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  • Tuesday 4 August 2015

    How much money do big blogs make

    Blogging has been seen as the best strategy to make money online as there have risen millionaires from within the Blogsphere.

    From the 2005 to present many successful Blogs have risen in the blogging business from the likes of Mashable, Huffpost and Techcrunch which have been making tons in revenue from different sources like Advertising, products and many other sources that can be used to make money online, We have seen small blogs turning into multi million dollar blogs within months which has made us to do some important research on different money making strategies that are being used by these Bloggers and how much effort do they put into making millions from Blogging.

    The Purpose of Blogging
    Blogging has been recognized as the way of making money which is false because the very first thing matters in the love for the niche you are blogging about which will boost the traffic volume of your site, then more money can be made from the site.
    Blogging should not be considered a get rich quick way because you will really get disappointed by the results because as a blogger the very first thing to aim for is "Getting Readers Satisfied With Your Blog" and the you can focus on profit.

    Most of the Big Blogging giants were started by individual bloggers blogging with an aim to share their knowledge and love for a certain niche until their influence improved upon their niche coverting into brands, running a big blog needs innovation and needs the blogger to seperate himself/herself by being unique, making themselves the readers first choice.

    What inspired them to Blogging success
    To match up with media giants needs a lot of commitment which can simple be done by getting your blog updated more frequently and also by responding to the readers needs as the author and Administrator. As a Blogger you really need to fill up the gap between you an the readers, you need to create a special bond which will make your blog iresistable to them.
    If a certain label/tag on your Blog has most pageviews then that should ring some bells meaning that your blog readers love that tag and you should always try to get it posts updated more often to keep close to your blog.

    How do these Blogs make Money
    Looking at Big blogs that make tons of money online you will get to see amazing strategies that you may have never thought about as I will be sharing the secret revenue strategies of the likes of Mashable as one of the blogs with a Current market value of $300 Million and yet this Blog is 10 years old. The had already became an empire in eight months after being founded  by Pete Cashmore in 2005 and within 8 months he was able to high another writer to keep his blog moving.

    Advertising Networks
    When it comes to Blogging there is a good propability of online success as bloggers have been able to drive quality income using different monetization methods either than using the well know strategy which is Advertising, Advertising has been used by big blogs to help bring in passive income.

    Direct Advertising
    Direct Advertising is the form of Advertising done by selling Advertising space directly to the readers, it is used by almost every big blog to generate an income for the Blog, this type of advertising does not require any participation of third parties but it is between the advertiser and the customer.

    Sponsored Posts and Reviews
    Sponsored posts and reviews are know as paid posts which can either be written by the client or the blogger, the minimum price for these posts is $50 for blogs that get less than 500 daily pageviews, and for bigger blogs the price can be an over $4000 per post published.

    Products and Services
    As a Blogger, you have to sell something atleast to your readers and clients. You can sell anything from any niche and make money simply by doing that and I will guarantee you an income. Most Big Blogs are known for the products and services that they sell but that does not mean that you must violate the pride of your blog and fill it with products because will really chase the blog customers.

    Webinars and Podcasts
    Webinars are Interactive seminars that happen online to a live audience, these seminars are simply the best as they can boost the income made by over $45,000 per webinar for a blog that has 10,000 email subscribers.

    There is quite a huge number of ways that may be used to make money online, which shows the great possibilities to online monetization. Another blogger I knon Jon Marrow makes a minimum of $100,000 per month without selling Ads but by applying different methods of monetization.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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