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  • Wednesday 10 December 2014

    2045 the Future Arrives

    2045 the Future Arrives ; artificial intellegence of machines

    It is believed by scientists that by 2045 the future will begin whereby artificial intellegence will Become active as the advancement in technology has grown to a great rate whereby machines that can do as humans are being invented by tech gaints like Microsoft and Google. Many robots have been created to respond to human activities such as talking, walking and many more . The question is, will this be an end to the human race ?

    2045 the Future Arrives
    The use of robots was mainly done by the manufacturing companies  to create products quickly but as the technology is getting more advanced , there is a speculation in science that within the next 20 years robots will be able to do as humans do , they will drive cars, walk and think like human beings.

    Many people have been waiting for the creation of human manchines that will not be independant to human beings and fears from around the world as many fear the words that were said by the scientist Stephen Hawking , Stephen Hawking mentioned in an interview with BBC that  "The development of artificial intellegence could spell and end to human beings"which had made the world to jump in fear about the advancement of machines.

    In Hollywood it is the same idea about this development in that many movies have been released about the end of human race by the development  of artificial intellegence , these movies include :  Irobot , Universal Soldier, I am a legend, Solo, 9 , After Earth and many other movies that show human existance by the advancement of machines. Many believe that once machines have become independant of human , they will kill the human race and take over the would with their artificial intellegence.

    Google has been working together with forbes to improve The artificial intellegence of machines in that ealier this year Google has purchased  DeepMind Technologies with $400 Million , On October Google had announced that they have designed a network that will be able to work like a human short memory which is believed that within the next 10 years the network will be developed to function like a human mind , it is not Google only that is preparing for these major advancements in technology but together with Microsoft who is working toward advancing technology.
    In 2013 a robot that could tell the taste of food and wine just by scanning  was created by some chinesse engineering technology company and not only that but this advancements are are also seen in search engines whereby web crawlers can find unique content and quality in less than half a second.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

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