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  • Saturday 1 August 2015

    Google Plus to Split up in The Next Months

    On Monday Google plus have confirmed that they will be improving the quality of their service by splitting their social network into different categories to improve growth.

    This development by Google plus has been sparked by the social media improvements that have been brought by Facebook and Twitter to help them improve user commitment as they have added new customizations which has divided the social network. Things that were done on services like youtube using a Google profile will no longer require a Google profile which means that Youtube users will not use a Google account to comment on the youtube streaming service.

    This change was being inspired by Google after it social network failed to match up with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin which are the most broad growing networks as they have even improved recently making Google plus to stay behind as one of the least networks. These changes by the Google plus team are believed to bring its network to a good position as they are to seperate the Well known Photos, Youtube and Hangouts, away from the social network itself making it a stand alone.

    The well known Google plus profile will not be visible on search engines which means that you profile searchable or followable which is the biggest change by Google plus . Among the major changes by Google plus is Youtube as the video sharing service will be one of the big companies to experience the changes as the comments made on youtube will no longer be linked to the users Google+ profiles as confirmed on the Youtube Blog . Youtube users will continue be allowed to use the Google plus profile to share videos until Google confirms the deadline date.

    Google plus users are currently motivated not to stop using youtube, Photos and other services to be affected by the updates as the big changes will take months before they are implemented on the network.

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