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  • Sunday 7 July 2019

    The Reasons why a majority of traders Fail

    The Forex market has been know as the best way of making money online and yes its still remains that despite the risks involved with it. the success rate in Foreign Exchange is very low in a such that up to 90% of traders lose their money trying to make their lives better by trading currencies, the industry is known much for wealth creation but instead many who are part of it are losing money instead of creating wealth.

    The high increase of people getting into the Forex industry have negatively affected the industry as a lot of scammers and the rich have found the industry as an easy money making scheme in which has resulted in a lot of false Forex Trading Schools. The high increase of these schools and Institutions have negatively affected to quality of Education provided about trading as the majority of these schools are ran by people that are not into Forex trading but see the industry as an easy money making scheme.

    • Trading information

      The most common information that is provided today is false and most of it is just basic trading information which has a very low success rate. Forex trading is the future and an easier way one can become a millionaire  but due to a very high demand by the public, Forex trading has become one of the most difficult careers as market makers and Institutions have manipulated the education that is received by traders.

      Trading needs one to be fully educated and have the right information  about trading, we recommend traders to learn a strategy and then focus on improving the education they learn, I trade using technical analysis and I also motivate traders to stick more on technical analysis and the basics of Price Action trading.

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    • Traders Fall for Dream Sellers

      Most People who get into Trading are not there in the purpose of creating wealth from the markets but they get into the Forex Trading industry with an idea of making easy cash gains from the people who join the markets with aims of making easy money from people who want to learn how to trade.

      Dream Sellers are people who promise people dreams that they themselves cannot achieve, they are opportunist that will use what they have or claim to have by

      Dreams Sellers VS Forex Traders

      A Dream Seller

      Dream sellers don't know about the markets but only basics and will never post their own analysis or charts. they are always on social media trying to get more traders into falling for their trap by posting cars, properties or their destinations. these guys will do anything sell dreams but will not give you the information that you need as a Forex trader.

      If your mentor doesn't post charts or doesn't assist you on your trading then probably that mentor is not a true trader but a dream seller who looks to make money through their students tuition fees. they are of of the main reason behind the poor success rate in Forex trading.

      True Forex Traders 

      True traders and Forex mentors are few as most of the traders are not very much into the information sharing as they are not interested in doing classes or client but would focus on making money from the markets.

      A few Forex traders tend to share their information and you will see them buy posting charts and also by providing traders with the right trading materials and strategies. 

    • Over Complicating The Charts
      Majority of traders are good analysts but are most confused with how they should analyse and when they should enter or exit trades. this confusion on trading is mostly caused by complicating the charts with a lot of work done on the charts.

      The market is simple and moves on only simple moves which is Bullish(UP) or Bearish(DOWN) and there is non other, to be a successful trader you should learn how to remove all the clutter and start trading on a clean chart with not more than two indicators.

      Traders will think that the more indicators they add on their charts the better will be their trading strategy but speaking based on experience the trader with a very simple chart is much likely to win while a trader with a chart full indicators is much less likely to win because of too much confusion caused by too much clutter on the charts.
    • Greed and Focusing on the Money
      The main reason why most of us get into into Forex trading is to make money and there is nothing wrong about wanting to make money as most of us are working hard to reach the billionaire mark.

      Trading is very risky and is not suitable for all investor due to high levels of risks that can be involved in it. the market consists of a wide range of investor with huge authority to manipulate the markets and trap the small investors.

      The greedy don't get to survive in trading as these folks get easily trapped by false breaks and the smart money stop run models.
    • Trading Too Often

      Trading should be done with patience, we highly don't recommend traders to trade often but they should stick to a proper risk management to help improve their trading.

    • Poor Money Management

      Money management has been the main reason leading to a poor performance to a number of traders. this skill is very critical to the life of a trading account. we have developed very good systems as Ajaxsurf but at certain times we can find the market to

    • Lack of a proper Trading Plan

      A trading plan is an essential part to the life of a forex trader, it is like a business plan and it has projections as a business plan would do.  the reason why most traders fail is due to a lack of a proper trading plan.

    We recommend that you use the advise we give as it is written from the views of our experienced traders and we motivate traders to stick very much into technical trading as it has created a lot of successful traders.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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