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  • Sunday 16 August 2015

    Steve Jobs Motivation for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

    Steve Jobs has been an inspiration in the past years as he has been involved so much in the Technology developments making new inventions which had helped many people around the world.

    Most of the words shared on this article were spoken by Steve Jobs at a Speech at the Stanford university, his speech was very much ideal for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs. We are sharing this article with you to give you the important facts and motivations that drove the success of Steve Jobs into creating a Billion dollar empire which has been very influential in the World.

    Do What You Love Most

    The secret of being successful in Blogging is simply by doing what you love the most as a blogger, it could be anything but, it doesnt necessarily have be where the money is but it should be on what you love the most.

    Live Each day as it was your last day

    Yes Just as it sounds, it seems easy but yet it is hard to live each day as your last but patience does. Steve Jobs has changed the way way we use mobile phones by bringing inventions that has moved the world to a much high level of technology. It was all by living his life to the best, making huge Impacts and living each day as it was the last day.

    Steve Jobs has confirmed with the Stanford students that for the last 33 years of his life lived his life as it was his last as he mentioned to himself every morning until he was able to bring big changes to the world that have changed the way we use technology today.

    Dont waste your Life living Somebodies life

    Most people live other peoples lives until they retire, they have found it hard to reach their own success due to fear of failure. Some of the Words Spoken by Robert Kiyosaki he Said "Sometimes we lose and Sometimes we Learn" which means as an Entrepreneur you don't lose but you learn instead.

    I don't say that you should quit your job but instead have a plan on when you will be able to quit your job and start working on an empire, that will bring you an income. Don't waste you life pushing the life of your boss but live your life for your own success.

    Stay Hungry and Foolish among People

    In your Blog niche, you should always be eager to learn more even if you were a professional. Try by all means to discover new things and act as a fool and be as humble as you can be.
    Steve Jobs was a professional when it comes to smartphones and gadgets but the most interesting thing he did he was always willing learn more.

    Steve Jobs has always found himself chasing success whenever he found an opportunity as today he has been able to takeover the world with his mind and made his abilities a must have to gain success. I will really recommend this ebook to you Titled "Awaken The Giant Within" , this book has been the New York best seller and it is regarded as the best guide that can help you achieve the dream you have about your future and make impact in the world today.


    keep discovering and don't settle for What you have

    The sky is the limit, want success as much as you want to breath. As a blogger you must always try to achieve the best even though you might have achieved your current goals, you must always look up to achieving more.

    A great man by name Prophet TB Joshua once gave a statement which said "Greater is not enough but The Best is Yet to come" , Be inspired to do more.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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