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  • Monday 27 July 2015

    Peng Joon walk to Wealth Creation

    Peng Joon a young blogger that has made his way to a multimillion dollar empire within a period of eight months.

    Many Bloggers start blogging only with an option of making money online which is not really a good reason unless you are on your favorite niche which you understand the most because getting into a niche that you are currently not into will really cause you a success problem. Our host is Peng Joon a Blogger from Asia who has been able to build his wealth through blogging and online marketing making a multimillion dollar empire which is indeed a dream for many bloggers around the World.
    A blog is a website which is updated frequently allowing readers to comment and participate in the Blog activities, blogging is not really formal depending on the blogging niche of the Blog because business, law and political blogs are strictly formal whereby most other blogs are informal which includes blogs like SEO blogs, tech blogs and personal blogs. Whenever you start a blog you have to take special note of what you want to achieve and also know you niche well for better blogging progress.

    The story of Peng Joon is an indication that blogging is not all about money but it is about doing what you like the most to make money online, Peng started playing the World of Warcraft game on his university computers whereby he missed his classes which made it hard for him to make it through the final exams which left him with a dept of  $42200 which he was required to pay the university. As he was unemployed and broke by that time he found a job that was paying him a monthly salary of $300 and which was not enough until he turned into his computer to look for ways of making money online, he launched his first $7 product which was the world of Warcraft game guide, months later he was able to sell his first product a couple of months later which made him realize that there is quite a big possibility for making money online.
    After having his first $7 payment he realized the potential of making money online and he was motivated to launch more products in such a way that within 8 months he was able to make up to $1.3 million in sales

    Peng Joon Success

    Peng has been very much involved in wealth creation which has made him into being a multimillionaire blogger that makes makes most of his income from speaking, motivation and online life coaching.

    • He has over 500 websites and various online products that are bring him most of his online income.

    •His success has made him a well recognized blogger as he shares a stage with top bloggers, world speakers and many online professionals.

    •he has trained thousands of people over 20 countries.

    •He shares stage with influential speakers like Robert kiyosaki, Mary Buffet, Les Brown and many other international speakers.

    Peng is the CEO of Smobble a company that teaches people on how to make a sustainable online income which has helped many online professionals to increase their revenue.
    Are you a potential professional? Then prove it to us and make this happen because the world is waiting for your product.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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