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  • Tuesday 17 August 2021

    The view of the concept success in life.

    What is to be successful in life?
    There are plenty of concepts with regards to what success is in life depending on individuals aspect. It is a significance major to discover your perspective towards success in life since huge numbers of people that urge to be successful are not quite aware of what they regard as success. 
    Classifications of success
      >Financial freedom
     > Education
     > Stable Family
     > Permanent Job 
     >luxurious life
     >Being a leader
     >Achieving desired body goals. 

     There are quiet plenty of phenomenon towards success depending on a persons passion about life, piratically success is deriving what your heart desires and what you see as a purpose in your life thus it can be concluded that success goes along with happiness because doing what you love is directly proportional to happiness it brings joy and satisfactions about you as a person as it implies what you desire. Regardless of what a persons perspective is towards happiness but the fact is numerous people in the world has something that they desire, they have goals they wish to achieve, the popping question towards such statement is how does one go about to achieve what they desire and there are plenty of ways to kill a cat although it depends on ones expert to take a route towards success firstly one needs to overlook if they are feasible enough to take that route. Feasibility looks at how possible it is to take a certain route. You need to acquire resources first. For example, you need to check if you have money to go to that University to acquire that education you desire as success in your life, look at what are other alternative ways to get to the University. Therefore you need a proactive plan to reach success in life.

     There's a huge hindrance that limits people from achieving success which are emotions that overpower mindset. Emotions makes a person wants to stop, emotions makes a persons feels like they are not worthy. Emotions are the main source of weakness for everyone that is why it is important to take decisions based on facts rather than feelings. Crying over spilt water wont replace water. Starting over is better than falling into depression, anxiety and bipolar but all is up to a person. Every human being has a choice in life. You choose who you wish to be. You attract who you want to become. Everything starts with a changed mindset.

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