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  • Friday 19 December 2014

    Blackberry goes Classic

    Blackberry goes Classic

    Blackberry goes Classic

    It is indeed a big risk by blackberry as they have decided to go back to the to the traditional keyboard smartphone , it is a surprising move made by Blackberry in a time where their biggest rivals Apple and Android smartphones maker are focusing to continue increase their sales on manufacturing touch screen smartphones. The blackberry Classic is believed to bring back the loyal users back into purchasing the blackberry classic once again.

    The company believes that the traditional physical keyboard will be the best representation they are going to bring up to their fans following the Blackberry passport. Many believe that the blackberry 10 devices were not a major success as planned by blackberry as they never had access to the famous Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) which was available in most blackberry  classic versions.
    At the launching held in the New York City's Financial Destrict The CEO of blackberry John Chen had mentioned that "most people say that the classic version is aim for the loyal customers which is confirmed to be true" .  The launch of the Passport has been a major comeback for blackberry after a fall it had ealier last year. The classic version of the blackberry is believed to bring back most of the blackberry loyal users after having a major blackout in smartphone sales.

    The Blackberry company made it name when it came up with a device that has a wireless email and , this invention made blackberry the most selling mobile phone . After the blackberry company had made such a great victory on the markets its long time rival Apple launched its new device which had wireless email and more features stating that a mobile phone can have something more than a wireless keyboard.

    But the question still stands, will the Cellphone gaint rise up again to its position as the most selling Smartphone brand in the universe.

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