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  • Tuesday 1 October 2019

    Cue Banks takes over USA Through WSA

    Successful Forex Trader Quillan Roberto Black well known as Que Banks is the founder of Wall Street Academy(WSA) based in the United States of America which has played a significant role in the trading lives of many american citizens involved in Forex Trading.

    He started trading out of his passion for Forex as he saw it as the best way of getting to reach his goals as he never believed in the 9 - 5 employment system, he started his account with $1000 USD which he was able to accumulate a profit of $800 in his first week of trading which motivated him to further invest in his trading passion by leaving his job to become a full time Forex Trader.

    Who is Cue Banks?

    He was born in Mandeville, Jamaica where he did his schooling, in 2011 at age he was able to get a work permit to the United States of America where he got his first job at which he was paid $8.50 USD per hour which helped him startup his trading career.

    He started trading as stock trader until in 2013 he was introduced to Forex Trading which was a big turnaround in his trading career as he found the market as in 2015 he started getting involved in trading the markets where in he worked in partnership with his friend and trading partner Ryan Gilpin.

    Cue Banks and Ryan Gilpin

    Wallstreet Academy Mentorship

    Cue Banks worked with his partner Ryan Gilpin who worked out a Forex Trading institution in 2016 which they named Forever in Profit(FIP) which has taught over 3000 students from 2016 which has helped a lot of traders from USA and Canada.

    Wall Street Academy Class

    In 2016 Cue Banks was involved with Astro Fx a London based Forex Company owned which is owned by Shaun Lee and Aman Natt where he worked with this pair as a mentor in the trading company where taught students and contributed heavily on on the Astro Fx website by sharing setups on pairs like UsdJpy.

    Cue Banks worked with Astro Fx till 2017 where he left the company and started his own company Wallstreet Academy which was able to teach over 750 students in his first year, and the number has increased drastically these past years making him one of the most successful traders in the united states.

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