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  • Sunday 7 December 2014

    How to get traffic from USA and Canada

    Get USA and Canada Traffic

    As everyone wants to get filled their pockets with online earned money, internet users are now turning into bloggers! The reason why everyone is choosing blogging because it's best way to make money online as recently I also wrote about that why blogging is best method to make money online. Well, blog can be created easily in seconds but driving traffic is the matter!

    Even some people also get high traffic through different methods but unfortunately that traffic is not profitable. Profitable means that traffic is not valuable for generating money. Valuable traffic depends on the country from which we're getting the highest traffic. If that country is poor in reality than chances are low to make enough money but if the country is very rich than you can also be rich! United States, United Kingdom and Canada seems to be rich countries so many bloggers try to get targeted traffic from these so that they may earn high. Today, we're going to learn that how can we get traffic USA and Canada traffic to blog.

    Tip 1. Target Keywords For USA and Canada Locations

    The first and very best tip is that we should target some keywords that are highly searched in USA, UK and Canada. First we'll need to do keyword research and also need to select locations "USA, UK and Canada". If any keyword is having high searches and it also has high CPC than target that keyword with closed eyes. Try to create quality and unique content on that keyword and also do proper on-page optimization so that your keyword should rank well in SERP. Put keyword in post title, permalink, meta description, H2 headings, content with 2-4% keyword density and image optimization. Once you've published that post than also create some backlinks and set anchor text same as your keyword. Don't do spam in link building it can do negative effect. If you succeeded in getting first position on that keyword than no one can stop you from getting US and Canada traffic.

    Tip 2. Social Promotion in US and Canada Communities

    Social promotion has always been helped bloggers to drive traffic and it is completely easy! The thing there we need to do is just sharing blog posts but sharing posts with technical ways can help to get more traffic. Well, There are many social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc that you maybe using already. In order to drive US and Canada traffic with use of social sites, you'll need to join some communities or groups in which there we should be US and Canadian people. Also try to find the relevant communities with your niche or posts so that you may get proper profit and don't join such communities that don't allow to share links. Once, you've got some communities than easily share your blog posts in those communities but try to do not break community rules.

    Tip 3. Engage With US and Canada Blogs With Same Niche

    So, This is the third tip that you're going to get! Here you've to engage with some blogs same in your niche and those blogs must belong from US and Canada. Engaging with other blogs means reading out their posts, commenting on them, making discussions with blog readers and owner and also sharing each others ideas. There is another thing that you can do to get US and Canada traffic. If those blogs belongs from US and Canada than they maybe having most of traffic or readers from their own country. So, I think you're well known about guest posting and what if you request blog admin for contribution and publish a guest post on these blogs? It can really help you to do blast of US and Canada traffic. So, keep engaging with these countries based blogs!

    Tip 4. Submit Blog To US and Canada Directories

    Directories are also useful as people are using them to find interesting content on the web. There are also some US based directories that can help you to more American and Canadian traffic. You can easily submit your blog to US and Canada based directories and I'll suggest to go for USA Listing Web Directory as there are so many directories that you can search in Google. Once you've submitted your blog on these directories than it may require approval to get placed in public. And for approval, your blog should have best well written content and rankings should also be good because it helps to get approval. Well, After being placed in some American directories, you'll get traffic if anyone is interested in your niche.

    Tip 5. Advertise on Popular American Websites

    In case, if you can invest some bucks to get more bucks that this tip is specially for you. Instead of hiring some experts to drive american traffic, you should advertise on popular US and Canada websites to get american blog readers. You can use BuySellAds to find popular US site and also purchasing an ad slot on that. BuySellAds is completely easy and reliable to advertise on best sites. There are even more ways to advertise like you can advertise with Google AdWords that can also help to drive US traffic. Even you can also use Facebook now to advertise your blog to american people specially. In Google AdWords and Facebook, you'll need to select location as America or Canada for the best result.

    Tip 6. Set US Geographic Target in Google Webmaster Tools 

    There is an additional option in Google Webmaster Tools that we can target any specific country to show our website in that target country mostly. Well, It can be formality or maybe it works but I'm not sure! Instead of missing this, I thought why not mention that here also. Here is the tutorial how can we can target US in Google webmaster tools.
    • Go To Webmaster Tools >> Site Dashboard 
    • Click Gear Icon At The Top Right Corner and Go To "Site Settings"
    • Tick The Box "Target Users in" And Choose Country "United States" or As You Like.
    • Click "Save"
    • It's Done!

    Final Words

    So blogging folks! That was my ideas to get USA and Canada traffic to blog and hope you've enjoyed reading out this article. Are we missing some tips? Hey buddy! Please share creative tips with us because sharing is caring! Keep blogging, producing creative content and also earning bucks. Have a nice day!

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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