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  • Saturday 20 December 2014

    Optimizing Search keywords on blogger

    Search keywords on blogger

     Search keywords on blogger
    Keywords are the most import aspects on SEO as the use of them can bring you the targeted traffic from search engines . The search keyword is primary the best part of search engine optimisation as it has the greatest potiential of giving you the best rank in search engines because search engines dont depend only on the content but they also use the Search keyword to rank posts.
    I have sometimes found my blog to rank better than my favourite blogs which is proof that the use of search keywords on a blog post can give you the first page of the search engine meaning a good traffic in exchange. Optimising the blog posts has been the greatest way you could ever use to increase  blog traffic in such a way that you dont need to work hard for traffic.

    Keyword optimization on blogger

    • Optimize blogger titles
    The optimizing of blogger posts titles has made SEO to be a very easy practice . Whenever you post on your blog always try to make your post titles SEO friendly by using search keywords which will  help improve the rank of your blog in search engines.
    •  Add keywords to images
    Images are the the most important content that you can have on your blog, they can have a good impact only if you will know how to optimize them the right way which is non other than the use of the correct search keywords .
    The mistake made by most bloggers is to ignore the use of keywords in blog images which is the biggest mistake that they are doing. Images should be optimised because search engines are divided into catergories which are the Web search, Image search , Video  search etc. 
    •  Add keywords to post content
    The content of your blog posts should have keywords as much as you can put but please dont make your post hard, try to use simple words which are understood easily. Google and other search engines are designed to rank posts by their content, keywords and reputation , these three are the most important parts of SEO  because they contain 86% prapability into a better rank in search engines.
    Your post keywords should match your title keywords , the use of search keywords is one of my testimonies to successful blogging just because more than 70% of my blog  traffic comes from search engines and 10%-15% comes from my loyal blog readers and fans but I will greatly give my words of thanks to the blogs linking and the loyal readers who are sharing our blog posts as they have given about 10% blog traffic .
    • Add keyword rich labels
    Labels are the tabs of your blog which tell the search engines what is the post about.
    • Commenting on other blogs
    Commenting on other blogs has a great way of bringing your blog traffic or a reputation in the the internet but it has also an indirect positive effect of increasing the traffic by backlinks made by the blog and that is why I would greatly motivate my blog readers to always find it a great Idea to make friends with competition bloggers around the world because it will increase the chances of getting backlinks back to your blog.
    Backlinks contribute a lot into SEO , because the ranking of the blog will also depend on the blog activity . Blog activity refers to how much backlinks you get, how many readers readers participate in you blog by sharing posts, commenting etc.
    • Guest blogging
    Guest blogging is the best when talking about backlinks as
    •  Directory Submissions
    Submit to as many blog directories as possible but dont sign up for their news letters because they can really irritate you by flooding your inbox with useless emails. I have also submitted my blog and I motivate you to try the same.

    Keywords are the magnet to give you a promising first page rank in search engines as they are capable of giving you a targeted traffic from search engines.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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