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  • Sunday 16 August 2015

    Google takes a Major Reconstruction to Bring “Alphabet Inc.” the new boss

    Google made announcement on Monday 10 August 2015 as they had to take a major reconstruction which will re brand Google into being “Alphabet Inc.” which will make it a co-operation which will run all of it services like Google+, Gmail, Google, Google Maps and Youtube etc.
    This big move by Google has made headlines and is expected to have a very large impact on the stocks as it will bring a boost for the company investors. Google will be under Alphabet and will have a new CEO which is Sundar Pichai who will take over Larry Page. These move by the company is believed to bring growth to Google and other related companies as confirmed by the Alphabet Inc CEO Larry Page.

    The name Alphabet is already secured by BMW which has forces Alphabet Inc to use the domain http://abc.xyz instead of using alphabet.com which is not a usual way for domain names since it does not have the company name on it but has the alphabetical domain name which could be seen as creativity.

    According to a post by Mashable it has been confirmed that the main reason for this change from Google was the high growth rate of their services which has improved amazingly in the recent months despite a small share price drop in the April and May period.

    All the current Shares of Google will be automatically be converted into Alphabet Which will continue trading on the stock trader using the post Google symbols GOOG and GOOGL.
    The company will continue providing searvh services as usaul but will give it Search Engine Optimization services to rising star Sundar Pichai, Which has not been really not confirmed what will happen to services like blogspot.

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