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  • Sunday 28 July 2019

    How to Increase Your Company website Traffic

    Getting people to know about your company website or blog is one of the most important things that investors or company owners should focus on in the 21st century as most of the worlds population is on the internet on a daily basis. a study by World Internet User has revealed that over 7 billion people across the world use the internet which makes the internet to be a great place to expose your company as majority of the world population are on the internet.

    Running a company can be very competitive these days as it was in the year 2000 as technology has improved magnificently in the past years making it difficult for most businesses to keep up with the improvement and the fourth global revolution.

    Create a Facebook Page For Your Company

    Social Media is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your website and to get more people into knowing about your business, A social media page is one of the most affordable ways of getting your business to the eyes of potential clients.

    Facebook has been used as an example in this article due to high number of users and they are a great platform for marketing a website.

    Articles Should Focus on Keywords

    Keywords are very important when dealing with Search Engine Optimization as they play a major role in driving traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo as most people look up to search engines for services, the better are the keywords the better will be your website rank on search engines.

    It does not require a lot of money to get proper rankings on search engines but its only needs one to be smart on using keywords and implying proper SEO because too much of it will make your website look as Spam in search engines.

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    Gain The Trust of your clients

    Trust is the most important thing that you can get from clients, Trust is one of the key things that you can use to improve your company website traffic, As an entrepreneur you have to add value to your clients in a way that will ensure your their trust.

    Getting Your Readers/clients Trust
    Always be above your competition and always find ways to improve from them, as a business person your main goal is to get your readers to trust you as possible as you could. everything you do as an investor should be focused on getting your readers to trust you in every way possible, in that way they will recommend you to others and help drive more further traffic to your company.

    Do a research on what your clients search for online

    Getting to know what your readers search for online is one of the most important things that you should focus on as it will help improve your ranks on the search engines. We use alexa to track key words that drive traffic to our competitors website articles and then we will create posts with the similar keywords to match the search words that are mostly used by internet users

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