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  • Friday 20 August 2021

    Fundamentals Of Life

    Basic principles of life.
    In general life is basically measures taken to survive. Life is tackled differently by of course different people with different mindset, well i must say that brings about the biodiversity because for instance if we were to adjust to a particular routine we would not be diverse as such hence opportunities would also be limited due to increasing population and high demand for survival.

    Basic facts about life.

    The first basic component we need to consider when we are talking about life is the question that "what is it that brings about life?". To be quite frank with regards to the question, the influencer of life is money because it delivers the basic necessities for survival given the fact we living in the 21st century so that reveals that the basic and most important fact about life is that one needs money. Now the following question should be "how to be financial stable?".

    How to tackle life.

    Now that we are aware of the fact that in order to keep the circle in round that has to be financial stability but financial stability requires a lot that includes setting goals prior, believe in them and most important trust yourself because in each an every step you take you must be mentally ready to concur any obstacles that are most probably going to challenge your journey towards financial stability hence you need to trust yourself because lack of trust within yourself will limit you from having alternatives should your first attempt be unsuccessful and you won't be able to do something you never did. There is no magic that will bring money to the table except setting your goals straight, focus followed by belief as well as trust.

    Nosipho Mthembu

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