 visitors to my blog and in some days I would just get no visitors at all but it did not matter to me because blogging was something new to me , I was just happy that I had a blog and whenever I posted something I would simply get maybe 4 pageviews within a couple of minutes  and those pageviews came from my mailing list which tell that getting around 1000 subscribers can get you atleast  600-900 readers per post and note that about 50% of the readers will share the post where by they can get readers ranging from 500-3000 readers and those readers are likely to share the posts which can get your more than 5000 post views , therefore a mailing list is great for any blog  but getting subscribers is not a child play but can be seriously hard for any blogger unless you use the best ways to get subscribers on blogger that I have listed below. One of the most important things that can be an obvious backstab is the use of a free domain because most readers find it hard to trust sites that are using free domains , free domains are sub-domains with an extension.

     I dont mean that you will possibly not get any subscribers but you will get them to subscribing to your blog only if you follow a simple steps that made blogs like helplogger to get up to 5000 blog subscriptions.

    Ways to get blog subsciber on a blogger blog

    Create a subscription page

    Creating a landing subscription page is one of the best ways that a blogger can obtain subscribers, creating a subscription landing page is the best way to motivate readers to subscribe into your blog by giving them knowledge about how they can benefit from subscribing to your blog. Some people will not subscribe to your blog unless they know what they are getting themselves into so creating a subscription page is a must for any blog .
    Getting people to believe what you tell them is not that easy but the way in which you run your blog can have an big influence to your readers , your blog must be easy to use and should have sufficient info pages that includes pages as the privacy policy page , Disclaimer .etc

    Offer an ebook

    how to increase email subscribersOffering an ebook in exchange of a subscription has been the best of all time way that bloggers have used to grow members over the past years and it has been the best of all times as it has a potential to get over 80% readers into subscribing to your blog , try to make your ebook cover very attractive and must have enticing words that must lead your readers to die for the ebook you are offering , your ebook must follow the AIDA principle .

    Motivate your readers into subscribing

    Motivating readers into subscribing to your blog is easy but it is not all of them that will respond to you and that is why we as Ajaxsurf have created various kinds of subscibtion widgets that will create you a readership.

    Subscription widgets have been mostly advised by  professional bloggers as one of the best widgets to get subscribers and yes I agree with them but the positioning of the widget would have a great impact to increasing email subscibers  to a blog, the positions in which I would motivate any blogger to place the widget is  Below post, on the top of the sidebar and at the bottom sidebar .
    We have designed many of these sidebars and you can search using our search engine on the the top right of the sidebar.

    Respond to the readers comments

    As the blog author or Administrator it is very crucial that I respond to my blog readers  to show that you are interested in their comments and that you appreciate their participation in your blog, When readers start to share, comment in you blog posts that will simply mean that they value your blog content and that will create chances of getting email subscibers to your blog.
    If it happens that you are very busy to respond to every comment posted in your blog then you would have to let your readers know by writing a comment policy and notify the readers about the type of comments which are acceptable  to your blog and make sure thay all spam comments are deleted .

    Participate in forums

    Participating in forums like yahoo answers can help you win readers without having your post to rank in search engines, these forums have very high rankings in social engines which can be more than your blog competition and this can get obsessed readers to sign up for your news letter.
    These websites are great when it comes to getting quality traffic to your sites because they can reach up to 20 million pageviews a month whereby about 100k plus readers may end up getting to your site and subscribing for your news letter.

    When you get to these forums you must search for topic related to your blog and paste the link of any post from your blog that may help  readers in the forum.

    Guest post in top blogs

    Guest posting in top blogs may sound a little bit foolish but that follishness will help your blog to grow and also create you an online peofile. Most bloggers have found guest posting as one of the best ways they can win traffic to their blogs.
    When you write a guest post, you must always include links that will get some of the traffic to your blog and taking advantage of this will get your blog be highly recognised by search engines as they will take as if your blog is related to the blog which you have posted to.

    Have a good relationship with your competitors

    It is not a word that you will expert from me but you got to remember that blogging is not a commercial or a retailer but internet based which means that we are not working for money but we are working into getting website traffic and to get traffic you should try different methods because the more traffic the blog has the greater are the opportunities to get email subscribers.
    Having a good relationship with other bloggers will enhance them to create backlinks to your blog and you might as well get to steal their readers if that reader has a well constructed blog than yours and I would motivate that you make sure that your blog is good and well designed.

    You should have Cross-promotional deals on your blog

    When talking about cross-promotional deals on blogger is whereby you promote another person's blog where by the owner of the blog that you are promoting will promote your blog in future. Using this strategy of cross-promotional posts has the ability of bringing you readers that would've not get to know your about your blog.
    Cross-promotional deals are very effective to your blog as it has a very great potential to getting the other blog subscribers into subscribing to your blog and it will happen vise versa with the other blog .


    Having a lot of email subscribers is very good but posting a lot of posts within a day will flood the mail boxes of your blog subscibers leading them into unsubscribing  from your blog, so please try to keep it Low, maybe to atmost three posts a day and save the other posts for future use or schedule a date for them to go public. Wish you the best.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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