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  • Wednesday 17 July 2019

    why is it so Hard for Traders to Control Risks

    Risk management is a very crucial part of trading that we recommend any trader to master before getting to learn how to place a trade. everybody who gets to the Forex Market gets in with a vision of winning and making a chunk of profits from the market but it happens that they dont win as they planned.

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    We have worked with a number of Traders and we have noticed that traders lose money not that they cant trade, their accounts get affected by that single entry they make in the markets with the hope of banking some serious profits in the Market. Risk Management is the problem to a majority of traders as they want to rich their the level of their mentors and they easily believe guys in hired Tuxedo's claiming to have made fortunes in the Forex markets.

    Traders follow people who know nothing about the market mostly who are in Demo trading than real traders, these guys normally avoid the reality of a proper trading plan but stick much to what they call entry point. we often find traders entering the markets with a huge number of trades in a single position and by doing that they over leverage their accounts.

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