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  • Monday 6 July 2015

    How to Increase The Crawl Rate of a Blog

    Blogger is optimized by Google for better crawling and indexing of posts while the other host sites have to customize their sites for the search engines for optimal crawl and indexing.

    Blogger hosted sites are highly crawled by the Google search bots because Blogger is a free hosting service provided by the Google search engine which will ensure a greater crawl rate for the blog. Even though blogger blogs are optimized for better crawling but that does not mean that the whole content will get indexed because it happens that some of the posts don't get indexed on the search engine and that is why I will show you some best tips that will help get your site indexed much more faster.

    Before getting to discuss the more basic fundamentals of getting a much faster website crawling I will first show you the importance of using the correct sitemaps for their sites which will help optimize the crawl rate of the site.

    The Two most important sitemaps that may be used on a site are the xml and the RSS sitemaps which the searchbots use to access all the site data. The xml sitemaps are used to give full detailed infomation about every link that is in the site which are the pages, labels, tags and any links found on the site which the bots will use to find content for indexing. The Rss/atom are also good but they differ from the xml because they only give site content updates to the search bots for indexing.

    Recommended Practices for Sitemaps and RSS

    The sitemaps are important to any online blog that is interested in improving the site quality in search engines, there has been a very huge competition online which may help your site to grow strong.

    Avoid Rejected urls

    Avoid using rejected urls but instead use canonical urls to help boost as the links will be search friendly.

    Update your site xml sitemap for atleast once a day.

    Update your sitemap by posting atleast once a day which will invite the search engines into crawling your site more frequently. Updating a sitemap by posting new contents shows site activity.

    Post Regularly

    Posting on your site regularly will really boost the crawl rate of your site because sites that post more frewuently are most likely to get indexed more faster then less updated sites. News sites are mostly crawled in every two minutes because of they publish more than two posts daily.

    Avoid duplicate content

    Duplicate content cannot be avoided but you can easily avoid up to 50% duplicate content which is a must for many blogs and websites.

    Adjust the crawl frequency of your site

    Google allows webmasters to adjust the crawl rates of their sites which can be done on the Google webmasters website. The crawl frequency of a website can be controlled by going to Webmasters tools, and select "Configuration" and select "Settings" as seen in the image below.

    Ensure that your blog is optimized right

    The only way to ensure the well being of your site is by using SEO tools which can help you find the problems that are only visible to search engines only, I will recommend that you use  Siteliner.com and Smallseotools.com which are the sites that are best when it comes to SEO.

    Get more backlinks for your blog

    Backlinks play a great role in increasing the pagerank of a site even though the crawl rate of a site is not very much dependant on the pagerank but depends more on the quality of the website. The more Backlinks links you get the greater will be the crawl rate of your site.

    These are the best tips tips to increase the crawl rate of your site for much better SEO and traffic, suppose you may have questions and comments towards this topic please share with us in the comments box below.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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