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  • Thursday 30 July 2015

    How to Get Windows 10 Update For Free

    Windows 10 has been launched and its free to install on any device except the users will be required to have any of the post versions of Windows. This update by windows is believed to be the last version of Windows as it has been confirmed as the last for the decade as the company will be providing premium subscription services to the software users  which will help Microsoft increase revenue from Apps.

    The Windows 10 update will not be available for installation on the first week after the launch of the windows 10 software which Microsoft Corp believes to be an innovaition for change which is very much believed to be the most used computer software with up 1 billion daily users around the world.

    The Update is absolutly free to download and install but has an alternative part pro version of windows 10 which will give the readers unlimited access to the users.

    Requirements to get the Windows 10

    If you are a Windows 7 or 8.1 user then having to install Windows 10 on your computer will be very easy and quick because the update button will be Showing on your computer as shown on the below. The get Windows 10 button may not immedaitely show on the computer but will evantually take some time but an there is also an alternative way that may be used which is by following the instructions given by microsoft. Once you have the Get Windows 10 icon on your taskbar then you will have to click on it which will open the Windows 10 istaller app, and from there you will have to sign up for windows 10 update and then the download will start immediately or you may have to wait for some time before it can start downloading.

    Updating Windows is the most crucial part because you might have to purchase Windows 10 Home and Pro for a value of $199 if you are using a software that is not updated. Both your Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1 have to be updated from Wednesday 29 July while the update will be free.

    Updating Windows 7

    Updating Windows seven will eventaully happen any time you are connected to the internet using your windows system, But if it hasn't updated automatically then you will have to do it manually by pressing the start button and search for "Windows Update" and select the update windows button to start the update.

    Updating Windows 8

    Updating Windows 8 into 8.1 is done by clicking on the start menu and from there your go to the store icon and click on it which will open to a Window which you will have to update windows 8 into 8.1, after the update you will see an Icon on your taskbar.

    Installing The Windows 10 Update

    Windows 10 simply works very well on computers that are Windows 7 and Compatible having atleast a 2 Gig RAM for better performances. but there is no need to name all the system requirements because window will tell you if your computer is not compatible for Windows 10 update.

    Upon installing the software update you will have an option to choose between the custom or the express settings. I will recommend that you use the the express settings to get the full software features which you may customize on your own free time.

    Window 10 is simply the best ever sofware recommended by Microsoft and its absolutely free to use on any desktop or mobile devices. Will windows take over the smartphone systems just as android and Apple did?

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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