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  • Thursday 9 July 2015

    How to Rank in Search Engines without SEO

    There are many non optimized sites that rank well in the search engines without any optimization, these site are not interested in submitting sitemaps, meta descriptions, tags and all the necessary parts of search engine optimization.

    As I began blogging I always read a lot of posts on search engine optimization which showed the potential of optimized blog posts and at the other hand I came across a post in which the author had stated that 'blogs do not necessarily need optimization but quality content which is the main part that search engines are to look for when approaching any site on the internet for indexing' , this statement really brought an improvement to my blogging because it helped me to create quality posts from the start of my blogging journey which has helped Ajaxsurf to become the big blogging giant it is today. I will really motivate bloggers not to focus very much on SEO but should atleast include some optimization procedures which are essential for boosting the site rank.
    Do Search Engines Hate SEO?
    this Is the question asked by many bloggers concerning the Term Search Engine Optimization as many sites on the internet have been banned from search engines due to their excessive use of keywords, link parties and all the other SEO practices intended to manipulate the search bots.
    Over the past years Google has created algorithms which were used to improve the quality of search results and basically to fight web spam which has been done to improve user experience.

    The Age of the Blog
    The age of a site plays very good role in helping a site to rank well in the search engines. Irrespective of how many backlinks a site has but with a good age the site will definitely stand a very good chance of ranking better than sites with tons of linking and backlinks.
    Apart from that the domain age is considered as a ranking factor by Google, Bing and the other search engines which means that veteran sites are the kings of the search.

    If there was a way of changing the age of a site I would have told you even though I have tried before to get this advantage by scheduling a post to a couple of years older which did not happen as expected, which means that you cannot speed up the domain age but the only way that will work for you is simply having to wait and focus on the development of your site.

    The Content Quality
    The Site Quality is better than content quantity because search engines hate low quality posts and they use an algorithm which causes low quality sites to rank very low in the search results. This Algorithm is known as the Panda Algorithm which regulates the content on the search results to it desirable positions.

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    The best way you can use to improve your site content is simply by reducing the bounce rate of the site by adding a couple of widgets that will keep the site readers busy, these widgets may be the popular posts widget, Recent posts widget, Random posts widget, related posts widget which is usually under the post content and many other possible widgets to increase the user activity of the site whereby reducing the bounce rate.

    The quality of content is not dependent on the site optimization as many sites online rank well without having to work hard because search engines are probably looking for sites with the best content because they are also in competition just as many websites are on the internet.

    Click-through Rate
    The click through rate is the percentage of how many times do users click on your blog listing on the search engines results, the more the users clicks on your post the more your site will have to rank higher on the search results. This is why you have to write attractive posts titles, meta descriptions that will influence more clicks into your site increasing the click-through rate of your site.

    There are very chicky bloggers out there who can write poor quality content and then they Use very attractive title tags and meta descriptions to lead readers into clicking on their post content which will cause an increase on the click-through rate. With this intellegence by webmasters which can easily manipulate the search engines, the bounce rate was taken into consideration to see how much quality a certain post has compared to other posts. A site that has a low bounce rate is likely to have high quality content and a site that has a high bounce rate probably has low quality content.

    Number of quality sites linking
    The backlinking of a site plays a great role in Helping it rank well in the search engines, many bloggers think that having a huge number of backlinks will help them rank well which is quite not true because backlinks get more powerful only if they are from high authority sites and directories, which means that it is not every link that will help you rank better but it is the quality of the linking site that will increase your site potential in search rankings.

    The growth rate of the site
    The other part that is taken by search engines to rank a site the growth rate of the site. Sites that grow faster are usaully believed to be created by blogging professionals who are very much experienced in blogging and these sites are very respected by search and are considered to be of high content due to their fast growth, and that is the reason many successful bloggers will motivate you to focus on improving your site instead of whooping around the internet trying to get backlinks.
    As a blogger I believe that the only way to improve a site growth is just by improving its quality of posts.

    You do not necessarily need a lot of contribution to Search Engine Optimization to improve a site rank in the search engines. I  have Seen many huge sites link wikipedia and other sites ranking well without any optimization.

    I would recommend that your blog should not only be too focused on search engine optimization but should also focus on user satisfaction and site improvement, SEO is good but too much of it will damage your blog reputation. Please feel free to submit your questions and comments in the search box below.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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